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January 25, 2013


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Hi Simon ,
advise me please,I just received my result which is 5.5 s,5.5r,6 l &6 w.
I need 7.
What I should do to improve my result from now till march please?

1. Which musical instrument do you like listening to most? (Why?)
I like listening to the Violin the most because it has a very high sound and it is very popular string instrument in Orchestra.
2. Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?
Not really but I would love to have got the opportunity to learn Piano.
3. Do you think children should learn to play an instrument at school?
No, I think the disadvantageous for learning to play an instrument at school would outweigh the advantageous . The essentiality for learning a music instrument is not as high as other mainstream subjects at school. It goes with hobbies rather than the main curriculum subjects such as math and science not to mention the fact that not every child could cope with it
4. How easy would it be to learn to play an instrument without a teacher?

I think it depends ,firstly- gifted children or adults would probably go ahead and play it without academical approach tutors . secondly- people would learn it easier and faster if they have got the interest in learning it as a hobby. Thirdly –people might take ages to learn music instrument if they have not got hold of a real interest in it.

Hi Simon,

I was following your website for last one month, though silently, it helped me a lot!!! I sat for IELTS exam for the fast time on 12th January, 2013, And I got following score-
Reading 8.5, speaking 8.5, listening 8.5, writing 7.

I actually want to thank you from bottom of my heart. You did a great job in your site!! I tried to follow your suggestion to the point specially for writing as I was a bit weak on that particular part. And I made it!! I needed 7 in each section...

Thank you very very much...


Congratulations Shamsad! Great scores.


Just keep practising Khalda!

Hello Shamsad,
In which testing centre did you take the Ielts exam in ?

Hi, everyone!
I am going to take the test at the end of February, and my speaking skills are far from being perfect... It would be helpful for me to have some speaking practice via skype with anyone who is currently preparing for the IELTS.
If you are facing the same problem and looking for someone to talk to, you are welcome! My skype is "ja-vorona".

Kind regards!

I would like to ask anybody to suggest books that contained IELTS reading( only practice reading test) . It will be fine if I have to buy it.
please help me as soon as possible
I will be thankful for that in advance


It was in westminister university.


Hi Simon,

...I like the fact that there are different types of guitar...

Should this be guitar or guitars?


I am in a poor Engish level. I need your help. My spype is vickyliyf.
Thank you.

i m going to take a part on ielts.however i m not so expert in speaking.what should i do for developing my skill.can anybody help me plz

I have just taken the IELTS simulation, and the questions above were the same as the one asked by the examiner. I got 6 for speaking.

hi simon could u tell me ur website...?

hi simon
I am reading for ielts exam ,but i cant to overcome on speaking....
please give me some advices...
thanks alot

I simon i having my speaking module on 11th -Aug-2016 , so can u plz suggest me some tips??

Hey all
I want to improve my reading skill for ielts, actually I have some difficulty in reading.
Please give me some technique for reading.

Thanks in advance
Shubham patel

Hy Simon
Plz gave me some tips and techniques about reading,bcz my reading kills of IELTS are weak.

My speaking is weak so what I do please suggest me...


My xam date on next Sunday.. I m quiet afraid of My speaking ..

I like so much musical instruments.

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