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January 31, 2013


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Hi, Simon, Thanks a lot. I have benefited a lot from your daily lessons.

Dear Simon,
I am stuck in IELTS.I did a lot of practice too.Here,in UK,this was my Fourth attempt. Every time the result is variable.I need 7 in each module but this time I achieved 6.5 in Listening,Reading and Writing and 7.5 in Speaking module with overall 7 score. Will you please give me an advice to improve my score? I have been struggling a lot to improve my score from last one year.I read a number of newspapers daily and listen to radio too.The only thing that I did not practice ever is my speaking.But every time I got 7.5 in this module.Kindly help me as I think that I am near to my goal.Thanks.

Some of my friends suggested me to change the centre.As I appeared first time in Belfast and three times in York.Does it matter?If I change the centre,will score be improved?

HI Rashida,

With Listening,Try to use time between all section to read questions.If you dont read question fully and dont undestand them,then you can miss answers.You have plenty of time before section start-1. first 10 questions you can read in 5 seconds.after that you have about 30 seconds and more.usually I read ques 21-40(atleast 10 question) before proper conversation starts after reading 1-10 questions.
With Reading you just have to collect some reading papers and practice them.
For Writing get a teacher to check your answer.

i will face IELTS Examiners right on 2nd Feb, plz Pray for me to get v.good score

Dear Simon,
Thank you very much for your hints and assistance in writing! Just let u know I just achieved L8 R7.5 W7.5 S7.5 on 19/01/2013 in Australia! I am really happy now after 9 trials of torturing IELTS tests!

Congratulation !

Hi Rashida Perveen

It seems that IELTS is becoming a growing concern for many who tend to either emigrate or do further study in an English country. What is worse is the achievement in IELTS comes randomly, as the level of difficulty of IELTS exam is not identical.Then I guess it's highly recommended to take more exams to find your lucks

Are there difference between ''figure for'' and ''figures for''.

The figure for the USA...

The figures for the year...

Hi Rashida Perveen
I tend to believe that you should be try to take-note in listening while you listen.

Hey Simon,
Are both grammar forms correct?
2)The amount of electricity produced rose sharply during the period shown, at about 1000 units in 2000
3) The amount of electricity produced rose sharply during the period shown, from 500 to 1000 units in 2000
Instead of rise, may I use the verb increase? Do I have to change the prepositions?
I would appreciate if you or anyone else could answer me.my test is fixed the day after tomorrow.You’ve helped me a real lot anyway, Thanks!

Hi Katerina,

I think rise and increase are synonyms and the prepositions for those words do not depend on the choice of those words but on which changes you are talking about (by vs. to).

In my opinion, you should use "to" instead of "at" in the first example (2)..If you look through old lessons on this site, I am pretty sure Simon has mentioned the difference in the use of prepositions after increase, decrease, rise, fall etc.




Thank you very much for your hints and assistance in writing! This would surely help a lot of IELTS examinees during their exam proper. TheIELTSSolution.com

Thank you.

Hello Simon, Thank you I've got your ebook and it is really amazing, still working in memorizing ideas for task two, I have a question regarding listening test what is the best approach for multichoice question in section three when we have 9 answers and 5 questions I find it really difficult!!!!

hello, Simon,
I am confused by the use of prepositions such as in, on, to in describing the map. could you teach us to use them?

Hi Simon,

I was reading a report online and saw this sentence:
Magazine spending fell significantly in both Europe and North America, but magazines and newspapers both saw growth in other markets.

Now I am confused ,can we say magazines saw growth or have to say figure for magazines saw growth?I got 6.5 in writing last time and now I feel I really need to pay more attention to details.

Thanks very much for this amazing website.

Also I read this in another report:

Only 3% of health budgets was allocated to prevention and public health programmes .

So, is it budget or budgets?

Thanks again.

Hello Simon,

i have done my ielts test for 3 times all the time i got 7 in L,S,W but in reading my scores are constant on 5.5. I have done lot of practise. Can u give me any suggestion to improve my score in reading

Hello simon,

I am confused about the wrting task 1, It said write a letter to the manager about the problem with the sports event you visit. And what I gave as example is the live nba game.. is it consodered as sports event?? Will I get zero score? I really wanna know.. I will really appreciate your response. Thank you

Helllo Simon,
i am struggling to score in in L and R section, i had three attempts all d three times i scored twice 6 in L and 5 in R, here and there i am getting 5 either in listening or reading. I am having hard time to score, i have taken separate tuitions Bt no use, pls suggest me, i could nt b able to apply for viza untill,i score 6 in each module...

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Hi Simon

My listening true number is 18, reading is 20-24, writing is bad and speaking is likely writing, what should you advice for me to improve my ielts result??

Thank Simon very much for your helping. hope you have lots of health!
I see every sentence you wirte is simple and concise, so it is easy for me copying them.
thank you so much!

1) percentage
2) while/compared to
3) the figure for

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