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February 09, 2013


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Got it , thanks Simon for the insight

In my opinion I would rather say that questions containing the same words from the passage should be obviously eliminated, as they will be there to trick you.
Am I right Simon?

hi simon,

have seen your website yesterday and found nice tips to score good band in IELTS. I took the test in India and got a score of L- 8, R- 8, S -6.5, W- 6. but i need 7 in all tests. i am planning to buy e-book. could you please suggest me how to score 7 in writing and speaking.

i have one more question... is it difficult to score good band in UK as now I have to take my exam in UK.

I absoultely agree with your suggestion but my nephew whose age is 7 and goes to an infants primary school .


I would say rather that spending your important time on one question,spend your time preparing as much engligh as you can.
There is always indisputable topic in wolrd.Just leave them and move on.Think about your goal and target.
Try to understand what Simon is saying in this lesson and prepare next thing.

Hi Simon,
I am squint-eyed. I am worried that it will influence my speaking test as the examiner may think I'm not willing to look at him. Could you please give some advice on what to do with my problem? Thanks you.

Ann, Simon wrote this about eye contact:


Thank you, Mike.

Hi Simon,
Is it good to avoid repeating words in task 2. for example if the topic is about children watching tv......so everytime i have to think of some alternative word for children or is that fine if i use this word so many times.thanx

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