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February 26, 2013


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The speakers says doing things you don't lke to do is really wasting your time just for money. I is a stupid idea doing activities that don't suit you and asking their children to follow the same.
Shorter life is full what you want to do, and the longer life is full of miserable events. I am completly agree with the statement because if you are doing things what you don't admire is really a waste of time.

Dear simon,

I am Mahi from Iran.
Thank you very much indeed for providing us with the excellent points. I follow your daily lesson everyday. Unfortunately, I became familiar with your website very late. it's been about two months I follow your great lessons.

I have question about the introduction of writing task 2:

I don't know how should I write introduction for this topic: ( Cambridge 8, p.116)

today more people are traveling than ever before.
- Why is this case?
- What are the benefits of travelling for the traveler?

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Anya dvice on how to improve my Listening as i stuck at getting 6 evry time.I managed to get 7 in Speaking and 6.5 in Reading and Writing..I am desprate to get 7 ..

I finished almost all Cambridge books and I study from this wonderful website as well.

What else I can do to improve?


The speaker is simply talking about an idea on how to live in life. Most of the people in this world usually cares so much about money and they lost their valuable time and abilities chasing for it. The speaker suggested that we should be doing what we really wanted to do in life rather than spending the whole life chasing for money. I agreed with him to a certain degree but not totally. I do think that there must be a balance between what we want to do and what we really should be doing in life. One must enjoy living his life as well as must also be responsible for his society and future generations.

Hi everybody,
First of all,heaps of thanks from Simon for his great, informative tips and materials.
The Speaker mentions important tips on the ways people choose their jobs not in terms of their desires but based on the money that a job can bring them which is a complete waste of time and thier life . He mentions that Living shorter and doing the job you enjoy doing is too much better than living longer but doing something which is tedious and painful.Also It is said that The time you are doing the job just for money can be quite tiring and you are just frittering your time away.As a result,The only thing It will bring your life would be merely misery.

This video speaks on the importance of jobs we are choosing to do in our lives which are chosen and done just because of the money which speaker believes are quite a waste of our lives. People want to be a poet, teacher, a coach and so others to make a living and to meet the ends meet. We do lots of things we don t like to do so we just fritter our life, time away.
We are following the same track many times to justify ourselves for getting satisfied, then we get children, bring up them and spend all our life and money we have earned in their education. All the points mentioned are just a waste of our lives but nothing else .
Students come to him and say they would like to go out of school. Some people want to be a poet, instructor or some others say they want to ride horses. If you are getting a job just because of making money. Better to have a short life doing whatever you like than doing the jobs you do not like.
What kind of situation do you like to be.What do you like to do with money? How do you like to spend your life. Some people want to be a painter, a poet, a writer or a horse rider on a farm. It is so stupid to spend your life in a miserable life by choosing to do things you really don t like but you do .
It is so important to understand what I do want to be not just because of money but because of my desires that doing them makes me satisfied.
It is ridiculous to do the things you do not like such as: To live the same sort of life, to bring up the children and so on. Therefore it is important to ask yourself what I do want to do .

Dear teacher Simon,

I've been following your website for one month since I searched for IELTS source to prepare for my test in April. I find your lessons very useful and up-to-date. Thank you for your work so far.

Also, I want to drop my words on today's lesson.


The speaker shared his view about people doing things they don't like just for money. He strongly said that spending time doing those things was wasting of time, miserable, and stupid. So, he encouraged people to feel free from money and go after what they like doing. He stated shorter life but full of what we like doing was better than longer life full of miserable events.

I partly agree with his statement. People might feel heavy and demotivated when they force themselves to do things they can't find happiness. People should go after what they have passion for in order to enjoy their lives more. To me, passion is the most source of motivation, it helps people overcome any difficulty in the road to success.

However, sometimes people should do what they don't like for the benefits of themselves and others. People should not just do whatever they want and forget about any matter beside. For example, a parent has a family that he or she need to take care. If a job takes the parent so much time to earn money that he or she can't find any moment to care for family. Then, even the parent very like the job, he/she should not follow it.

Personally, I think we should balance what we like or what we don't like with consideration of benefits of ourselves and our families. We should live with both, enduring life and enjoying life. To me, they paralle to each other.

Dear all

This is a nice clip of interview, I totally agree with this point of view.

Below is my summary:
The speaker want people to think what do you desire if money is no object. People nowadays tend to completely work for 'money' to feed themselves or meet other people's standards though it is boring and miserable. He think, in this way, it is wasting time to spend your total life on this unhappy lifestyle. He adds that he supports his students to pursue their dream and go ahead for it. If you stick to it perfectly, you can be a master exactly in that field and go on your life very well.

Thanks for Simon's sharing!

The speaker encourages people to think living a life in which money is no object.He advises to forget about the money and stop wasting your time and energy on doing things you donot like just to keep the circle of life moving. Rather, he recommends to live life in a way that makes you happy and content.This way you will not only be satisfied with life, you will also find means to make a living.

thank simon always share us useful and interesting videos.

The speaker share his idea with people by which he got when he talk to his students.
The role of money. Many people looking forward good jobs when they graduated from university,they all setted a goal which didn't really match what they want.In the short conversation,students were asked to think which job they wanna do if they dont need consider salary. Not surprise everyone change their answer.many interesting answer such as ride a horse, teach student,be a teacher as so on..

the Speaker try to tell people stop wasting time to do a job we don't like. Life is short. Spending all life in the job we cant realxing and enjoyable is waste!!

If we doing the job which we like,whatever wht it is ,we will feel happy,and that is the most inmportant thing in the world.

Hi all,
i appeared 2 times in IELTS.
Got L-6.5 R-8.5 W-7.0 S-6.5 in last attempt.
Need 7 in each, appearing again on 9th march.
I just want to know-Is changing the test centre can improve the score?
This site really helped me a lot.
Thanks simon.
Please pray for me.


Thanks to those of you who shared your thoughts on the video. I'm glad you liked it!

Hi Martine,

I really like the style of your writing, it is always error-free and some piece of native writing, and also you tend to express your thoughts not being too clever, and I guess that is what most examiners like to see in papers. Thanks for sharing Martine

Hi Simon,

Here's mine:

The speaker expresses his objections against what commoners usually do: struggling hard for money. Many people are working hard to earn money. They can't enjoy their life, and should deal with tasks they might dislike. Such act is wasting time.

I would like to state that i partly agree to his view. We should not live miserable lives till death by doing boring works that we hate. It would do people more good if they do whatever they like regardless of salary.

However, as money is necessary to fulfill daily needs, people should work. Therefore, they can live a proper life. Moreover, their works might benefit many people.

To sum up, we may conclude that people should manage their time by allocating it to earn money and to enjoy their life. It is important for people to take responsibilities in keeping the balance between both sides.

How is it, Simon? What do you think?

Hi Simon,

This site is very helpful to all of us who are truly trying to pass the ielts exam. Money topic is general and there are many areas that can be actually discussed. I am not sure if my way of writing this topic is already considered good.

Please see my response, and I hope I have made a good essay construction on this topic.

---------- Here is my essay ---------

Money is the biggest part of our lives nowadays, without it we could not survive. The narrator said we are forced to do some things that we are not interested just to earn money. While there is also a choice to live short but full of fulfillment in life. I my personal view, I agree that earning money is more essential to enjoy everything around us.

There are many people who choose to enjoy their lives and do not think of their obligations as long as they are happy. They look at the positive side of their existence on earth and do whatever they feel enjoyment. They believe that life is short and forcing themselves to the limit in earning money will actually deplete their days of existence. Thus, living life with satisfaction is a great choice for them.

On the other hand, I believe that struggling to earn money can bring more contentment in our well-being. This is the trend to survive in this challenging era and making money will not only give you security but also bring you happiness. In particular, individuals who have stable source of money from work could spend their earnings to the education of their children, for health benefits, basic necessities, and some extra budget could be funded for a family vacation. Consequently, security and indulgence in life are both embraced.

In conclusion, Money is already part of our living. Although some people way of spending their lives on earth is to maximize their time in enjoyment, but I believe in general, money is always necessary for us to live to the fullest. (269 words)

Please guide me if my essay is already good enough to get at least a mark higher than 6. Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.

Speaker says every body should do any things want.Earning money isn't enough goal for doing something we don't want to do.We must educate this reality to our children,it is,do what you really want and walk by the time.
I agree with speaker because money is important for good life however not enough.We can manage our time into better ways so that can enjoy to do.

the speaker says thatwe should be doing things that we really like and not to waste our life doing things we do not want to do.He also encourages people to think of the things they would like to do if the money is not the object.He also says if you do something you love ,so you will master it int he end and will be able to get fee for what you do.
I fully agree with the speaker.

Would You Please give me some vocabulary For IELTS Listening .

in brief, the speaker focuses on the idea of the money as being a means not an object. Following money as the main target in life is a time waste.What we really admire to do must come first while money come in second.
I do agree with the speaker as life is too short to waste on chasing money

Thanks for this clip, Simon, this is really help me a lot. They not only provide new words and grammar but also teach me about life.I hope that you will give me some more clips like this.

the speaker said we can use money in education but money is not the most important thing as you waste your life doing things you don't want to do in order to gain money which is stupid

The speaker expresses the opinion that our contemporary world is obsessed about earning money activities. We judge all occupations acoording to the scale of how much money does it bring and completely ignore our inside desires and talents. I completely agree with the speaker as there are so many economists and lowyers these days and no one intends to be a horse rider any more.

Firstly, our internal aspirations get ignored and these has become a common practise nowadays. Morover, as we might received such patterns of behaviour from our parents we would probably pass them on to our children as well. Than, question to be raised is: Whom all these sacrifices for? Eventually, it seems that there is no end in this queue.

Secondly,as we are constantly engaged in activities which do not bring us happiness we become upset and exhausted. Probably, this is the real cause of depression symptoms and all stress related diseases so wide spreaded these days.

In conclusion, I consider this trend of becoming slaves of the money as detrimental and brining to total collapse. Let us teach our children about how to become happy in this world and not how to earn more and die soon.

The speaker mentions that each individual should do what they like to do in the life. firstly, the difficulties such as money could resolved when a person has a strong desire for his dream and objective. Moreover, if the individual have fellow something that he\her does not prefer it, it seems that he has wasted much more time of his life. These circumstances eventually would effect in the next generation ,which the children are likely to walk in same stupid direction in the future.

Could any one who take 7 score on Ielts tell me his opinion about my writing and tell me what should I do to improve my writing ?

Here is my response:

When asked about what profession will they take up if money would not be an object, most of the fresh college graduates responded with creative and adventurous choices like making crafts, painting and teaching horse-riding etc. The speaker then, suggests the students to do what they aspire for. According to him, having a shorter life doing what one likes to do, is worthier than a longer life that is miserable. He further says to the students that by aiming for money and teaching their children to follow their footsteps, they are nurturing more miserable lives, spent in the quest for wealth, not happiness.

I completely agree with the speaker, that choosing a profession according to one's personal likes and dislikes, is far more sensible then picking a job based merely on the financial returns it provides.

Guys, kindly comment on my writing, specially the grammar part of it.

The speaker's advice is that we should consider what we desire and then do what we like. Money should not influence our choice of career.
I agree with this viewpoint because interest can drive us to struggle with satisfaction.

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