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February 18, 2013


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regarding the question :
I only know : struggle, harsh, abandon

It seem there many of academic words that i don't know.

thanks Simon

Hi Simon,

I have a question. Its not regarding this post.

In Writing task 2. If we are not asked about our opinion then how should we go about writing the essay?Should we still present our opinion throughout the essay? Or is it best to just discuss about both +ve and -ve concentrating more on negative effects.

for instance

Even though Globalization affects the world's economics in a very positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten.Discuss.

Hi JD,

Click on to the link below and there is a link in this lesson click on to that and you will see example of an essay by Simon without opinion.


Hope this helps

Thanks to your site I got 8.0 band overall with more than 7 in each band.
and thanks for your timely reply on facebook but I couldnt understand why we use weeks' instead of weeks could you elaborate in your grammer section

Thanks TP ..that really helped.

Hi Simon

I have given my IELTS twice and i scored above 7 for evry module but except Reading , i dont know where am I going wrong.
Any tips to overcome this please
Thank you

Hi simon,
Really even after read your vocabulary, still i have 3 errors in this passage when i answer it, so how to improve my reading score.

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