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February 15, 2013


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Thanks Simon :)
My result is revealed got :

Speaking : 7.5

Listening : 7

Reading : 5.5

Writing : 5.5

Overall : 6.5

not that bad as first attempt , thought i can get 6 or more in writing , but i am happy with my scores , and i wrote about my IELTS in detail in my blog.

thanks for your helpful site :)

Congratulations Abdul - good scores for a first attempt!

Hi There,

I stuck at getting 6 in Listening,How can I improve to get 7

My scores are :

Listening 6

Speaking 7

Reading and Writing 6.5

Any advice on how to get 7

I can't perform well in my speaking...am taking my speaking exam on aug 14...can u give some tips .....

hii...i got 6.5 in my speaking ....bt i want 7 in each.....

be confident abt wat u speak either it is real or fake!!!1

hhii i got
6.5 listening
6 reading
5 writing
5 speaking plz plz plz help me to get 6 band in each module and give me tips.

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