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February 20, 2013


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Thanks a lot!^ ^

thank you, Simon. It is the effective way to do practice by ourselves, and we don't waste the time to search the question.

Hi Simon
Is it possible to start the conclusion paragraph with " To conclude" instead of " In conclusion " ?

Hi Simon,I having been enjoying this web sight and i have learnt a lot. Thank you so much.Please,I will like to know if number like 250 or 1990 can be counted as a word in writing task 1 or 2 to make up the word count.Thanks Eunice

Very helpful website and I bought the Ebook as well, so good!Yesterday's oral text in Sydney I had asked a exactly same question in part one which I haven't think about it~Luck me I did review and read your answer before text.Thanks a lot~

Hi Simon
In this sentence "network and blog can help people interact together", is there any problem when i using together or replacing it by with each others?
And a small question about writing task 1. When the bar chart shows the populations of 3 countries in years not continuously ( eg. 1960, 1980 and 2000),I think we can't use the word "speed" to experience the increase or decrease? Is that right or wrong?

Goodluck Mia

pls post writing task 2 topic.
and if you took your IELTS in sydney, I need to talk, mail me please shelly_rehan@hotmail.com

Hi Simon!
I took the IELTS test this morning. I did not do well as i expected. However, thanks to your advices, I felts quite easy to write task 2. I did not prepare task 1 ( process type, so i wrote under 150 words (about 120 words, i'm not sure). I think i countinue following your sites in futures. I had just prepared for this test 3 weeks while it is the first time I have taken the tests. I think i must make more effort. one more times, thank your for your advices.

Dear simon
In task 2 is to necessary to use passive voice?u know, in an academic essay it is essential to use passive voice instead using subject pronoun and active voice? am I true or not?

Hi Simon, I got the following writing topic for task 2 from the comments of your website. Would you please help to give an example of introduction for this kind of topic? I am a little confused how to write the introduction as I agree to both parts of the statement. Thanks a lot!

Nowadays most of the people believe individuals cant do something to improve environment, but governments and large companies can make a difference. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Hi Simon, here are my responses to each Topics that you posted.

I suggested three questions to each of the topic and I hope they are already essential to help me in creating my essay.

-------- Here are the questions ---------

Discussion question
The populations of many countries are increasing rapidly. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.

Here are questions that I tried to response to the writing topics:
1) Is the population in some parts of the world doubled?
2) Is having more people can help the government or it will just impede to the success of the economy of one country?
3) What are good alternatives in controlling the growing number of citizens?

Opinion question
Many people believe that it is time to limit population growth. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
1) Is controlling the population growth essential to better the lives on earth?
2) Are there many old generations than young ones?
3) Is over population can lead to starvation?

Problem and solution
The populations of many countries are increasing rapidly. Explain what problems this trend may cause, and suggest some possible solutions.
1) Are number of available jobs sufficient to the total number of growing graduates?
2) Is one child policy (implemented in China) can aid to decrease over population.
3) Are poor nations will become poorer because of uncontrolled growth of people?


Thanks, and it would be appreciated if you could suggest something in my responses.

Best regards.

Hi Simon,
I just discovered this amazing website which is very healpful. Bless you for this effort.
My Q is: In the 4th format essay (Problem and solution) in this case I`m been asked to explain the consequences and then suggest some solutions. on which point should I focus in my body paragraph?
on the problems caused or the solutions?
and which one of them should my thesis talk about ?

Thanks in advance

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