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March 09, 2013


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Dear Simon,I really fell hard with new words so I want to know that how much vocaburary are enough to get band 6.5.Can you show me ? thanks

Sir Simon, sorry for copying and rely on your wonderful ideas and lesson through this website everyday. I'm struggling to learn English not only to score at least 6.5 in IELTS test but to survive in future as well. Good luck to you Mr Aston Martin. :)

For Attentions of all

Simon's eBook is really helpful and should be possess by ielter's for the fact that its related to the current writing taske 2..and please have a look and compare for those who already have it.

All the best.

Thank you v much your ideas help alot me in my exam today

HI Simon
My exam in on 23 March . So Please give some tips for writing and speaking . Because I am Poor in writing .


My advice is never memorize vocabularies only, but try to use them in sentences. This helps one to learn how effectively create sentences, both useful for writing and speaking. One of the biggest problem that why many candidates require a lot of time or maybe after couple of taking IELTS exam can secure their scores is they started dealing with difficult words learned mainly learned from academic reading while they even could use simple words properly. This raises the likelihood of making many mistakes not only in writing but also in speaking in terms of grammar and making many pauses and hesitations, while those who only learned English from basic and then went to raise the knowledge of vocabularies are less likely to set more as many exams as the first groups did. Yes learning English is something that I think most candidates forget. And also one should notice that IELTS even those who got 7 in all modules cannot help them a lot to make a good conversation or be fluent as much as one needs, because if you look at Speaking you will easily find that IELTS speaking makes you pretty strong at answering not making questions, while when you go to a foreign country you will find that most of your need is an able of asking what you need, at the phone,in shopping , streets and ect. yes I think IELTS still has much more problems with boost this skills and Cambridge should think of it.

Dear IELTSwasher,

I am in the UK from last 4 years,also working in english environment and I have to commnicate with many people everyday.
Still I am struggling to get 7.I have no problem at all here in communication and easily I can express whatever I want and people do understand me easily.

Good morning Emam and everyone.

I thought it would be benificial if i share it with all of you.

Here is my essay ,any comments are welcome

The population of many countries is increasing rapidly. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this trend and suggest some possible solutions.

1.Brainstorming ideas about advantages:
•More great minds lead to more innovations
•Growing population can generate economic growth
•Greater number of parents investing in their children’s education
•Increase the purchasing power
•More adults work and pay taxes
•Increased military power/supply/size
•Military technological inventions
•Strong nation like china
•Prices of products will go down
•More cheaper manpower

2.Brainstorming ideas about disadvantages:
•It will deter the success of the economy
•Food shortage can lead to starvation
•Less work opportunities
•Aging population problems
•Unemployment problems
•More burden on the government to provide education/health care/transportation/houses shortage to accommodate people
•limited natural resources

3.Possible solutions:
•Awareness campaigns of the population side effects
•Improve the reproductive services to reduce birth rates and population growth

Essay Plan:
Body paragraph 1: The benefits of the population
Body paragraph 2: The drawbacks of the population
Body paragraph 3: The suggested solutions
Conclusion: Summarize the introduction

People hold different views about the benefits and drawbacks of the population growth. In this essay I am going to discuss both views and will present some measures that should be taken to manage the increasing population and to get the best out of this trend.

On the one hand, the growing population can certainly affect the economy growth in several ways as it increases the purchase power; people need to buy goods, food, houses and cars. The increase of population will lead to the growing percentage of people who are willing to work which will make a cheaper manpower available in the market. This trend will automatically reduce the prices of goods and services and therefore will improve the overall financial system of the country. Another significant outcome is the increase of the military size and supply which will produce a strong nation and will lead to more technological advancement in the army field, for example China, which managed to make use of its massive number of people and built allies with other countries like Korea to develop undefeatable nation.

On the other hand, the growing population can be a huge burden on the government, as it should provide the people with fair work opportunities, food, health care and education. Another drawback of this trend is food shortage; the state supposed to allocate its limited resources such as food and energy among a huge number of people. The unemployment rate is a final negative aspect of the unchecked population in many developing countries since the government will not be able to provide all people with adequate level of education accordingly the workforce is not only stuck on underpaid jobs inside their country, but they are not also qualified to work aboard or to immigrate to other developed countries.

There are several steps that should be taken to tackle this problem. The government should promote awareness campaigns of the negative outcomes of the unplanned population increase and ways to manage this trend. The state also can impose strict laws to limit the birth rate of the country, such as China. Another important solution that could be introduced is to improve the reproductive health services that can help to reduce the population increase.

In conclusion, I believe that the growing population has its own benefits and drawbacks and those governments should tackle this problem with thoughtful planning and wise management.

yes , i think its ok to copy some good sentences and memorize it now and then , because in some of them you can use it in different topics!

and as always , ty Simon :)

Dear 123

I have no idea about how well you are in Speaking, but I'm sure that if you are good in describing yourself in an English country and you attract no or less attention while talking with a native speaker I'm sure that you at least score 8 band in speaking very easily, the other module depend on the level of your knowledge in English and the way you are practsing. But what is I'm going to say is that practising IELTS speaking would not help you much in the future, what you are confident about it is the experience you have got during 4 years living in the UK, not those materials in speaking module.
Good luck

I am sorry because I want to ask you a question that is not related to this topic. I would like to ask you how can I attend your class? I want to have a better score. Now Listening and Reading I get 6.5. Therefore, I really hope to raise my band score. Thank you very much.

Hi Hai Yen,

I teach classes in Manchester. Here's the link:


Hlo simmon how i increase relevant idea in ielts speaking .writting.

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