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March 30, 2013


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Whereas this is a repeated lesson, you have a big positive effect on me !!!
Thank you, I am deeply grateful to you.

Hi Simon
Can we use 'lastly' in place of finally ?

thank you very much, it's a great help

Sir Simon and colleagues,

How about 'firstly' and 'at first', is it same or differ in terms of their application?


'Lastly' has the same meaning as 'finally', but I wouldn't use 'lastly' in an IELTS essay. I'd use it in a speech.

'Firstly' and 'at first' are NOT the same. 'Firstly' is used to order points, whereas 'at first' is used when you tell a story (e.g. at first I was worried about living in a different country, but now I'm used to it)

Thank you so much Simon.

Hi Simon,

Can you use the Firstly, Secondly and Finally when you are giving the reason why you are disagreeing to the topic?

Thank you,

Hi Simon,
Could you do me a favour? I usually see this grammar point in media and news, but i do not understand it. Could you clarify why the author add "ing" to verb "make" in the following piece of article:
"Chetty is only 33, making him an unusually young winner, even for an award with an upper age limit, and it comes hot on the heels of his MacArthur “Genius” Grant, announced last fall."
I wonder about this rule of grammar and look for on some websites, but it is explained not clearly. Is it a imformal usage? Hopelully, you can help. By the time, your website which i have followed for several months is extremely useful for my study. Thanks.
P/s: i'm sorry to post here, because i can not find wherever possible.

Thank you very much Simon.

can "finally" be like an expression?
ex. Finally! You came.


Is this structure right?
let me know at last by 10 o'clock.

Thanks in advance,

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