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March 15, 2013


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Useful tip, I need to practice this technique often.

Great! especially for writing where you have time to think and for speaking part-2.
Also useful in part-3 when you stuck and have little bit idea then you can have alternative sentence to keep going.

i like the alternatives! i have never noticed them before. But talking too much may be interrupted by the examiner?

Hi Simon,

That's a very smart solution.

I think in such a world where a fierce competition is high and people tend to come up with new ideas to ahead other people, it is crucial to raise children with creativity approaches. If children always wait to someone puts an idea in front of them, they are very likely can’t find solutions to their problems later in their lives. One of the best example for creativity I think in soccer fields, when two players had same training, same coach, but one learned to use their own ways to reach to the goals, the second one learned to use those already thoughts. Not surprisingly, the first one scoresmore goals, as he probably uses more ways to goal that makes it difficult to predict.

Good afternoon Guys.

In my personal experience with speaking practice, I need to tell all of you that you can talk for more than 2 minutes if you are well prepared with lots and lots of practice. I remember when I started to practice speaking for 2 minutes; it was like a burden just to start speaking about a topic. I followed Simon’s tips and started to WRITE about the topic, and ask myself the 5 W’s (when-who-how-why-what) to talk in more details about any topic. I found it very interesting and useful technique .with my speaking mates, we tried different speaking topic from this website and we managed to achieve the 7 in speaking twice. In my last attempt ,I got a new question which I did not prepare for, but the ideas were flowing from my mind due to my previous practice for several exam topics ,I was able to extend my answers and give personal expiernce which was related to the topic and I got 7.

Just an advice ,follow Simon’s tips and do lots of practice and you will get it in the end

I think one of the most important thing is that
people should have their own ideas because these ideas
what make people different from others. Therefore, this ability start to be acquired during educational period. Beside, if we allow our children to make decision on their own, they will be more self confident. Naturally, self confidence will bring to more jop opportunities. In todays highly competitive world, everything is much harder than it used to be, finding a good jop is difficult for many people who couldn't have the opportunity to receive education. This is another indicator of importance of encouracing children to have their own ideas.

Hi everyone,

I would like to pratice the speaking skill. Anyone who want to achieve band 7 are interested in practicing together?? I am currently living in sydney central, Australia. You can me via my email: [email protected] we can arrange a day to practice together. May be we can help out each other.:).

You are a super teacher. Thank you

Guys, I didn't quite understand the


Dose "alternative" here mean presumption?


As per my opinion, children should be allowed to have their own ideas because this will enhance their ability to think creatively. We might come across with lots of obstacles in near future and in every paths of life neither our parents nor our teachers can guide us. Some decisions need to be taken base on our thinking and ideology. Self made decisions can take you to your path.

if any one seeking a friend for speaking practice then please add me on skype (ankur.tarkar)I hope together we can achieve better.

Hi Simon I want to thank you for your helpful suggestions. I'll definitely use this one for the speaking test. Cheers!

Hi simon thank you very much,

i have one doubt about few words like would be, would, would like to.
could you please help me to get through out of this confusion to perfection.

very useful technique.
Thank you Simon. I am practicing you lessons regularly.

if anyone seeking a skype friend to improve the ielts speaking section, feel free to connect with me. I ensure that we will definitely be achieved our predefined score.

my Skype id is: atanu.debnath5

thank you Simon ;;

hi, I would appreciate practicing to achieve band 9....

I think school children should get there own chance to express own idea,this action will give self confidence and making people depend on himself, by giving this opportunity to young student this will make him more cooperative when he will be apart of adult word, otherwise if you took this great chance from new learning we will create a new generation with no creative thinking and no creative new idea.
All of the above should be control and supervise of the teachers who will be the leaders of the new generation to make them in the right direction.

Anyone interested in Speaking Practice this is my e-mail [email protected]

hi simon i have exam on 12 april please give me some advice for writing im worried thanks

in my opinion we should give them to have thier own ideas,this things make them strong and they learn from this.when we will not take them thier decision they will not be able to have thier own ideas,till they will not learn how they make thier self to take a right decision.

i want someone to chat for speaking test on skype

Simon tomorrow is my speaking exam I am very much tensed pls can you help me out.i dnt know what to tell??

Dear Simon,

Hope you will be fine and doing great. I just love your ieltssimon website, it is helping me a lot for my IELTS exam.

I have a question related to speaking section 2, I want to know what pattern should I follow while doing section 2.

Like for section 1- you advised us to give short answer followed with a short reason.

For section 3- you advised us to follow Why, Why, Alternatives, Example pattern.

I will highly appreciate if you could please advise any pattern for section 2 like you did for section 1 and section 3, I find covering a task with much confidence if I had any pattern in mind for that.

Thanks for your help.

Hi: I need help for my speaking and writing test which suppose I will do it on 6th of September with my thanks.

I think we should allow students to have their own ideas, in fact, this is the final purpose of the education. Base on the knowldge taught by teachers, students should develop the abilities to analyse and resolve the problems. Otherwise, when they get into the real world and face the problems not written in the textbooks, they will have no idea. Like doctor, in this case, cannot save others' lives.

From beginning of the civilization, there was no serious restriction on smoking. After research it has been apparent that there have been thousands of toxic particles that belong to smoking and tobacco. I agree strongly that smoking in the open area and public places should not be permitted by business people and states.
It is true that in the previous time, using tobacco that was how much harmful was not known to people. So, instead of thinking about harm, they would think how to obtain refreshment. Cigarette is the key element of avoiding the stress in workplace, conflict in family and so on. In addition, as there is no extreme restriction in religion, people are encouraged to be habituated in case of smoking. Finally, some tobaccos Industries are credited for employing a lot of unemployed persons in many countries around the world who are suffering from financial crisis and others.
On the other hand, plenty of tobacco patients who die every year across the world are victims to cancer substantially. From the research it has been ostensible that those who are smokers are fewer sufferers than the non-smokers who inhale side stream fume. Hence, allowing smoking in the open areas like school, college, university, offices and industries might proliferate the patients of cancer, bronchitis, asthma, and others. To prevent the people from attacking by tobacco it should be wise decision to prohibit smoking in such type of areas where public movements are more. Moreover, nowadays, large food deficit is another key reason for banning the habit of smoking because profitable tobacco cultivation covers the huge arable land in some countries instead of ploughing grains like paddy and wheat.
In recapitulation, I think that because of smoking, all people are detrimental to the effect of it, so, despite of some freedoms which are not accepted, forbidding on cigarette is more preferable decision for them.

Thanks a lot,these tips seem really usefully,i will try it.

This is awesome endeavour for the ielts learning aspirants. i think by following the principles set by simon, one can have great benefit of it.

Thank y alot for your advices and notes.

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