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March 10, 2013


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Hi Simon, I have patiently followed your advice and all useful comments on your site for my IELTS test. What i would like to say first is THANK YOU for all the hard works and effort your spent. Yesterday I received my IELTS result, and here is what I scored:

L: 9 R: 9 W:6.5 S:8

Desperately. I cannot remember how many times this has happened. It seems that I should redo another test in few weeks. Following very close to your hints and approaches, sometimes I obtained 7 in writing but failed to make speaking 7, vice and versus. I am now not confident as to whether I am not good enough, or there is something else behind the curtain. 2 years has flied now, so much burden and stress of not winning this test has imposed on me. I just need an answer or just a signpost for a way out of this circumstances.

It would be unreasonable to ask you to help, but I think it would be okay to post my thoughts here so someone else can share.

Hi, Simon:

First, thank you for your effort in this amazing website, very help.

In speaking test, is that ok to say 'you know', I've heard different opinions about that and feel confused whether or not I can use that in speaking test.

hello there, my exam was on 9/3/2013.

I am not sure, whether i was good on or not about task 2 so please its my request to check following points and do tell me.
i need your help:
i took this essay not as a individual as a country and whole societies.

Task 2 was like that:
Individuals and countries can not help everyone who need help in the world ,so we should be only concerned about our own communities and countries.Do you agree or disagree?

I wrote this essay like this:
Intro + 3 body paragraphs + conclusion

Body para one:

People who think who should not help other people and other countries.

Other 2 para:

We should help other societies and countries.

we should give assistance to those who need it because:
1- many countries have not the basic necessities of life and they are dying due to starvation and other fatal diseases so industrilised nation should support them.
2- we will internationally reputed.
3- For Personal satisfaction.
4. its our moral duty to support others as a human being.

know tell me i follow the topic or not?

I attend ielts exam at bangkok(Thailand)
On March 9 ,2013
There are writing of General Training Module

Task 1:
Your friend are coming to visit you, you already have sport ‘s tickets and you would like to let your friend join with watching sport ticket

Write the letter to bring your friend watch this sport while as he/she visit you. In the letter,
- describe who give you this tickets
- explain about what kind of tickets you have
- say why your friends should to join with this sport

Task 2 :
The best way to protect environment is reduce amount to travel by air.
Do you agree or disagree?
Give reasons for your answers and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words

Hi Jimmi,

How you could reach Reading 9? and listening 9? that is a dream to me to catch those scores!!! please come and explain or give us some tips on them.

thank you Simon

@Jimmi: congratulation! you should be proud with this score , just few ppl can archive it

Heloo ansar javaid,

Below is one of Simon's old lesson called "Help topic" I think it will benifit you..Another lesson 1 week earlier on the same page was discussing both views in more details.Go and search for it.
Wednesday, December 07, 2011
IELTS Writing Task 2: 'help' essay

Last week I wrote a plan for the question below. Now you can read my full essay.

We cannot help everyone in the world that needs help, so we should only be concerned with our own communities and countries.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Some people believe that we should not help people in other countries as long as there are problems in our own society. I disagree with this view because I believe that we should try to help as many people as possible.

On the one hand, I accept that it is important to help our neighbours and fellow citizens. In most communities there are people who are impoverished or disadvantaged in some way. It is possible to find homeless people, for example, in even the wealthiest of cities, and for those who are concerned about this problem, there are usually opportunities to volunteer time or give money to support these people. In the UK, people can help in a variety of ways, from donating clothing to serving free food in a soup kitchen. As the problems are on our doorstep, and there are obvious ways to help, I can understand why some people feel that we should prioritise local charity.

At the same time, I believe that we have an obligation to help those who live beyond our national borders. In some countries the problems that people face are much more serious than those in our own communities, and it is often even easier to help. For example, when children are dying from curable diseases in African countries, governments and individuals in richer countries can save lives simply by paying for vaccines that already exist. A small donation to an international charity might have a much greater impact than helping in our local area.

In conclusion, it is true that we cannot help everyone, but in my opinion national boundaries should not stop us from helping those who are in need.

(280 words, band 9)

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Hi ,jimmy congratulation on scoring very good band . Plz let us know how did u prepare for reading , I find reading section very difficult and I need to get band 7 in each academic version. Plz discuss the tips ..

Listening: - There are many tips available on this site, just apply them properly. Here are my approach.

1. Take advantage of the time gaps.
You always have at least 2-3 minutes in advance of every upcoming section. What you need to do is to scan and underline all the keyword surrounding possible answers.

2. When the tape about to start for the next section, you need to come back as quick as possible and scan again that section to make sure you completely understand the conversation.

3. If the tape ask you to look at the questions 6-10, please do not look at the question 11. This would be silly, but it happened to many takers, as a result they are distracted and lost their way.

I did not understand the whole conversation, but I could answer them all.

The the same skill, but different context.
1. Scanning your questions first, and underline all the keywords.

2. Keep in mind that the answers always put in an very basic order: TOP to BOTTOM. Hence it is likely that the next answer will be in the next lines or paragraphs. DO NOT WASTE TIME TO LOOK BACK if you are confident about your previous answer.

3. TRUE, FALSE, NOT GIVEN should be the most confusing section, but actually easy. TRUE = 100% true, FALSE = 100% false, NOT GIVEN = not mentioned. There is not any logical deduction here.

4. IMPORTANT: you should need to understand particular sentences and vocabularies,relevant to keywords highlighted, to get the right answers, but PLEASE do not try to understand the whole context, especially in the section 3.

All the other tips can be sought easily from this site.

Best of luck,
To me too =.=

its all right but what about my points, is it relevant to this topic or not? i wrote above mentioned points in my exams essay.

is it okay to write as a country or any developed country should help those who(people or society) need assistance in bad period.

Hi jimmi,

Thanks for sharing those useful tips. As what I've seen from your writing tips I shoudl say you needn't much to get higher 7 in witing, I guess the problem is you didn't make your mind clear in your writing.

As you mentioned you didn't understand the whole of the conversation or text in Reading and Writing I think you raise our confidence as we are at the same boat. I thought that one should already know all the vocabularies or hear all the conversation to get band 9 score. If you think other tips would be great of help, please do not hesitate to post the.Thanks again and good luck with your coming scores.

@Rocky: I certainly understand the whole context as I have been working in AUS for 10 years.

The advice was NOT TRY to understand the content in READING test (part 3), but just the areas that were focused and highlighted.

In reading, part 1 and 2 are quite easy and can be finished in less than 20 minutes if you can improve your scanning speed. Part 3 is much more difficult and I have never solved it in less than 35 minutes. I believe that if we study and try to understand thoroughly what is in the part 3, we will hardly obtain at least 34 correct answers to be band 7.

I do not dare to affirm that my advice is absolutely right, but it has at least been proven by that I haven't scored lower than 8 in reading. It is up to you to prove it.

Last but not least, you are right. I need to practice more to get 7 in writing. It is so frustrated man.

Thanks Jimmy, if you'd like send me a message in person to my email. I think we can help each other in writing.

If you like: [email protected]


You are so cool! Could I know how many words that you have known? If you are not sure about this, here is a quick approach to know it approximately in about 3 minutes, just test it on this site http://testyourvocab.com.

I'm keen to know the answer which will be my goal to pursue.

Hey Guys, I know 5,630 words :)

Is it good or what ?? The test is interesting but I have no idea on which basis do they assess the vocabulary range ??


Hi , jimmy thanks for sharing all tips .
Gud luck for ur future..

Great advice Jimmy, and great scores too!

I'm sure it's only a matter of time until you get the score you need in each part. If I could give you one tip for writing, it would be to spend more time planning task 2 - the key to a good task 2 score is having good ideas, so planning time is crucial.

Don't give up!

Dear Jimmy,
I understand your feelings perfectly.
I have also had 7 or more at each module, but not from one setting, and also I persevere to achieve these high marks together,during almost 2 years of preparations and by taking 6 exams already.

Of course,the time spent on studying English is not a waste, but if you know that your language skills are good,& if you are able to pass the test but just by a missing of half a point at one module you are forced to do it again, it cannot be more frustrating!

Moreover,it is not the art for the art sake but you are losing your money that you have not really,your time and what is the most important your full potential.Not having the demanded results it hinders all your career plans.I have already lost 3 years, not working in my capacity as a doctor and not being able to start my training designed for foreign GP doctors,struggling financially,as a result.

Why it is not respected that you have got 7,7,5 or 8 at each module,but taken,as an example,from 2 exams,let's say within a year.

In your case,I am really,really impressed that you managed to get maximum 9 score at listening and reading.
Additionally,with your good speaking mark as well,and with your writing being at 7 before,it sounds to me you are indeed a very good and competent English user.Regarding your last test results,I think you should ask to remark it as the the difference between writing score and others is so significant, and it is the only one to be improved, and the one that can be reassessed.I does not occur very often for the scores to be changed,but in your situation I believe you have a real chance to gain it if you are confident that you did well.

I had 4 trials,before discovering this website,and 2 after studying with this.I was stuck,for some time, into 6.5 score at writing,but with all of these valuable Simon's hints,e-book & my personal work I got 7 & 7.5 during my two last tests.But as you,the same time another part was missing, just by a 0.5 point.Is it coincidence?

However,despite the fact that our patience is on edge,almost exhausted, we cannot give up.Try this remark, it may be the end of your problems.But, even you will not be successful with that,you certainly should be soon satisfied with the level of English you have,confirming it during your next exam. Perhaps,you can also ask a professional
teacher to correct some of your essays to know what else should be improved. Perhaps,you wrote too much,with some unnecessary less relevant details(it was my problem) This writing is not only about your English,but also about task achievement,they want an exact answer,according to their rules.

Thank you for your tips on listening and reading,I wish to have for myself such scores as you achieved at these modules.You are brilliant!

Kind regards,

HI Alexandra,

I have been taking this exam from last 3 and half years and since last one and half year I have taken 6 exams and missed in one module by 0.5.
Every time I go to exam with one hope,is that this time I will do.When I get result I feel down and ask my self question.what went wrong.fist question come in my mind is that- is it coincidence?
6 coincidence in one year with and dont know how many with others.
Anyway, have to clear this exam in any case then I will make money and compensate these years and money.
I am taking them to court in next 2-3 months if I will not clear this exam.

Dear Anonymos,

I wish you the best with your next exam and with all plans after that.I hope,you will manage to get the score you needed as it seems to be a really troublesome or rather not leading to success way to go through the law process to prove that the IELTS exam system does work properly, with the harm for student by their unfair judgement. It can always be said that you were not enough fluent or expressed in your speaking or your writing should be more academic,coherent, topic better addressed, and as not native English users we will still have a natural tendency to commit mistakes.
Although it is a painful and difficult measure we have to increase our efforts. As they try to trick us with some traps we should solve them with our hard work knowledge, intelligence and or even humour,knowing the techniques, the most common mistakes and by taking the best approaches to the problem.
Perhaps I am naive but I still believe in the highest justice and God! Yet, an excellent or very good user should not be described as bad. The more we know the less chance they have to fail us


Dear Simon!
first of all I must thank you for your website, i have benefitted enormously from this site.This is my last result
W 7,R 7,S 7,L 6
unfortunately i have to repeat it again! I need to get 7 in all.

dear simon,
I just want to ask if writing beyond the designated lines have deductions to my score especially in writing task 2. I did not ask for extra sheet of paper because im already summing up my ideas in conclusion that can take 1 extra sentence.i got 6.5 twice for doing the same action. :(

Hi, I am Kajal .Preparing for ielts , its my first time .Please suggest me some important tips to get high score.
Thanks !

hi iam preparing for ielts can u suggest me some tips for getting high band score and vocabulary is mandatory for ielts

I need 7 in each module. I have attempted IELTS 4 times and got L9,R8.5, W6.5, S6.5. I am working hard to get 7 in each module. Can anyone let me know that is it possible or not. Has anyone know a person who got a perfect 7.


Please send me some important material to me. I have test on Feb 15. Thank you I need to get 7 band score.pls my email id [email protected]

hi..i have attended the test once..i could score 7 for speaking and listening...and 8.5 for reading..but i lost writing with 6.5.I need an individual 7 band score..is there any way to improve writing.i usually write 2 essays per day..but i guess it isn't enough..

S.a qardeshim 10 numara olmus yaqı10 yine xD

Hi simon my teacher gave me some lines of the starting of writing task 2.like for advantage and disadvantage tpioc in intro....everything has its own pros and cons that's why it is rightly said that all glitters is not gold.it is right to use these kinds of lins on topic because examiner is familer these kinds of line.

Hi Aman,

I don't recommend using phrases like "all that glitters is not gold" - this is what we call a saying or a cliché, and examiners don't like them. If you read my lessons, you'll see that I never use that kind of phrase.

Read this to understand more about sayings and clichés:


hallo simon
my req allover 7 band pls tips of my side

Hi Simon,

Can you give me some advise to get band score at least 7.0 in IELTS?Its unfortunate that I have no preparation and I have only 20 days left for final exam.

Hello simon
My name is mehul. I had appear ielts exam for two time and I got overall less score but I need some best tips about writing task. in academic ielts . can you give me some advise to band score at least 6.5 in ielts?
Thanks Simon.

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