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March 14, 2013


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good advice!

I took the IELTS exam last month, and I got the result last week! It exceeds my expectations.
Thanks Simon for your daily useful lessons!
I am carrying on studying on your websites.
Best wishes for you.

Congratulations Huong!

Falling Rents Slow Down in February

The average rent in England and Wales slipped by 0.1 per cent from January to £731 per month, although annual growth actually accelerated to 3.3 per cent.

Despite the monthly drop at a national level, rents grew on a monthly basis in half the regions. The strongest monthly rental inflation was a 1.8% rise in Wales, followed by the North East where rents were 0.9% higher than in January.

London’s rents also returned to growth – rising by 0.5%. The fastest falls were in the North West, at 1.3%, followed by a 1.1% drop in the East of England and a monthly fall of 0.7% in the South West.

Hope this would help

Dear Simon GOD BLESS YOU.Your site is amazing.I need 7 in each module.I am learning lot from you.Thanks.how can I send my written topics to you.

Dear Simon,
Thank you very much for your assistance about learning. Could you show us an example writing task one with one graph and one table such as IELTS 6 Test 1 writing task 1?
I am looking forward your sample essay.
Thank you beforehand.

Dear simon,

i did my ielts test today. i messed up the task 1 in writing. the task was a table about employers income. the mistake i did is, i wrote employees for employes. so i have wrote differently. will it be an issue? normally how much will the reduce ?

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