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March 06, 2013


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Mr Simon,

I did the IELTS (General) Exam on 08-12-2012 but I got 8,8,7,6.5. I missed speaking module there and got stucked in the middle. They asked me to talk about a picture. I couldn't do it well.

Anyway I paid much attention on speaking on my second attempt (02-02-2013). I read your articles. Noted the advices well. Practiced a lot on the topics you have given in the site. I got 7,7,7,7.5. Thank you very much for the guidance. They asked me to explain about a sport that I watched on TV or any where recently. I explained how the second T20 game with Australia vs Sri Lanka including maxwell jayawaradena conflict. LOL! They gave me marks...

Your site is really helpful for the IELTS test takers. Now I am leaving from our site. Hope I may not want to it after 3 years. LOL

Best Regards

Hi Simon,

I have a request upon the "full essay" you had included on Wednesday, January 25, 2012. unfortunately, it's not available anymore.

Thank you very much,


Hello Simon,

I was in Manchester last year for 6 months but unfortunately I did not know about your school.

This is my essay can you take a look please? I'd really appreciate it.

Out of what do you think I will get if I write the same in the test.

Nowadays, some people tend to prefer a high salary job over the one that they love. From my perspective, I believe that earning a high paying is likely to have various advantages, whereas it would be arrgued that enjoying your job can also have some benefits.

On the one hand, working in order to gain a high salary can be helpful for the person to start early building himself/herself and making themselves financially self-sufficient. By getting a great wages helps the employee to expoit his money a in lucrative investment which is that would be beneficial after they retire, inasmuch as their pension would not be enough for a luxurious life. In addtion, undeniably it would benefit those needy families who merely have one source of income as well as keep the door open to them to be educated as others.

On the other hand, there is number of people who keep saying that enjoying the job plays an essential role to be successful for numerous reasons. First of all, it has been noticed that the most successful people in the world loved their job and they have never been materialistic, and therefore they have reached far beyond what they could have expected. Secondly, obviously people who love their job are happy which is that reflects positively to their imprission at home. For example, when a person is employed in a job that they love, certainly, they would have a pleaced family.

In conclusion, I believe that the advantages of altering a job that students love is outwheited by the benefits of choosing a high paying job.

Thank you!
(268 words)

thank you

can you please share the full essay....

It is deniable that graduates usually faces dilemma after leaving university on pursuing their future life either choosing a desired career or looking for the best income. I believe that they should choose a job career that they love rather than pays the best salary.

On the one hand, young people have to continue their dream after gone through a long process of education in university. They should plan their career by choosing related work which considerably relevant with those subjects learnt before. This is the second step to achieve the goals based on their skills, capability, performance and interest. Otherwise, they will waste their time struggling study to pass in exam and doing unsatisfied job in order to earn more money.

In addition, successful person always plan their career from the beginning instead of goes as flow depends on the current environment and circumstances. It seems that these kinds of people rely on others factor without structurally evaluate and analyse their own strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threats. So, they have to realized that gain more experience is much more rewarded which will help to increase the job satisfaction physically, mentally and spiritually. It always been noticed that those motivated people with high commitment in their career and passionate consistently on self-development have an outstanding achievement and becomes ‘somebody’ and well known in their field.

On the other hand, money is compulsory in translating ideas, dreams and dedicated work becomes reality. However, money is not everything. Rewards in the form of money will be gained naturally and eventually for those individual whose works smarter accordingly. As a results, smarter person able to enjoy their life comprehensively much earlier with families, colleagues and love ones.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that young people should choose and plan their desired job instead of appreciate the better salary one.

Dear semenchu,

please, find my suggestions to your essay below. it was a quick read through. I have to admit that I don't really understand some of the paragraphs. For me, the paragraphs are somewhat unstructured.

It is deniable = it is undeniable

young people have to continue = most young people tend to continue (they don't have to if they don't want to)
Otherwise, they will waste their time= otherwise, time will be wasted, and studying just to passing the exams.

money is compulsory = money is essential

Rewards in the form of money will be gained naturally and eventually for those individual = those individuals
works smarter accordingly....??? what do you mean with works smarter?

Dear Christy,
Thanks for your kind detail checked my writing. I mostly agree with you about synonym and better choice of word. In addition, there will be some unstructured sentences due to it requires high level of reader interpretation and analysis as well. I will try reduce it as much as possible so that reader (examiner perhaps) will understand my writing easily and accordingly. Really appreciated your work..

People have two choices after they graduate from high school or college, either they work in a field that they are interested in nor worked in a company which could give high income to them. I personally believe that we should work in an area which is inline with our talent.

Choosing a career according to a field that a person like, will bring many advantages. Firstly, since he has a passion to the work, he will enjoy the work every moment. Secondly, he could be more productive and gives the best result, as he is producing a product which he is best in. Another point view, is that he could be more loyal to the Company that he works in, especially if the environment in the workplace is friendly. By practicing the talent on a daily basis, his skill would improve and he could become an expert in that area.

On the other hand, other thinks that after they finish their education, they must find a workplace with high salaries therefore they could be independent and reduce the burden of their parents. Another point is that by having good income at early age, it could give them more confidents, a sense of pride in them self and increase their self esteem.

To conclude, although deciding to work with the priority of high salaries have some benefits, but choosing to work in a workplace which is in accordance to their passion, interest or hobbies have more advantages for them in the future.

Dear Simon,
I have given my exam today in the General English. I'm wrondering did I put good efforts in the writing tasks 2. I was given to write about "Banning cars in cities. Do I agree or disagree. " To this I have partially agreed and mentioned the same why to ban and later why not to ban". Two paras on each opinion. Finally I have concluded to have the ban is good but there should be expcetions supporting my views or some more regulations to be inplace."
Is this okay to take this kind of position or I will loose my score. Please suggest.

Dear simon,m from bhutan.i did my ielts today on 15/2/14. In writing task 2 we were given that- the average standard of ppl's health will lower in future than in nw a days..do u agree or disagree with the statement. First i said every ppl hav different views n i wrote abt agreeing and then disagrering...bt i concluded that i disagree....do u think i wud get band 6. M scared...

If we r agree with statement to some extent that is 70 percent, then after introduction which paragraph we have to
write. Is it 30 percent or 70 percent.

Hello Simon,

This is my essay can you please look into it and give comments accordingly.

Parents are the best teachers

Parents teach a lot to the children which sets the foundation of child's identity forever. On the other hand, someone learns throughout his journey of life. In this learning process, he himself contributes to the most and teachers, books, academics, motivational speeches also play an important role. Though parents are the good teachers in e very individual’s life. In my opinion the person himself is a bet teacher from his leanings.

Firstly, in every individuals life after we learn to talk, walk and all the basic intricacies of life. Learning process begins by enrolling into schools where teachers, books, friends, which plays an important role in shaping up into a good person. For instance, when I was a child my teacher used to teach many stories which has morals in them that helps me handling several situations like differentiating between what is good and bad, helping others in very point of my life. Teachers play a major role in understating academic theories, attaining general knowledge and learn to interact with others making aware of latest technologies. Teachers at school have the chance to guide many children.so, they can compare different situations and potential of children than parents can do so, and are more capable of instructing and guiding properly. However parents also play a major role in personality development of their children.

Secondly, in every walk of life, we face many situations and learn many things every moment’s that splays a major role in our future. For example, there is a well-known saying ,”All that glitters are not gold” this can apply to people ,places that promise to be more than they really are. Likewise we meet many people in our daily life; from few we get benefitted and feel happy spending with then while others betray us which makes life harder so, we learn from our experiences. Additionally books, motivational speeches also play a crucial role in teaching life.

In conclusion, the things we learn from our parents are of course important to our life, but they are some righteous lessons and good advice to be learnt from teachers, books etc. Lastly, the situations we face and true lessons from experiences in terms of learning are most important.

Thankyou :)

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