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March 03, 2013


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According to our level in English, we should keep our views about IELTS test questions to our self. It is not our job to say this question difficult or it is irrelevant to IELTS.

I had such a condition in real exam, I mean about reading.
The difficulties of sections weren't consecutive. the first passage was easy and I did in little time, the second was a bit more difficult. then I spent 25 mins for 2 passages and I felt myself very good, unfortunately I couldn't finish third passage in the left time.

hi Simon,
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i want to thank you for this amazing website,it really helped me to jump from 6.5 to 7.5 in writing in a very short time. about remarking ,i want to share my experience here.in my first attempt i got s:8
my writing score did not change after i asked for remark.i had my test taken in uts,sydney.i am not sure if this is true for every one but i think changing venue can help if one is stuck .i got again 6.5 in writing a month later in same venue and 7.5 ,2 weeks later in a new venue.
another personal view that i want to share is that i could never manage to write task 1 in 20 minutes and knowing that,i was always stressed about timing.however,i finally realised that having a clear mind about how to approach task 2,can give me the chance to take up to 30 min for task1 and still manage to write a good task 2.so if someone is better in writing an essay and is obsessed with figures and numbers,like i was,maybe changing the timing strategy can help.also making topics with related ideas and vocabulary as you suggested ,was a great idea.i used two very impressive set of words about imprisonment from your lesson in my writing!so thanks again Simon and good luck all.oh also i was asked the same series of question during interview in my second and third attempts which i had already read about in another ielts blog.i can say both interview and writing topics are very likely to be repeated.

Congratulations Ana, and thanks for sharing your advice!

Dear Simon ,

I should say that the score given to writing is divided to 50 -50 for task 1 and 2.

Thanks for your very very useful information and workable strategies.


I'd like to share my experience in asking for remark. When I saw my scores came out, I felt that I should be scored higher than this mark for writing, then I filled a form and sent it to institute. But after more than one month because of coincidence with Christmas, I received nothing but missing my form test results. Now nothing changed and my Form TEST RESULTS missed and I have to pay extra to get that previous results.

I think asking for remark in wasting time and money. The only way to get higher score is siting for exam again and again till you get your desired score.

Dear Mr. Simon,
Can you please tell me that this sentence is gramatically correct or not?
Although my mother had a hectic schedule of long working hours, it is quite possible to say that she looked after me properly when I was younger.

I gained 6.5 S in Dec 2011 and got 5 S in Oct 2012 after nearly one year studying in UK. I was succeeded to get half band more after almost 4 months waiting but till now I do not get my money back.
As someone said that it is better to retest rather than remark.

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