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May 04, 2013


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Hi Simon

How can I get copy book 9 ?

Hello everyone
u can download Cambridge 9 book
from here




I got it.

Thanks . Grewal
But. Listening files don't open ..

what about the official guide?



Do not open ..!!


It does work very good but just be patient until is downloaded as it is a big file(126mb),it takes few minutes.


working good (115Mb)

Thanks .Grewal

This link don't open on my IPad .
I don't know

Thank you Simon! And Thank you Grewal! :)

Thank you Simon and Grewel:) have a nice weekend:)


use ucweb browser

Thanks Grewal!! :)

thanks a lot

I bought Cambridge 9 too! Ordered it prior to release on March 31st and it finally arrived in Istanbul on April 29th...

My students think I'm a little crazy getting excited about test books. I still love the smell, and feel of a new book - even those we use for exam practice!

Love the task 1 writing exercises in this book (so do the students). Finally, a map (test 1) that makes sense to them.

Have a great Sunday,


...I forgot to say that 'the instructors' were reminded of their own instructions when we did Listening Test 1 together.

We always say 'Pay attention to the RUBRIC'. Did we pay attention? No! Which cost everyone of us a valuable point...I won't say which question and spoil it for those of you who have just started using the book. I will, however, say, make sure you underline the RUBRIC and pay attention to how many words you need for an answer.

I couldnt download the mp3 files? Could you please help me?


click here
Download Cambridge9 listening files


Many thanks GREWAL!!

plz provide me ielts 9 book reading (ac) ,speaking and writing (ac).i have to take my ielts exam very soon.i am very excited to get 9 book. i am from Nepal.so plz help me.i always open this website.thank you simon sir


Nice to hear from you Magi. I look forward to trying listening test 1.

All the best


PS. I love that map question too!

Direct Download Cambridge IELTS 9 links:

Cambridge 9 Test 1

Cambridge 9 Test 2

Cambridge 9 Test 3

Cambridge 9 Test 4

General Training A

General Training B

Answers and Tapescripts

Listening audio mp3 Files

THANK YOU VERY MUCH~^________________^

tanks you a lot.but i didn't find ac reading test,even ac writing & speaking that you provide me.so kindly send me.i am waiting for your response.

I've get this book for 1 month. I think that the tests in this book is quite simple than other cambridge books. Is that true?

Hi all,
I'm not able to extract the listening file, how do u extract it, hope to hear from you

Dear All,
Pls help, which one is the working listening file, my file seem corrupted, please please help


there is no problem with mp3 files .
try again

thanks simon
your weebsite is too helpful

Try to download through torrent

can u plz give the link of Cambridge ielts 1-7 plzzz plzzzz

Hello Simon,

Can also plz post a link for me to download the IELTS Cambridge 1-7 pdf with audio....can find it in the net...
it would be such a big help...
Thank you very much and God Bless for helping us who can't afford the book.


I just got it today.
Simon is right, the latest time I took IELTS was April.28
The first part of writing was almost the same like IELTS 9 Test 1.
I wish I could practice IELTS 9 before taking IELTS last time..

btw, I want to ask one question.
If anyone knows or has the same feeling like me that in the listening part, the speaking rate is faster than before?!

i unable to download listening of Cambridge 9 pls help

Dear Sir,
Good evening
How are you?
I have tow months for IELTS Exam, please give me cordial advice. How will I get minimum band score 7.5 and individually 7 for each subject.
I have very much pleased to found your site.
Thanks and Please help me.
This is my numbers : [email protected], +8801196192710.
I am waiting for your cordial advice.
Have a nice day.

How can I get IELTS 8? my IELTS test is next week, I need help now.
Thank u

I can't download Cambridge IELTS 9 Listening audio mp3 Files
my email address:[email protected]
Thank you.

Thank you for providing free of cost cambridge ielts 9 but i couldnot download audio file.my exam is very close june 22. i have not practised listening .i wanted to try the download link of audio supplied by you, but cannot download today.i am in tension now because ielts 9 book in Nepal is not found here.so plz kindly give again the link of audio files for download. I am waiting for your help.i always visit this website once in a day.thank you for your kind co-operation and also respected sir simon who give us a lot of techniques and tricks and ways of solving the problems.


@Pachu Ray Yadav

Listening audio mp3 Files

hi simon this listening file is not downloading so,could you please help me

dear grewal
why i cannot download the answers and tapescripts? thank you for your response.

Thank you very very much!
Its so nice finding all these here in such a great quality!

and since I ve been experiencing troubles with listening files
Go to page http://www.51ielts.com.au/jeffrey/cambridge-ielts-9-listening/ and scroll down to comments, first comment is an actual link to the listening zip

Hi,this is Mrs. Manisha lokhande,want to see & download Book 9 , so please tell me how I download book 9, please guide me. Thanks, M. Lokhande.

9 is simpler than others .why?

Dear Mr Simon

I would like to ask you question about IELTS books.
Are there any other IELTS preparation books which you can recommend us beside Cambridge 1-9?
Because currently as a matter of fact i use IELTS Practise Test Plus (1-3) and i see that the reading tasks are very hardship to solve.
Could you please give me any advise regarding this matter?

Thank you

Hi Reza,

I don't think it's any easier than other Cambridge books. Maybe your level has improved!


Hi Khayal,

None of the other books are 'official'. Personally I only use the official books because I find that tests in other books are either too easy or too hard (or sometimes they are badly written).

no link works for listening exercises.
any one have a valid link?

i want cambridge ielts 1 audio download how i can??

that all in here, link download heigh speed, full book + file audio.

I tried using all but couldnt download cambridge book 9.
Please advice

hey what happpened to the links for ielts book 9?

Please anyone give me a valuable advice how to improve in reading module. It seems quite tough to me!

Hi, I have a book 7. Is there much difference between book 7 and 9? Thank you.

Dear Sir,
Could you please tell me if I do general IELTS then whether it is possible to take admission in a foreign university using this general IELTS score. Thanks

I need IELTS 9 listening audio? Any one give me a link ? Plz

Hello Can anyone share Cambridge 9 audio , i have to write IELTS on 9th Nov..it would be great help.

my id is [email protected]

Hello sir I would like to get 8 band score over all.each section I need to score 7.5 so can u please give me some guidelines it will be ore helpful for me thank you

good day sir i already have cambridge IElts 9 but i cant find where i could download the audio...
hope you could help me
here's my email: [email protected]

I am preparing for IELTS and supposed to take it in less than a month.But i have a question regarding cambridge books as they are numbered from 1-9.Do they are arranged in level of difficulty?I meant to say if i am already getting 6 then i should my preparation with Book 6.Is that so?

No, the numbers of the books don't relate to the level Amer. It's just the edition number - book 1 is the oldest, and book 9 is the newest.

Thank you Sir! for clearing my confusion,although I am really baffled that which practice test should i solve for my IELTS test.I am already getting 7-8 which is a very good IELTS score but i want more than this.Any book that I have downloaded or bought does not come up with any type epitome such as this book is targeted for students who are getting 7 or so.
My question will you suggest me any advanced level books as i had mentioned before i am already getting more than 7?Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Hı.. I wonder that cambridge 9 is the same diffuculty with the real exam?? Thank u very much

< improve> < reading>

Hy sir I want to ask that which book I s good for acadamic students to do ielts Cambridge ilets 1:9 plz plz tell me my email is [email protected] thank you I have exam starting of next month

my name Asim Zaman.i study ILETS 9 and got 8 band.

hi i want to ask that the ielts 1-9 cambridge books are leveled as per the level of difficulty??i mean book 9 gona be toughest in all??


No, the numbers don't represent level of difficulty. The newest book is number 10 - these are just edition numbers, so next year they will probably release book 11.

All of the Cambridge books contain real past exam papers.

Hi Sir , I want to have all 1-9 books published so far, Can you please forward at my email id or if I need to pay for it ,Please tell me

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