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May 26, 2013


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Dear Simon,

As usual,Great advice !!

I want to share my Speaking and Writing questions which I had on the 24,25th May on Cairo-Egypt:-

The Speaking Topic " Describe your favourite piece of clothes"

From where did you get it?
When did you get it?
Why is it your favourite one?

Writing T2 Topic:-

Schools open thier doors before and after the lesson's normal hours.So children are being looked after while thier parents are at work .Are the Advantages outwigh the Disadvantages?

I hope i get a 7 this time.

Dear Simon,

Great advice as usual !!

I want to share my Speaking topic and Writing T2 wich i had yesterday on Cairo-Egypt:

Part 1:
General discussion about work and relaxation,How people relx? How do you relax? Do you think is it easy to get relaxed.

Part 2:
Speaking topis :
"Describe your favourite piece of clothes"
From where did you get it.
When did you get it.
Why is it your favourite one.

Part 3:
General discussion about on-line shopping.
Do you think it is a good development
What are the advantages and disadvatages
Is it common in your country that people buy on line.

Writing TS:

"School's doors are open before and after lesson's normal hours so that children are being looked after while thier parents are at work"
Is it a good arrangement in your openion?Are the advantages outwigh the Disadvantages ?

I structred my essay as follows:

Intoduction : I would say that the benifits outwigh the drawbacks.

Body Paragraph 1:
School plays an essntial role in educating and raising up a useful generation.It is a hsared responsibility with families.After school arrangement/service is an excellent role that schools can play

Body Paragraph 2:
Schools can encourage children to participate in community services and promote the importance for playing sports under thier supervision.

Body Paragraph 3:
It is important that children directed to multiple options on how to spend thier time after school instead of spending thier time playing computer games or sitting in front of the TV.

I paraphrased the introduction and re-stated my openion in favor of after school arrangement.

Any comments or ideas for development are most welcomed.

Thanks for the advice Simon.

Apart from it, I would like to ask how much it is important to right a correct article in your listening answer?

Sometimes either I just forgot to write it or don't feel a need of it.

Does examiner gives you benefit of doubt or it should be correct 100% with appropriate article.

Kindly let me know. Thanks :)


Thanks a lot for your suggestions and website. As you suggested, I have taken help of the tutor to evaluate my essays and it helped me a lot to find out where I am making mistakes.

I attended IELTS training class in India, which didn't help me. They never showed me how to write essay and they usually read essays from websites.

Finally, I have taken help of Mr. Pete and he gave valuable feedback and gave detailed comments on my mistakes. It really helped me to overcome my mistakes in my exam.

hi simon and every one, could any one please answer task 1 writing on this link ,on simon way?


the question is:
The following tables depict the reliability of print and non-print academic materials as voiced by undergraduates and postgraduates at 3 different British universities.

Write a 150 word report for a university lecturer summarizing the information given.



I think those tutors benefit IELTS takers are those who already sit for an IELTS exam,as tutors who have good level of English are to extent in which different from those one who aim to teach IELTS.

Dear simon sir,
Can you predict ielts questions for june 22 in Nepal for writing task?My exam is june 22.

I just stole something from you, the phrase "Private lessons might be more expensive, but they can be hugely beneficial if they are done in the right way."

I think the first stept to choose a tutor is asking him/her to show their results in IELTS. here are many private teachers who claim that have such the level of English knowledge but they even do not know what is the band descriptors and what is the criteria in IELTS. Most of which do nothing for you but aiming for earning hefty income. A tutor/private teacher should already have sit for IELTS to explore what is IELTS circumstancs and how to deal with.

Definitely good tips as usual!

Another problem I see is that many students tend to be too shy or are afraid to ask questions.
I strongly encourage students to ask questions because this is the only way to let your tutor know your problems/concerns. If you stay quiet or never have questions, the tutor won't know how to help you!

Try to make the most of your teacher!

Dear simon
thanks for your useful tips.I got 8 in my last ielts exam and i have to get 4*7,but unfortunately i got 6.5 in writing.
Could you please introduce a good teacher to me to practice my writing skill?i am in london.

if they are done in the right way !!!
I never forgive my private teacher for wasting my money and time! :(

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