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May 19, 2013


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Hi Simon. Which is advisable in writing section, to use Pen or Pencil? If pen is used and some mistakes are occurred, and I corrected them, will it degrade the score?

-some mistakes occurred

Hello everybody! I would like to ask you if therefore and thereby have exactly the same meaning and if we can use both of them in same cases.
Have a nice, sunny day!! :)

Dear Simon,

In IELTS 9 i faced a problem with the reading test B:-

In questions from 8-14 the instructions were to choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS,However when I answered the questions I found the answers as ( 25 percent - 15 percent ).
Although i know the right answers but the instructions made me confused and i was hesitant to add the number in my answer..Do they count the numbers as letters or what ?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Simon,

It is likely to see for example in the middle of sentences, or at the end of sentences.

thank you simon ....

Hi simon,

I would like to ask if there is any difference between for example & for instance, and such as & like. I am wondering whether for instance & such as are more formal, which are better phrases to use in writing. Did I misunderstood or not ? Thank you.


Hi simon.I really wonder the answer of Amdy's question above.Is there any difference between such as and like?

Thank you for all.


Hi Munchen,

In my experience, it it better to use pencil to write your essay.

Hi Simon,

Recent IELTS often ask about describing maps in Wiriting task 1. I think describing maps is completely different from process.
Could you please show us how to do best in this type of questions.

Thank you very much!

Hi Tram,

I have also met writing task 1 of describing maps. Where did you take the test?


anyone here to answer my previous question which i posted yesterday ?

Have a good day,


Hi guys. To answer some of the questions here, it's best to consult a specialist grammar book or website. For example, here's a grammar site that explains the difference between "such as" and "like" in more detail:



A couple of other points:

You can use pen or pencil - both are fine (some test centres will provide pencils).

Instructions usually say "... words AND/OR a number", so "25 percent" is accepted as "ONE word AND a number".

Dear All,

A good dictionary like the free Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary also offers examples/explanations on how to use the words properly. For instance, take a look at the "Usage note" section at the bottom of these 2 links:


Quite useful for both Writing Task1 and Task2, don't you think?


Hi Hung,
I took the test in Australia. I found writing task 1 of describing maps very difficult and some of my friends also agreed with me. This is largely because we are not familar with it.

Hi Martin,
Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Dear Simon.

Thank you so much for answering my question but the instructions were NO MORE THAN 3 WORDS ,they did not mention any numbers however in the key answer they wrote " 25 percent"

Dear Martin,

If Simon is busy would you please help me on this question?
Thank you all for your time.

Hi Soha,

Don't worry, numbers are accepted as words for that kind of question.

Thanks alot Simon :)

Hi Simon,
I have a question. Is order of items in question important for our answer? Like if question says "Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair. ", so should we write the paragraph in support before the paragraph against the point of view?
Actually my inclination is not towards the order of question rather the opinion I will support drives the order for me. I put the weaker side first and then I put the stronger side I support, followed by conclusion, to me it appears to make a strong impression for my opinion.

I would be grateful if you can please confirm whether it is right or not. Thanks.

Hi Tram,

Which center did you take the test? I took it at RMIT. I hate that day so much.

A speaking test lasts 11-15 minutes. When will the examiner mark it? As there is only about 5 minutes between next speaking test, will the examiner finish the assessment at a time later on?

Hi Simon,

I hope you will see my question here. In your post from Saturday, July 28, 2012 Students' grammar questions (I don't know how to use tags, sorry) you explain how to use "such as" - There are many environmental problems, such as air pollution (last sentence). But in this article your example - Children should avoid eating junk food such as burgers and chips doesn't have a comma before "such as". Which one is true and if both of them are right why?

Thank you in advance.

Children should avoid eating junk food such as burgers and chip.

Shouldn't there be a comma before such as here?

How can i avoid gramatical mistakes in writing task

Herbs are such as ginger and cumin essential oils as the secondary metabolites volatile and aromatic used in many food industries and traditional medicine

hello, can you say me, Is this the correct Sentence?

I'm toñita and i come from mexico.This help me a lot in my test

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