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May 12, 2013


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hi Simon,I just wanted to say thanks to you and your students.I passed IELTS with overall 7.5,L-8,S-8,W-7&R-7.I was struck with 6.5 in Reading since ages and have been looking for a private tutor.So,during one day's lesson with that tutor,i came to know about your site and i have been following your daily lessons.In one of the speaking topic you advised to speak naturally,i used that tip in writing and with your help i achieved the band i needed.

Is there anyone preparing for PLAB 1?Please get in touch with me as i need a companion for preparation,my e-mail id is [email protected]

Hi Simon,your lessons and tips have been really helpful.I came to know about your blog approximately 2 months ago and have been following your lessons on daily basis for a month.At last,i achieved the score i required.I scored overall 7.5,L&S-8,W&R-7
Thank You.

Thank u simon am on my road to eitls.exam
Repeat and my target is 8....this site is helpful.

Simon could you provide us with some of these exception .

hi, everybody. I'm unlucky person. Idk. But anyway I had given my speaking test on 22nd of march, but i didn't get any result due to the techniquecal assualt in tape recorder. That time my topic was describe ur fav. Neighbour. 1. When you met it first time? 2. When do you meet it usually? 3. And explain how you found it good?
I spoke for 3 min with the relevency but all the performation was vain . They decided to take my speaking test Today. I'm very very disappointed.
Ok, dear simon and martin . I was very happy for seeing the result i didn't got nothing due to bad luck.
Thanx, helping the people to enhance the languistic skill.

I am looking forward to getting your response.

IS it okay? Please let me know....


My English teacher in the middle school told us that the "to" in the exceptions you mentioned should be regarded as prepostion. And prep. should be followed by verb.+ing. Does that make sense, Simon?

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