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May 13, 2013


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Hi Simon Sir and Suman Norway

Hello Simon sir and Suman Norway

Its really a pleasure to interact with u Suman through this blog. I scored 9 in Reading and 7 in Writing in my second attempt and I have improved my score from 6 to 7 by making notes from this amazing blog.I was weak in structuring my essays and worked really hard on this. I started to write brief intro and conclusions along with concise explanations in BPs. As Simon says it is important to answer all the parts and not to go out of context. Just start thinking about how u would answer a particular essay in your native language and start building ideas with logical example.IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN TOO. HAVE FAITH IN URSELF AND WORK HARD!!!

Best Wishes and Good luck to you Suman and Thanx Simon sir for ur valuable assistance. May God Bless you!

Anyone wants to practice speaking in english via skype? Could you leave your account names.maybe we can help each other.

Hi Simon,

I think it is easy to learn new words but hard to revise frequently. I really want to make the efficient notebook that I could update new vocabularies and activate old words. I hope that you read the message and could suggest some ways.
Thank you very much.

I am interested in practicing via skype. My email is [email protected]

I am looking for an eager person for practicing in all ielts skills soecially in speaking via skype .My email is [email protected]

Hi simon
I want to know, how can i increase my vocabulary on the reading part!!! However i am going to repeat my general ielts text again..
Thanks for all your help

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