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May 17, 2013


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Hi Simon
İ took an exam yesterday

And in the listeting section İ werote 628, Park road But now I think that I should have written 628 Park Road

Is it a problem or not

Thanks in advance

It is fine. Punctuation is usually not marked.

Dear All,

Here are my sample answers:

1) I make several phone calls every day at work; it's either to communicate with co-workers or deal with my customers.

2) I think it's probably one of my biggest customers. You know, it's important to have a close communication with customers if you want to expand the business and have a long-term relationship with them.

3) I'll probably call me wife after the test and see where she is at. This way I'll know where to look for her and be able to go home together.

4) Yes, especially if it's for something not so important. I think a text message is also better if you know that the friend or customer has a busy lifestyle and may be unavailable to talk on the phone for leisure.

Enjoy your weekend!


Hi Arzu,
Don't worry about punctuation errors in listening and reading but only on writing.

1. How often do you make telephone calls?

Nowadays I don’t often make calls, perhaps one or two everyday just when I need necessary information from my family or friends.

2. Who do you spend most time talking to on the telephone?

Before I used to speak with my girlfriend on the phone for hours. But now we are a couple so we reduced telephone conversations. However, anyway duration of calls to my wife is more than the others’.

3. When do you think you'll next make a telephone call?

I think I will call my wife to inform that I have finished the exam and will be at home in 20 minute and ask to begin preparing a delicious lunch.

4. Do you sometimes prefer to send a text message instead of telephoning?

I ,mostly,prefer to send a text message to get in touch with my friends in foreign countries because international telephone calls are much more expensive.

Dear, simon
I just finished my IELTS exam today in China. the form of our writing task2 is "discuss and give opinion".but, I found I wrote the second discussion in my "opinoin" part. Will this have an negetive influence on my mark,or to what extant will this affect on my score? Many thanks

Dear Simon,

Im one of your recent readers from Hong Kong. Just wish to let you know your website has been helping me a lot the past several weeks and especially i am preparing for my IELTS exam, on 25 and 26 May in HK, by myself.

Can I just have some more advice from you how I can get a higher band in Speaking, for example? I got band 8 11 years ago and this time I aim at getting band 9. I am not native English speaker, would it be possible for me to get a 9?

Thanks for your advice in advance, all the best to your teaching and blogging!


Hi Simon, your sample answers for speaking part 3 look a bit short. I wonder if they are good enough for band 9? Thx

Dear simon, how are they grading the speaking test? Why is it divided in task 1,2,3? Do this task have different percentage?

any one who need 7+ or 7 each score and like to practice IELTS speaking, plz add me on skype, my id is rajas8099. thanks

Hai Raja, I want to practice writing as well . if thats ok for u then my skype ID is shafva . I need an overall of 7 as well

Here's my answers ..

1. How often do you make phone calls ?

I probably make 3 or 4 phone calls every day , usually to meet up with my friends after the lessons and to speak to my family.

2. Who do you spend most time talking to on the telephone ?

Well, I think that would be one of my friends from university . We often call each other to get information about our daily assignments.

3. When do you think you'll next make a phone call ?

My father is expecting me to call him as soon as I finish the exam . He want to know how it went .

4. Do you sometimes prefer to send a text message instead of telephoning ?

Yes. I often prefer to send text messages to my father when he is at work because he might not be available to talk to.

1. I probably make two or three phone calls per day.I usually call my husband when I go for lunch break at work or my my mum to find out how she is faring.

2.well ,I will say my mum.this is because we are separated by distance and talking regularly on the phone is the only way to stay in touch and to feel her presence.

3.I will make my next phone call as soon as I finish my exam.I will call my husband to tell him how it went.

4.I find texting very boring and time comsuming but I sometimes prefer it because it is less costly and sometimes free.

1. How often do you make telephone calls?
Actually, I make phone calls once in a blue moon. I mean, nearly once a month, 'cause my advisor and I discuss research via email, and I keep in touch with my friends using Facebook. I normally have no use for phones unless there's sth urgent.

2. Who do you spend most time talking to on the telephone?
Ans1. Actually, I can't even remember who I talk to on the phone most frequently, 'cause I talk on the phone too rarely. I guess it's got to be telemarketing and phone fraud. Just kidding.
Ans2. Although I rarely talk on the phone, but if I do, I'm usually arranging events or exams like IELTS or GRE. I sometimes confirm where my advisor and I meet on the phone, or say 'happy birthday' to my close friends.

3. When do you think you'll next make a telephone call?
I think it's a very long way down the road, 'cause there are no upcoming birthdays of my close friends. Moreover, my advisor is going abroad for two months, so I rarely have the opportunity to make a phone call. I guess my next phone call should be arranging the exam date of GRE.

4. Do you sometimes prefer to send a text message instead of telephoning?
Absolutely. Compared to phone calls, I prefer texting, 'cause it's possible that someone is busy right now and unavailable for answering the phone, then texting them definitely won't disturb them. In addition, you can check your SMS before sending it out to avoid errors. Moreover, SMS is cheap, between 1 to 3 NTD each.

Dear simon please help me in improving my speaking

Dear Simon please help me in improving my speaking

1. I often make phone calls during the daytime, because it's a part of my job. I must contact customers via phone very frequently. In the evening, I sometimes make a ring to my parents.
2. Customers! I frequently make phone call to them. As I mentioned, it's a part of my work.
3. I think that I will make a phone call to my parents, because I want to ask them about their health, their financial situation and I also wanna share my feelings, my current situation
4. Sure. You know that sometimes it is convenient to make a call, especially at night. Maybe at that moment, they already come back home, be at with their family or sleeping or doing some of their own stuff. Another thing is that you shouldn't make a call for simple things, such as saying good night, confirming dating.

I'm having exams on November 11th 2017 so can you tell me what questions I will get

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