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May 31, 2013


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Hello Simon, I've got my results. Reading, listening 6,5; writing 6 and speaking 7,5. Overall 6,5. Thank you so much


As a student who have looked through the whole website, I found the content today is completely the same thing as what you post at December 17, 2010.


Dear Simon,

Thanks very much for helping innumerable candidates through your daily lessons.I found your website 3 weeks prior to my exam.It helped me immensely especially in writing.I was never able to practice essays due to work pressure.I just followed your tips about Task 1 and Task 2. Your e-book also was of timely help.I never commented on the threads but today I wish to thank you from bottom of my heart. My results-Writing 7, Speaking 7, Reading 8 and Listening 8 in the first attempt.Overall 7.5

Congratulations Makhabbat!


Well noticed Harlan! I'm always surprised at how well some people have studied the lessons here! I do repeat lessons here and there - some days my brain just can't create anything new :)

Developing a well-constructed Part3 answer can be a huge challenge for many. For this reason, I also suggest students to try to produce some of their own thoughts and/or opinions when reading/listening to news/articles on a regular basis.

This kind of "brain exercise" can surely train yourself to become a "quick thinker" and have more to say on different topics, which will likely boost your score as you will be able to give deeper and more complete answers.

Enjoy you weekend everyone~

Hello Simon, I've got my first result yesterday.(L 7.5/R 7/W 6.5/S 7/Overall 7) Thanks for your tips and exercises. They're so helpful! :)

Is there any difference between IN THE END & AT THE END? As you wrote in the end,he failed most of his exams.

In the end= finally and doesn't require a noun behind
but at the end means the last of something
For example at the end of month, at the end of the film

I need female speaking partner. Please add me on skype - ID sweettomatoe. Thanks.

Hello everyone, just want to say that working with a book by Matt Clark IELTS speaking is wasting your time and money, don't do it!!! Here you can find more useful advice. And I should listen to my teacher who said that using linking words makes your speech unnatural. Thank you Simon for this blog and your effort!!!

Hi Simon, this is Prasad from Hyderabad, India. I appeared for IELTS academic in Jan 2012 my scores were L-7, S-6.5, R-6.5, W-6.5 & overall band score was 6.5, now im appearing for Ielts in sep as im planning to migrate to australia. Presently im working as a secondary teacher for maths and applying for skilled independent visa. Teachers need to score S-8 L-8 R-7 W-7under this category. Please suggest me on how I can score 8 in speaking. Can non-native speakers also score 8 in speaking module. Please help me in this regard, thank you

Hi Simon,
I remember that in my part 3 speaking exam, my examiner asked me a question and when I said "I can't speak for others, but if you ask me" she interrupted me and said "In general". doesn't this mean I shouldn't make it personal?

Hi Simon,
i found your e book material 20 days prior to my exam .It helped me in severap ways,and thank you for helping innumerable
of students may god bless you.Moverover,i did even envisage in my dream of getting IELTS 7.5 band but because of your website
i pursued it . Thank you sir

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