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May 23, 2013


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Hi Simon,

This has become my new 'favourite' task 1. I've been putting IELTS instructors through their paces this week and have used the 'map'.

During training we avoided the use of 'personal pronouns' and the results were fairly similar to the essay you have suggested.

Yes, it's my new favourite too Magi. I'm sure your trainees enjoyed it!

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Hi Simon,

Is this 'map' task from an Academic test?

Hi Everyone !

It is a bit irrevelant to the subject but i got to ask.

Is it okay to speak about a famous person(a celebrity or a football player) when I asked to describe a person in speaking test?


Hello, here is my attempt to write the task
any comments are welcome.

The tow plans illustrate how an empty island transformed into a well-established tourist resort.

It is clear that significant works took place to transform the island to this level.These include buildings construction as well as other facilities.

Before changes, the island was a huge clear land with few trees and a beach in the west.Then, a great work had been placed to attract tourist.Tow accommodation were built in the island's center inform of huts, which are designed in a circular shape.A footpath was built to connect these huts with each other and to lead to the swimming area.Between the accommodation tow facilities were designed to serve tourist easily.Peripherally and near the cost is the restaurant, whereas centrally is the reception block.A main leading road from restaurant across the reception area to the cost, where tourist can hire a boat for sailing ,was constructed to cope with demand.

(155 words)

Thanks so much Simon.

"Map" questions are struggling me all the times! Hope you can give us more examples.

The given maps reveals the number of alterations taken place in a certain island to make it a touristic resort.

Overall, an area , an approximately 250 Metres length, on the western part of the island was chosen for constructions and other changes .

Noticeably, a new pier was established in order to welcome visitors and doing special activates like sailing. In the middle of all settings, the reception building was placed to direct visitors. Moreover, the specially arranged vehicle track leads guests from pier to the circle of the reception and this road ends reaching to the restaurant situated behind the reception office.
All 14 villas to accommodate guests are located on both side of the reception; 6 on the left and 8 on the right. Finally, footpath, linking all villas, leads swimming lovers to newly facilitated swimming beach.

To sum up, inspite of a relatively small size, the island could been developed as a wonderful resort enabling to offer several facilities to holiday makers. ( 162)

HI Ugur , @@@@ I think @@@@

As long as you describe a human,it is all right.just do Not mention the the word FAMOUS in your story when the question ask does't ask so this is because the examiner might think you are telling a prepared story.

Moreover, remember my easiest way to prepare for such type of questions.
1- Describe his/her physical appearance first,for example.

Simon who is in his early forties ,is quite tall and well-built with thick black hair and blue eyes.He is usually dressed in jeans and T-shirt.

2- Describe the personality and behavior.

Simon is rather unsociable , usually sitting silently in a corner observing others from a distance.

3-describe the life style and beliefs
He is running an IELTS classes in Manchester so he is very busy...etc

this way you can keep taking for quite long period without worry.

good luck for your exams .

Hello Simon! I would like to say thank you for creating ths website! It seemed very helpful! It was my second time I'd given this exam and I finally scored 7.5, which was what I needed.
My band scores are:

Listening: 8
Reading: 8.5
Writing: 7
Speaking: 7
Overall: 7.5

Congratulations Kiki. Great scores!

your comments on my below task 1 is very much appreciated. I have answered for the layout question and not the island one.

The diagram illustrates the difference in the renovation of an art gallery from the current to the proposed floor plan.

Over all it is noticeable that the entrance of the art gallery is relocated to another area and another change is the difference in the way the space is utilized.

In the existing plan the entrance leads into the lobby situated besides an office and in the proposed plan this space will be changed into educational area with seating arrangements made along with a new area for store/plant as seen in the layout.

We can also notice that the permanent exibition space area will be widened as shown in the proposed plan by replacing the 2 temporary spaces in the existing plan. The space which is shaded in red and not utilized in the current plan will be arranged such that it will be used for the special exhibition area and the exhibition store. Finally the entrance will also be shifted to the parkinsons court area which will head to the permanent exhibition space as shown in the layout.


Dear mr simon,
Please today in task 1, describe a sceme of archituctural engineer, how can i describe this, please?

The diagrams reveal transformation of an island from a plane island with nothing built on it to an island with different tourist facilities.
Looking at the first map,it can be clearly seen that the island is surrounded by sea with the length of the island approximately 250 metres and there is a beach located in the western part of the island.
However the second map shows tremendous changes in the western part as there are now accomodation located not too far from the beach with areas of footpath surrounding the buildings linking it to the beach and the beach is also suitable for swimming for the tourists.Also in the central part of the island there is another accomodation area with restaurant and reception in between central and western accomodation places.Moreover in the southern path there is a pier on the sea area with vehicle path from the reception to the pier.
Finally this second map shows magnificient changes in the island making it a very beautiful place for tourism

Hi Simon,
Writing is a difficult skill toward me in ielts test, especially when I dont have a teacher to check my mistake. I just have only 10 days to improve my writing skill. It is really difficult to me. Can i post my writing task 1 in here in order to receive your help and ppl's help???
I reaaly need your help now ..

Here is my writing in Test 2 in Cam 7:

The line graph compares figures for using fish and 3 types of meat such as beef, chicken, and lamb in grams per person per week in over a period of 25 years in a country of European.
It is clear that there was a sharply increase in the grams of chicken using, while the figures for beef and lamb fell steadily. However, the gram of fish using nearly remained stable at around 60 grams and fish was the less popular food in European.
In 1979, beef was the most popular food in a European country with over 200 grams while about 140 and 150 grams in the using of chicken and lamb respectively.
In 1989, the average European consumes the same the amount of grams on chicken and beef, using exactly 200 grams on each. The figures for lamb reduced by 50 grams.
In 2004, consumption of chicken increased by around 100 grams, while there were a half reduction in the figures for beef and lamb.

Hope to receive your advices as soon as possible !
Thank u so much !!

Hi everyone. Yesterday I took IELTS test, and task 1 question was exactly describing the map

Hi Simon!

Please I need to be enlightened. I have read the Kaplan reviewer (the latest one) and it says that there is a need for a conclusion in task 1 or I will lose a mark. I have been following your blog the past 2 months because I will be taking up the exam in a week from today. If you may, please clear my clouded mind :( Thank you really!


Thanks for the advice !

Pray for me n my friend bushy our paper is after one hour

Do paraphrasing words like pier to marina , accommodation to dwelling , is appropriate ??

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