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May 30, 2013


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Dear Simon
Is it ok to say somewhere for accommodation.

Hi Siomon!
Could i ask you a stupid question?
If i get 7.0 in my task2 writing and 6.0 in my task1 writing,what would be my overall band score in my writing? and how about the opposite(T1:7.0; T2:6.0)
sorry to bother you:)

Hi Ptc,

To calculate the final score consider this formula:


Ex: Task2=7 & Task1=6
Overall: 7*(2/3)+6*(1/3)=4.67+2=6.67 then the result is rounded to the nearest half mark==> overal score=7

Hi Veda,

As far as I know, "somewhere" refers to a place when you do not know or say exactly where, but "accommodation" a place for someone to stay, live, or work. However, it depends on your tone of sentence and where you want to use them. If you put your sentence here, we could have close look at what you want to write.


Hi Simon,

Can I start a sentence with "nowadays, " ?

Hello Siomn do we need to write conclusion on academic task 1?????????????

Hi Simon,

I am writing to mention your lesson and example for the writing task 1 topic (Cambridge 5, Test 2) concerning 2 bar charts: the first is about the number of marriages and divorces in the USA; and the second is a bout marital status of adult Americans between 1970 to 2000.

As I remember, you have said in a lesson that it should make comparison in paragraph between objects, or object in different graphs. In your proposed sample for above task 1, there is no comparison/ correlation between marriages and divorces in 2 graphs. Actually, I really think that it is so hard to compare them.

So, whether it is accepted or not if we do not make comparison? Will I get a minus?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Can we write in the concluding paragraph of task 1(Academic) - "In conclusion"

Dear Simon, here is my essay for the TASK 1's above topic. Please help me to improve it

Thank you so much

The two given diagrams show changes that have been taken place in an island for tourism purpose. As an overall glance, it can be seen that after the renovation, the infrastructure on the island has greatly been improved by many new tourist amenities and conveniences being built up and the change has only carried out mainly within 100 metres of the island’s western region, which leaves the island a certain natural green space for not over damaging its ecological balance.

The first diagram reveals that before the improvement under the humankind’s hand, the island was merely a purely natural land surrounded by the sea and a primitive beach on its western edge. Meanwhile, the second diagram describes the new and beautiful look of the island thanks for the renovation. There was a dining and reception complex hub being built up and located in the central part of construction area, which consists of a restaurant situated on the north side above a reception building, more in the middle position. These two buildings are connected to each other by a vehicle track network, also extended leading to a T shape pier on the southern sea. In there, tourists can enjoy some sailing activities. Additionally, there were two accommodation areas are added for tourists’ dwelling demand, which are located on the two left and right sides of the dining and reception centre, with a footpath constructed for connection purpose between them and walking leisure. The right side one is bigger with nine small houses while there are only six of the left side accommodation, additionally featured a footpath leading straight to the western beach for swimming entertainments.

In conclusion, there has been such a great improvement on the island with many amazing tourism facilities, which add more values to it, not only economically but also in the natural beauty.

Hi everyone, may I have you kindly comment on my work? About ideas? Grammar? Spelling? and give me a score, if possible ^^
I will really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.
The diagrams illustrate changes that are in service of tourism to a small island. Overall, it can be seen that there was significant development on the island after the construction, which makes this a good place to live.
Looking first at the one before the construction, this location at the time was still remote. It is easy to spot two forestry places. One was located in the west, while the larger one was in the north east of the island. Interestingly, these two locations remain the same after the construction, standing right next to two housing places. Besides, the roughly-250-meter-long island also offered a beautiful beach in the west shore, which is latter served as a famous swimming destination here.
Moving to the second map for more details, aside from introduced features, many services have made their introduction on the island. Main facilities such as a restaurant and a reception have erected right between the two spot of accommodation, providing good and convenient access to tourists and are well-connected by a plain infrastructure system including footpath and vehicle track. The beach in the west and a pier in the south have been connected too. This pier offers a great seascape and such services as sailing for tourists.

Word: 207

I like it

thanks.. itwas a valuable input

The two maps compare the situations at an island pre and post the construction of some facilities which can be used for tourist purpose.
Overall, it can be seen that the island underwent a tremendous amount of transformation in order to be recognized as a tourist spot. Connectivity with and within the island was greatly improved while keeping the plantation intact.
Earlier, the island had no shelter or any type of options for an overnight stay. The island had some Banyan trees distributed across the spread. The beach was located on the west side of the island. Any kind of modes of transport was missing on the island.
After it has been decided to develop the island as an attraction, a pier was built in order to anchor the ships and boats which help people to commute from the mainland. The pier was connected with vehicle tracks to travel towards the reception building in the center of the island and the restaurant which was built in the north. The reception area was linked with footpaths on the east as well as the west side where houses were grouped in a circular pattern. In total, 15 houses were erected to accommodate the visitors. The western side of the colony now has an extended footpath which leads straight to the beach. The Banyan trees that were present before the construction of these facilities were left untouched.

The two maps describe the changes happened on an island of on which some facilities were constructed for tourists.

Before the construction, there was a beach on west and some trees located both at the west and east part of the island.

According to the second map, the new facilities were mainly built between two areas of trees. There were six houses for accommodation built around the west area of trees while 9 at the left side of the east area of trees. Footpaths were constructed to connect the houses with each other. Besides, the houses on the west are connected to the beach by footpath, where people can enjoy swimming. Reception was built in the middle of the island. Located between two areas of houses which are for accommodation, surrounded by vehicle track which connects restaurant on its north and pler on its south for sailing.

Overall, this island changed a lot on the aspect of facility for the development of tourism.

Dear Simon,
Here's my summary of the information from the maps.I would be very happy if you could find the time to read and make comments.

The two maps in the picture show an island before and after it was developed into a tourist resort.

On the first map, the one before the development, we can see that the island was almost empty apart from some trees. It was completely surrounded by the sea with no boats in sight. It was inaccessible and uninhabited. There was a small beach in the west of the island.

After the development the island has changed a lot with the appearance of some tourist facilities. A pear has been built on the south coast for boat to dock at and people to get onto the island. There are two big buildings, the reception hall and a restaurant to the north. There is a vehicle track going from the pier round the reception hall and to the restaurant. On either side of the vehicle track, there is an accommodation area with small round houses built in a circle and connected with each other by a footpath which also goes from the western accommodation area to the beach surrounded by a swimming area. Now the island has become a tourist attraction but the trees are left standing, which makes the resort beautiful and environmentally friendly.

My essay about maps on an island.
Two maps compare some alterations in tourist construction before and after commercialization is deployed on an island.

It is clear that the island has changed dramatically with the impact of tourism as some new features are depicted in the second diagram. The main developments are that the area is accessible and visitors have somewhere to stay.

As it used to be a deserted place, the island has not been used for business. This wild area only has coconut trees naturally grown up everywhere since there are no houses or walking paths. Besides, this island surrounded by seawater and a small beach located to the west of the island.

Having been constructed, the island has a totally new appearance. There are numerous facilities and tourist services built upon the area including accommodations and recreational activities. Reception is located in the center, which is connected to a big restaurant and a pier at the south coast that leads straight to sailing boats by vehicle tracks. Furthermore, many bungalows are built on either side of the reception and linked by a system of footpaths. At the beach area, tourists and visitors are permitted to swim as a kind of entertainment and relaxation as they travel to the island.

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