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May 01, 2013


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Dear Simon,
Thank you so much very effective lessons.

Is there any one day IELTS lesson in Manchester in July?
Could you please let me know the exact date in July.

Thank you so much in advance.


Dear Simon,
Thanks a lot. It's really helpful!

dear simon, let me know that in ielts reading question ...if i get 25 right answers wats my score..in reading...??? will be, plzzz inform me ..

Dear Simon
Thank you so much for useful information ..
I would like to ask you a question ..
In what kind of essays (opinion / discussion / solution)can we use this technique ?

I am looking forward to hearing you soon .. Thanks beforehand

Hello Bayram,
This idea you can use in all three kind of essays.

No lesson today !!
Surprised.Usually Simon mention if he is going to take a break.

I hope Simon is well with regards to his health and all is ok in his life.

The lesson is there now Sakal. Thanks for your concern - I've just had a really busy day!

hi, Simon,

thank you for all of your materials and lessons.

I am just wondering whether we can use as much as "subject" such as I, we and people in the Task 2 like you wrote in the Introduction and Conclusion above?

I have been thought that it is hard to get a high marks , is it true?

tks again for all what you have done and are doing for us~~

it's very helpful. thankyou ^^

hai I am writing exam on may 25th in UK. i have problem with speaking and writing somebody please help me.my email id [email protected]

Dear Simon,

I am a IELTS's learner. I am intending to take the IELTS exam next year. I really want to improve my English not only to get an IELTS high score but also to communicate fluenctly. I have read many book written by you. i like the way you teach us through these books. I am not go to English center to learn. This is the reason why no teacher can help me to check my english. Iam really need a help. This time i am writing this comment to take a liberty of asking you a help. may you help me? i hope i can have your help! Thank you so much anyway!
Iam looking forward hearing from you! Have a nice weekend!

Hi simon,
İ want to ask something about part of intro.
We should start with our opinion,shouldnt we on İELTS or we can write only what will we about in remainder.
Can you help me?


Hello every one,
This is my complete version of the essay.
Simon has already provided the first paragraph for disadvantages. i have completed the rest.
Please feel free to comment.

Experts have different views about the appropriate age for the children to learn a foreign language.In my opinion, the primary age is the best age for the children to learn a foreign language. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with it. but the advantages of learning at primary age outweigh the disadvantages.

It is true that there are some disadvantages of learning a foreign language at young age. The main concern is that young children needs to study others subjects which are considered as more important than the foreign language .The primary subjects in the school are the mother tongue, mathematics and physics and it is argued that the introduction of new language takes a significant amount of study time and it often considered as waste of time and confusion for few children. In particular, some people might worry that the new language can cause the delay in the development of children first language.

On the other hand, there are some good advantages of allowing children’s to learn a foreign language at a young age. Firstly, Young children have the ability to learn things faster than the children at secondary school. Secondly, young children are less self-conscious and shy which allows them to pick the pronunciation better which is not the same case for elder people. Most of the elder children are scared to speak a foreign language as they feel that people will laugh at them if they pronounce the words wrongly. Finally, now a days foreign language are just as important as other subjects like Mathematics and physics. So it is important for children to learn a new language other than the main subject .

In conclusion, Allowing Children at young age to learn a foreign language will be benefited more as the chances of mastering the language are better compared to children at secondary school.

Do you think my conclusion is okay? Thank you very much.
In conclusion, sports celebrities deserve to be rewarded for their achievements but they should not be paid so much more than other people who do other important jobs.

What about:
In conclusion, sports people should not be paid too much compared to other equally important professions.

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