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May 05, 2013


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Dear Simon:)
I agree with you that it's much easier to write own words which is easy to express and doing less mistakes.
I attended IELTS exam 8 years before in 2005. I got very bad score.
It's been 5 months I'm learning your daily lessons. In my experience, last 5 months what I learnt from you and your e-book, 8 years I didn't know a lot of things.
For example, in writing task 2, I knew only one essay structure and no idea about topics.
Furthermore, I didn't know all important tips in 4 sections.
Day by day, I'm getting more and more confidents. That's all only because of you.
I had a dream to get very good score in Ielts. I didn't study last 5 years. Now I want to finish my becholor.
I want to give exam in this august.
I pray to God for your good health and happy life.
I'm too much happy that I found your website.
Thank you so so much Simon for the great website you have made for us.

Hi Simon,

I'm practicing some essay writing using your eBook, I stopped on the subject of Animal Rights, what could be the balanced argument for this subject? Can I say , it depends on the objectives of using the animals.

would you help with this?

Thank you in advance ...

Dear Simon,

I'm a new comer of your IELTS website course; I have taken IELTS a few times before. I found this website very useful for practice. If I have some questions, how should I ask you?

Thank you.

Simon is not possible to respond to every question, you need to figure it out yourself.


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to answer them in my lessons. Hopefully you'll find what you need somewhere on my site.

Hi Simon,

Understood your point and thank you.

Kind regards, Bakr

Hi Simon I did the ielts 4 weeks ago my result was 8 listening 7.5 reading 8 writing and 6.5 speaking . I was shocked by my speaking results because I did the exam many times and never scored less than 7 in speaking and quite sure I did well. The examiner asked me about a traditional event in my country in part 2 and I mentioned celebration of prophet mohammed peace be upon him birthday back home I know this is something religious but part of my culture because in other muslim countries it is not accepted. I talked about the celrbration and the sweet which is made especially for that occasion .any way I applied for remarking and I would love to hear your opinion.

Hi Sarah,

If you already scored 7+ in speaking many times, it would be worth it to ask for a remark. They probably will have a look at your previous results. I think there is a fairly strong subjective element in both speaking and writing. Good luck with your re-mark

Thanks for the reply salamat I' did the exam many times I usually score 8 or 7 never less and I did this exam with other 2 only one week apart and scored 8 in both that's why Iam shocked and I don't know if the will look at my other tests or not my result is 6.5 and I need 7 so I hope this remark could help

Hi Mr.Simon,
Thank you for spending time helping us get engage with IELTS :)
I am wondering should we use idioms in Writing task 2 and Speaking test? Do examiners consider them as inappropriate or unsuitable? Best regards,
~thank you again ^^~

Hi Sarah,

You have the right to ask for re-mark definitely. Your scores are awesome and i am sure they will re-consider it.If i were you, I would go for remark. Would you please share your experience with us to let us know how to score such exceptional results.

Good luck inshallah:)

soha , thanks for the reply . i did the exam many times. although i agree that your level of language is important i think the key is practicing past papers as much as you can.good luck.I hope my score changes and i hope all the best for you .if you need a hand i am there.

Which is the best book to know concepts of grammar in detail

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