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June 16, 2013


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Hello Simon.. I would like to ask a question. How should we answer in speaking section 2 if we have never prepared for that particular cue card beforehand.?

hello Simon
I think there is a mistake in the thursday map essay ,the "footpaths connect the huts", should it be "footpaths connecting the huts"?


heelo simon sir,i m realy stressd out,pls help me anwerin my ques. I studied all topics frm ur ebook n one of the topics of tourism appeard in my exam.i was so happy I had so much stuff to write. ques was abt" most countries are opening their doors to tourism,do u thnk adv overweigh disadv."I wrote OPPOSITE to it dat dis adv are more than adv,ll it affect y writin score.

Hi Vini,

There's no special solution to that. Just do your best to explain each point on the topic card.


Hi Danielle,

It isn't a mistake. It's just a normal 'subject-verb' structure: 'footpaths' is the subject and 'connect' is the verb. You could also write "and there are footpaths connecting the huts".


Hi Ras,

Don't worry. You gave your own view, so that's fine.

THNKS ALOT SIR!u r blessing in ur life,though I dint see u bt u ll alwaz b one of ma favourite teacher!

Hi Simon,
I was using your blogs and it helped me a lot to get an overall score of 8 in Academic model, however I got 7 in reading and my goal now is to retake the general model and get at least 8 in every component.
I bought your ebook and I am using it now to prepare for speaking test, but I was wondering about writing test, you have very few materials in your blog about general writing test, is there anything else that I can do to practice it apart from the materials in your blog.
Any help will be highly appreciated.

Is it possible to just perform great on speaking part 1, not the other two, to get a band score of 4 in speaking skill?

Thank you Simon , I understand now

Hi Simon,
Seeing your explanation for the use of specific words, I'm wondering if there's material for us to know more about the words usually used by native speaker? Or would you like to give us more words of this kind please? Thanks a lot!

Hi Safwan,

I think I answered your question somewhere else.


Hi PrincePanda,

It's possible if you only need band 4.


Hi Julia,

I'm afraid there's no quick way to learn these kinds of words. You need to do a lot of reading and listening, and write new words and phrases in a notebook. I'll keep pointing out useful vocabulary in future lessons.

HI Simon and everyone

I joined this site just yesterday. I have some confusion in answering listening questions. For example, some time they say 25th december but the answer is 25 december is it alright to write 25 or 25th and also some words have hyphens in it like car-park and i answered it as carpark is it wrong and how about the number like answering 12000 instead of 12,000. please let me know

Hi Simon
I would like to buy your eBook.My email box can`t recognise your email adress,can you please email me providing some information regarding your ebook. Can you please explain to me how you will send the book to me once I do a payment? What format it is? Can there be any difficulty?Thank you,Regards,
Olga from New Zealand

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