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June 08, 2013


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Hi All!
I got my results today
l 8
w 7
r 7.5
s 7.5
I needed 8 in speaking!!! Its really disturbing for me I dont know why I am always short of 0.5 every time. last time it was listening this time it is speaking but the most disappointing thing is I did really well in speaking i cant believe my score. I am going to reassess my score for speaking. I actually need this score for getting registered as a teacher in Australia.

Hi again

Speak about an outdoor activity that u want like to do

I spoke about car driving as my outdoor activty since this was the first that came to my mind when I read this Q card
Anybody Pls help me whether I had selected correct topic to talk about. Somebody told me Car driving cannot be taken as an outdoor activity

Pls help me!

come on boy, use playing cricket as an outdoor activity and then say I forget to mention that one of my friend got hurt, had got severe injury on the head and then blah blah blah

Hi Mamta India,
I think you dont have to worry about your choice. I've never heard of any car driving happening indoors, and in the remote case it existed, as far as you focused your answer on outdoors car driving, your answer would be fine. That's my personal opinion. On the other hand, it's no use flogging a dead horse, I mean that you can't change what you did, so relax and wait for the results. I wish you the very best of luck.

I strongly believe Ielts need exam lucky that I don't have

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