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June 21, 2013


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Hi Simon,

Since there are not many recordings for IELTS speaking and as your speaking samples are very common and useful for IELTS, that would be very nice if you or someone British record what you have done for speaking over these years. This not only would be helpful for IELTS-takers but also for others seeking for improving language to listen it from time to time.

Generally, a speaking test lasts 11-15 minutes. When will the examiner mark it? As there is only about 5 minutes between next speaking test, will the examiner finish the assessment at a time later on?

Dear Simon

I want to say thank you, today I've just got the result of band 7 in overall. Thank you for your sharing, your website is great!

Congratulations Tae!


Hi Anonymity,

They mark it in those 5 minutes while the candidate's performance is still fresh in their mind.

hi simon this is use full .indeed i learned lots of vocabulary ..thank you .

Hi Simon

I can't thank you enough for your help and kindness.


Hi simon sir
Want to share my happiness with u
I got my results today with an overall 7 band which I need to register as a dentist
The secret of my success is your ebook,lessons in your website.
No words to describe about your website simon sir....
Infinite thanks to u...

Congratulations Kanna! I'm really happy that my lessons and ebook helped.

I am going to talk about a street market which I liked visiting during my stay in Thailand-Bangkok. In fact it is incredible to think about how many street markets are scattered in Bangkok but Chatuchak Weekend Market is the best place in my personal opinion.

This great market has a massive stalls and permanent stores for regular shoppers. It opens on Saturday and Sunday only from 9 am to 6 pm and it is very accessible as it is very close to the central bus station.
Everything is available there, you can find wooden crafts and traditional oil paintings, and modern portrays that has the far eastern style, silver souvenirs, first-copy of original accessories and bags such as sun glasses and wallets.

It is extremely huge market to that extent that if you see a stall you really like, you should take a note of the stall number and location so you can come back again. The food stalls are many and sellers are very friendly and they encourage tourists to try to taste their food

The market is not organized so I remember that I’ve spent hours wandering around, looking for something I had seen on a previous visit and had no idea where to ever find it again. The prices also are quite cheap and you can also negotiate prices in a nice way. All kinds of sellers accept price bargain if you can do it with a smile and sense of humor.

The main reason why I really liked this market is that cheerful mood. Whenever you walk around the shops you hear the traditional Thai music which is quite nice. Food also is another reason as you can taste a variety of Thai fast-food dishes cooked and presented in unusual dishes. A final reason is that you can get extremely wonderful gifts and souvenirs in reasonable and sometimes very cheap prices.

Hi Simon
The topic for my speaking test part 2 was describe a shopping street???
I dint do this part well as the other two parts ...will this affect my score??
N the topic for writing task 2 was about tourism n it's advantages to the country ?? Not the exact question though ;-)

Thank u..

i need to know why my post does not appear...i posted my description many times but i can't see it

Hi Venu,

Everything you say has an effect on your score. Hopefully you'll still get the score you need. Good luck!

Hi Soha,

Sorry about that - it has appeared now. Sometimes comments are held until I've checked them. I'm not sure why!

Thank you Simon for your response.

Who can talk about "favorite book" topic ? Help me.
I don't know academic words of topic.

Hi Simon,

Than you very much for your help.
I was very confused on how to prepare this part before.Suddenly now I had the clue after studying carefully your decription.

I hope everyone here including myself can achieve our goals under your guildance.

Wish you all the best,

WHO CAN HELP ME.my (academic)ielts exam on 06th of July.in ACBT -SRI LANKE

Hi Simon,
I am really thank you very much for your helping in my IELTS studying. I always follow you day by day and try to practise everyday to improving my English skills. But until now I can not speak fluency without thinking. Could all of you give me some advise in speaking English?
Thanks a lot and best wishes
Anh Duong

hello ....
could anybody tell me the question of speaking test for 6th of july? xpeaking is on tuesday that is 9 th of july...thankuuu

Let me have a bite of the cherry:


I used to live in Tainan City, and I often went to the East Market. It is located in the eastern part of the downtown, next to the Citi God Temple, and less than 1 km south-west to the Tainan Train Station. Decades ago, when the canal was still in use, all kinds of merchandise came from the train station in the north-east and from the canal in the west.

The market is medium-size, surrounded by two avenues and two streets, containing about 20 blocks and around 300 stalls. It opens early in the morning and closes at 2 in the afternoon every day. But I often rode a bike through the market in the evening and I saw the staff of a bakery still working to prepare for the business next day.

Loads of things are sold in the market, like clothes, Chinese herbs, fresh meat and fish. But most customers relish snacks and refreshments, like: milk tea made from milk powder rather than nondairy creamers; traditional steamed sticky rice free from artificial preservatives and fragrance; and pineapple cakes which are sold out at 10 am every day.

I love the East Market 'cause, in addition to the vegan cafeteria I frequented, I could often find sth which is value for money. There was a fruit stand, often selling some overripe fruit, where I could buy a kiwi for 5 NTD, a mango for 10 NTD, a watermelon for 20 NTD, and longan for 10 NTD per kilogram.

Hi Mr, Simon
can you evaluate my answer about this topic

I am going to describe a street market that I have enjoyed when I go there each time which located in Alexandria and called "the women market". From his name you will know the products that are sold there.
At this market you are going to find any product you are imagination in general and for women in particular such as accessories, hand made craft, Lingerie and any clothes that related to the women. And you can sell in a wholesale and retail too.

It is a big market where most of big traders buy their goods from this market and sell them as a retail in another market with high prices with good quality and you can find the local and importing goods there with different prices with your own decision whether you buy.
I am very interesting in visiting the women market where I can find what all I think and even if I would not buy any product I like the shopping and walking at this market very much.

with my best wishes

bustling with people
festive feel
mouth-watering food

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