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June 14, 2013


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Here is a link from Wiki about "night markets" in Taiwan.


I think 99.9% of the Taiwanese students will talk about this if they get this question, but the point is how well they can describe it or what to say to stand out from the rest... make sure to prepare this one well as it can easily be used for other topics too!

Iam going to talk about an street market named as LULU market. It has many branches across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I visited the maket a couple of weeks ago with my wife and three kids in the capital city Riyadh of saudi Arabia. This is the perfect place to get your evening started and to relax after shopping and hectic day activities. This is located on the king faisal road just opposite to Riyadh Museum. All traditional foods, modern outfits, vegetables around the world and fashion accessories are always availabe in promotion. In particulor, wide varieties of fish and meat is always crowded by local citizens and expatriates.

The market is built in over 700 sq kilo meters area. IT has 16 stalls in total attracting thousands of people across the city.
The reason why I enjoyed this market is that its bustling atmosphere and environmental friendly location is attracting quite a huge population. So, I am one of them to get fascinated by its green natural scenes and sights.
So,all in all I would say that this open market is a destination to enjoy and relax your day off, if you have taken a leave from your work.

Hi Martin,

Could you give me a model answer for this topic, I read all your comments on this site and I find it very useful .By learning your answers in each topic which Simon posts I can learn many vocabularies,grammar structre,..My speaking skill has been improved greatly.

Dear All,

Here is my description for today's topic.

I want to talk about the farmers' market in my neighborhood, which is a type of open-air market my wife and I really enjoy going to.

I live in a small town near the San Francisco Bay Area and they have a farmers' market in its small downtown every Saturday in the summertime. This open-air market is actually quite small, about only 3 blocks long, but you can find all sorts of products. Here you can find locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables as well as handmade accesories and jewelry. There are also some stands selling different kinds of snacks, such as caramel apple, kettle corn, and cotton candy.

My wife and I really enjoy going to this farmers' market because the atmosphere is quite relaxing. All the vendors are locals and they treat everyone nicely. I also feel they are honest people and would never try to trick you when selling you something. In fact, we have bought oranges, apples, and different kinds of vegetables, and everything was indeed quite fresh.

All in all, although very small, this farmers' market is a wonderful place for local residents to hang out and buy some fresh produce.

Enjoy your weekend!


I am going to the describe a street market called Manchester City Christmas Market. This market open every year in November and is located about eight locations across the city. This is the biggest market in Manchester. One can buy fabulous Christmas gifts and is perfect place to visit during November December. Every year thousands of visitors from all over Europe stroll through stalls and do Christmas shopping. You can enjoy mouth watering and mind boggling foods and drink from different countries. The visitors can relax after a hard day during shopping and can enjoy wine. This is the biggest and longest market and children must be accompanied by an adult. I always enjoy visiting this place because I can buy Christmas gifts from here and can enjoy Christmas sweets. This is safe and secure place because security guards are working there during market timing and only guide dogs are permitted on site. All in all this is my favourite market in Manchester.

I would like to talk about street market that i visited in May this year is brick lane which is situated in east London. I went there with my husband and my best friend. This was my second visit after almost 2 years. The reason i chose to go there again was due to my first experience, its environment, varieties of smells from foods, music played by entertainer and stalls for clothes and antiques was waiting for people to offer their services. All this events happens in on the street which extends almost 1 kilometer distance.

I enjoyed this market because it is different from every days supermarket.food court is something i liked and was my best part of that market where we can test different country's cuisines in musical environment. I must admit that you need to have good company to enjoy things like this.

Hi Simon and everyone!

I have a question regarding to this task.

Could I use this strategy to start each topic question? In this way, I feel it easy to talk.

         1. I would like to start with the first point which is where the market is, and ....

         2. Going on to my next point which is what the market sells, well ...

         3. With reference to the question of how big the market is, well ....

          4. As a final point, I would like to explain why I enjoy to visiting it, and ...

Thank you very much in advance. I like all of you :)

I would like to tell you a Saturday market in Brisbane. This market is located in Davies Park alongside the Brisbane River in west end. It runs on every Saturday between6 am to 2 pm.
This market sells just about everything you want in a market, such as a range of garden fresh veg and fruit ,hot breads, seasonal flowers, a unique collection of first hand and second hand clothes and mouthwatering delicacies from all over Europe and Asia. German sausage and Chinese spring rolls are my favorite treats。
This market is not very big, there are about 10 to 12 stalls and most of the stalls are covered under the canopy of a giant fig tree.
I love to visit this market on Saturday with a few friends, we will sit on a picnic blanket and enjoy a cup of fresh coffee, watch live performing artists and musicians under the shade of the tree. I also enjoy the banter and advice of stallholders from all over the continent, and soak up the atmosphere of a truly international event with a uniquely Brisbane flavour


Thanks for sharing your descriptions. It's nice to see one of Manchester - thanks Raja!

Eli asks an interesting question. I'll try to answer it in a lesson next week. For now, what do other people think?

Regarding Eli's question, In my opinion, this is not the right way to answer all questions by repeating it again. This way you do not sound natural and competitive user. However, without repeating question you can use signposts like next reason why i like this is...etc.


Greetings everyone!
Here is my variant of answer. Sorry, it's not related to the Christmass market in Manchester.

I'd like to describe a market which I used to visit in my native town R. It's a central market that is situated not far from the central part of the town. Most of the goods selling there are related to a cloth and food industry. Jeans, coats or shoes - anything you need to wear are selling on the market. On the other hand there are variety of fresh meat, vegetables or fish.
In compare to other markets I know, this one is small due to the size of the town which has a small population. In my childhood I was always fascinated by visiting this market, because each time it meant that I'll get something new. Additionally, it was always funny to watch how sellers haggling with customers.

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would to thank Mr. Simon for running this wonderful website. It's very helpful for people who are going to take IELTS exam. I have gained lot of valuable information from this website. Now come to the topic.

I would like to talk about Friday market in Kuwait. Friday market is situated in Kuwait City and its open only on Friday. It sells so many products on very reasonable price with comparison in local market for instance; carpets, dining table, sofas, beds, also all kind of electronic items and etc...The market is quite big and covering around 1km area and almost all area covered with big sheds. I would love to visit the market whenever I get free time. There are so many things which you can buy from there and main point is for me, as I am addicted by the technology and always in search of new electronic things. I have already got so many good things from there like MP3, headphones, Dolby System and many more.

hello simon their is problem in opening the fourth page of speaking.plz fix it because i have no other authentic source to prepare for my speaking test.i have only ten days.plz reply.

rabia farooq

hi Simon

I am preparing for my ielts attempt with your website and I really appreciate your site.

I would like to know if its ok I talk about the recent flood in europe as a event in history.

What do you think?


people say , in speaking module , u have to speak till examiner says you to stop? is it so ????
last time i took ielts , and when i completed my cue card , i ended up like '' thats all what i wanted to say about it '' will it deduct my band??? please reply simon..or anyone who knows!

I'm trying to say like this:

I'm going to describe a street market which I with my three close friends enjoyed visiting about four years back. The market, popularly known as 'shosta bazar', is located beside a busy street in chittagong and very near to chittagong new market. Shosta Bazar means Cheap market, that means, where things are sold at cheap price. Actually, we were the visitors in chittagong city. I came to know about this market while chatting with a local people. So I asked my friends to go there to buy some things at cheap rate. They all agreed in a word. At first, I thought It would be very small market but to my surprise I saw I was really big occupying about 200 feet long and 4 feet wide area of the roadside. Mainly ready-made garments and show pieces of which mostly made of seashell that are available in the nearby sea are sold in this market. We enjoyed a lot having very nice and strange show-pieces at a very low price. In fact, we were totally amazed. We came back to our hotel buying a lot of things. All the way we were just talking over this interesting market.

hi everyone,
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Thanks For everyone

hi simon you helped alot to ielet student i also need your help if you have fresh material of ielet please send me.Me ibraheem

Hello Sir....I found your tips were useful thank you very much

Thanks a lot. This is informative

The open air market is a very popular in my country.And it's city name was Hyderabad.And the market name is "baeg street market" you can find every thing. I visit only onetime and I was shocked it's very big and very beautiful beag street market people are respectively talk to you and they ask you may I help you sir I am very interested to visit brag street market because there are lot of people enjoy and purchase what kind of thing." for
example". Food and clothes or old objects.

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I would like to talk about new year market in my country. New year market is a traditional market in my countryside where is the middle of viet Nam. it occurs two first days of lunar new year. new year market offers mouth-watering traditional foods, drinks as well as delicately crafted gifts. with more than 100 beautifully festooned stalls and chalets spread across the revenue, new year market is free and accessible to all. soak up the atmosphere and follow the market trail, tempting you into gifts, crafts, jewelleries, clothes and toys. furthermore, local producers sell variety of products from local alcohols,traditional cakes, handmade accessories, new year decorations to top quality bonsai trees, framed photo prints. new year market is a famous traditional festival in lunar new year of my hometown. In addition, I can also treat myself to favorite foods and beverages such as sugar cane juice, dried cakes. these help me make lunar new year the best year ever

I would like to tell you about street market called harnival sales in my home town trincomalle. This market open every year in April and November. These periods are the festival seasons for people hindusiums. This market located at near the beach and beside temple. Therefore lots of people visiting to this market every season.

The market sells almost everything you need in market. Such as food items, wide range of clothings ,foodwares,household items, flower pots, fashionable stufves for both male and females and so on.

This market is little big, there are around quarter kilo meter.

I love to visit market with my sister and my friends for most having fun and teasing others. After the shopping we Sit at beach with some snakes and cup of coffees. Not gonna lie I really enjoyed this shopping when I visiy with my friends.

I'm trying to solve this problem:

I'm going to describe a street market which I with my friends enjoyed visiting about some days ago. The market, popularly known as 'Dak Bangla', is located beside a busy street in khulna and very near to Hadis park. Dak Bangla means Cheap market, that means, where things are sold at cheap price. Actually, we were the visitors in khulna city. I came to know about this market while khulna with a local people. So I asked my friends to go there to buy some things at cheap rate. They all agreed in a word. At first, I thought It would be small market but to my surprise I saw I was really big occupying about 600 feet long and 12feet wide area of the roadside. Mainly ready-made garments and show pieces of which mostly made of seashell that are available in the nearby sea are sold in this market. We enjoyed a lot having very nice and strange show-pieces at a very low price. In fact, we were totally amazed. We came back to our hotel buying a lot of things. All the way we were just talking over this interesting market.That day was very enjoyable moments for us.

I tried to speak over that please let me know my mistakes.
Well,i have many friend but important is that i rare meet my friends family so i am not much fimiliar with their families excpet one .
She is my best buddy ever,we are in friend since 2015 its not so longer but due to being closer with each other i met her mother in 2016 ,when i met to her i was astonished my friend is totally her copy
in many aspect .her mother looks very young ,However if anyone see them in first glance he she must think they are sibling to each other.I met her 3 years back when i used to work under an insurance company
there and we became best friends eventhough we worked togather for 1 years after leaving theer job we didnt stop to meet eachother than i got fimiliar with her mother where i observed that
they both have similiar voice ,similiar hairs,and face resembles with each other in great amount.
desppite of looks ry bewitchng and in behavious so polite and humble with people even a funny similirity is they are very extravagant ,spent too much over shopping.
Additionaly they both look stuuning with eachother and enjoy everything like afriend not like a mother and child.
My friend she says herself that she feels more comfortable and contented when they are togather.

About my last experience on shopping which is interesting, it would be going to night market in Baguio City which is a small county in the Philippines.

I visited the place in August this year when I attended an English program in the city for one month.

The open-air market was actually quite small, about only 2 blocks long, but it was a large number of small and independent stalls there. They sold various goods such as a unique collection of first and second hand clothes and hand made accessories on very reasonable price with comparison in local market for instance. I couldn't help but buying many bunches of bracelets as souvenirs. Also, they offered mouthwatering snacks and refreshments, definitely I had to treat myself to those delicacies, especially one local traditional foods called "MAMI" in Filipino which usually costs only 15 peso. I mean that's my favorite street food there.

In my childhood, I was always fascinated by visiting the night market because it meant I am able to explore something new. At present, there's one more meaning of going to night market for me that's a perfect place to get evening started and relax my day off after hard day's work.

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