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June 29, 2013


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1. medicines are ROUTINELY tested on animals
2. cleared for HUMAN use
3. a limited AMOUNT of animal experimentation
4. clear ETHICAL arguments
5. a common EXAMPLE of this practice
6. the EFFECTIVENESS of a drug can be measured
7. subject animals to TRAUMA
8. all creatures should be RESPECTED
9. the benefits do not JUSTIFY the suffering
10. alternative METHODS of research
11. suffering on the PART of mice and rats
12. may be a necessary EVIL

1. medicines are routinely tested on animals
2. cleared for human use
3. a limited amount of animal experimentation
4. clear ethical arguments
5. a common example of this practice
6. the effectiveness of a drug can be measured
7. subject animals to trauma
8. all creatures should be respected
9. the benefits do not justify the suffering
10. alternative methods of research
11. suffering on the part of mice and rats
12. may be a necessary evil

No.12 is the best expression for this essay.

Hello Simon,

What is the meaning of this sentence "suffering on the part of mice"?

Thank you,

Hi all,

I am quite new in here and I have got some questions regarding RN’s task 2 essay (March 08, 2012) with the following topic:
Full time university students spend most of their time studying. They should be doing other activities too. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
My questions:
1.As I see he has only brought reasons supporting his own opinion. Aren’t we supposed to discuss both sides while answering these opinion questions?
2.Is “pupil” a proper synonym for “university student”? I used to think “pupil” is only used for children.
3.What does “prospective” mean in the following sentence? “In today’s world, majority of the prospective full-time university students are spending most of their time studying.”

Thanks in advance


The answers given by students above seem to be correct, so I won't repeat them.


Hi Abdul,

It means that the tests cause mice to suffer.

i need 6.5+ how can i get tht score???/ and i always can not start writing task 2. I mean i cant write introduction? plz could you suggest me ?

hi Raj
just simply paraphrase the question in 2 sentences. Keep ur intro short and simple but using appropriate vocabulary
In my opinion, you need great skill in reading and listening in order to achieve high score. 6 in speaking and writing is reasonable


Hello! Simon and Everybody!
I've problem with vocabluray! please,give me advise what to do!

Hi Jasur,
English vocabulary is huge, and you don't expect to learn and remember them all. So i think there is no reason for you to worry about it.
In order to achieve high score, you need good topic vocab just like teacher Simon said. And instead of writing test essay, try to search the internet for vocab and ideas.
Hope this will help:-)

Thank you! I'll do it!

i have read some topics from this site and i hope i could apply it for tomorrow's IELTS exam. my bigger concern now is time management. sometimes i can't budget my time wisely so that i could check my grammar and tenses. any suggestions please? i'm kinda nervous now :) thanks

I really really love this wonderful website

I want get 7 in each moudle pls suggest me what i do

I am good speaker last exam i got 6.5 in speaking but now i want get 7+ suggest me how can i achieve ?

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