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June 22, 2013


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I paid £20 for ebook last june 19 but i haven't receive any responce yet. How i will access the ebook?

Hi Myang,

Please email me ([email protected]). I always send ebooks the same day, so there must be some kind of email problem - maybe there was a spelling mistake in your email address, or my email went into your trash / junk folder.

Hi Myang,

I've just checked, and the email address you gave me when you paid for the ebook was a bit different from the email address you have used here. Please email me again.

Hi Simon,

I have a question about the reading test in Cambridge IELTS 7. It's Q23 of test 2. My answer is industrial agriculture but the answer key says intensive farming. I think my answer seems to make more sense because the original text is 'Breaking away from industrial agriculture as the solution to hunger may be very hard for some countries, but in Britain, where the immediate need to supply food is less urgent, and the costs and the damage of intensive farming have been clearly seen, it may be more feasible.'
The question is '[h]e feels it is realistic to suggest than Britain should reduce its reliance on ........ It is clear that the question asks what the is 'feasible/realistic solution' and apparently it's to reduce/break away from industrial agriculture. In the original text, 'it' (may be more feasible) refers to the verbal phrase 'breaking away from...'. Could you please tell me the reason of this choice? Thanks.

Hi Simon,

I got 6 at writing. However, I need 7. I follow your site. Can you please suggest me some books from which I can learn band 7 vocabulary, phrasal verb & collocation?

Hi Simon,

I have got 6 at writing. However, I need 7. I regularly follow your site. Can you please suggest some books from which I can learn band 7 vocabulary, phrasal verb and collocation?

HI Simon and everyone

I have some confusion in answering listening questions. For example, some time they say 25th december but the answer is 25 december is it alright to write 25 or 25th and also some words have hyphens in it like car-park and i answered it as carpark is it wrong and how about the number like answering 12000 instead of 12,000. please can anybody halp me .

Hi All,

Can anyone suggest me some books for bank 7 vocabulary, phrasal verb & collocation?

just go through newspaper...... it really build your vocabulary skills and widens your horizon @ashik

Hi Engima,
Industrial agriculture is a broader term whereas intensive farming is not. Passage is clearly warning Britain against intensive farming not industrial agricultural which is represented from but in Britain. I think if you will read five to six times slowly you will get clear idea. I hope I am clear enough.

Hi can u avail for us a gud vocabulary words...i ma not gud in voc also not gud in grammer..

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