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June 12, 2013


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Hi Simon,
It is really a very good way to improve listening by transcribing. I did today inly one section, and I found very much helpful.I think it's so hard working and taking so long time.
I took one hour to finish only one section but I think, this way I can improve a lot.
Thank you so much for a very good idea.

Have a nice day:)

for free download of IELTS Camb. Book 9 with audio

Hi Simon,
I would like to say thank you for your instruction on this web site and your ebook. These material really help me in my recent ielts exam. I have achieved my goal within just about 3 months. Many thanks again! Wish you all the best!

Hi every body,
Could anybody pls share the link for listening /audio section of Cambridge 8. I have book without CD.


Hi Suman,

Did you paused audio and wrote the sentence and then played it? its too fast to write along with the audio without pause.


Nowadays animal experiments are widely used to develop new medicines and to test the safety of other products. Some people argue that these experiments should be banned because it is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer, while others are favor of them because of their benefits to humanity.
Every year, millions of animals feel painful suffering and death because of scientific research for drugs and cosmetic products. Most people think animal testing is necessary but others are upset of these activities.
Every day, thousands of people are saved from painful diseases and death because of the powerful medical drugs and treatments. This incredible gift of medicine would not be possible without animal testing. Scientists practice new techniques such as organ transplant on animals. If they don’t test on animals, many products or drugs will be extremely unsafe. Moreover, many lifesaving drugs were invented in this way and may help to find more cure in the future. Consequently, there would not be any more death as well as fear of the Cancer and AIDS.
However, animal experiments are unkind behavior and it cause animals a lot of pain. Many tests are not really important such as cosmetics, shampoos, soaps and other cleaning products. Furthermore, sometime an experiment on animal gives us the wrong result because animals are not exactly the same as human being. As a result, this testing may not be providing the safety products. Moreover, it is not needs to be tested on animals, especially with the huge database of knowledge and modern computer models.
In conclusion, there is no better way of alternative on animal experiment. Human being is always more important than animals. However, it is need to make sure that the millions of animals who are used for testing new products are treated with the minimum suffering. Furthermore, testing should not be used for non- essential products.


Hi Simon,

Isn't "thesis statement" the sentence that answers the question and lets the reader know what to expect for the rest of the essay?

Well, I know that a thesis statement in university academic writing may look much more complex than IELTS writing Task2, but unless the term "thesis statement" has another meaning, I think it is still fair to say that a "quick thesis statement" is necessary in the introduction.

I would appreciate it if you could comment on this.

Thanks for your help!



Hi Amiya,

You'll need to do a lot of pausing when transcribing! You'll probably need to go back to the beginning a few times too!


Hi Martin,

I'm referring to things like: "In this essay I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of..." This is what many of my students think a thesis statement should look like.

However, you're right to correct me on this. A good thesis statement should provide an overall answer to the question and state your position. Thesis statements don't need to start with "In this essay..." I'll remove that bit from my lesson as it could be misleading.


Hi Amia,
I had to pause a lot as Simon mentioned here. I checked with answer script after finish transcribing.

This is really a good way to practice listening.

Good luck to you:)

Hi Simon, thanks for your quick response and for clarifying this issue!

Hi Simon, and everyone,

This is my essay.

People have different views about using animal experiments for new medicines and test the safety of other products. Although there is good arguments in favour of such experiments should be banned, I personally believe because of benefits to humanity could use them to develop new medicines. This essay examines both sides of views.

On the one hand, it can be argued that these experiments should be stopped for many reasons. The first reason, the lives of animals should be respected. The animals are important part of the earth. While people should respect each other, this is same to the relation between human and animals. Furthermore, the benefits of research using animals do not justify the suffering caused. In fact if one of the tests failed the guilty conscience would affect the some people who have done such experiment.

One the other hand, some people argue that because of the benefits to humanity, these experiments should not be banned. Animals are used in important scientific research. For example many research lead to find out good medicine for humans. So such experiments are very important to discover new medicines. In addition, researchers aim to minimize the suffering that animals experience. Most of the scientists do research without harm the animals and try to find good treatment to the animals. For instant, most of animals right have not made big claim against the research while always claim about killing and hunting animals.

To conclude, there are several cons and bros to develop medicines or test the safety of the others products. But I believe the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of doing these experiments but it should be in right way.

Best wishes,


Hi saleem,
Your answer is really very good. According to Simon's structure, and if there is no mistake in grammar, it should a band 9 essay.
I see you have followed Simon's ebook.
I do have ebook, but when I finished this essay, I've got only 197 words.
Anyway, thanks for the post.
Good luck to you.

The dilemma over animal-based testing lies at the heart of the ethical choices facing societies around the world. While there are people who are advocate these kinds of researches and find there are undeniable benefits could be gained from them, there are some who against these experiments and stand on many moral considerations.
people who are in favour with testing on animal would argue that animal, which has been used in scientific research has helped scientists to advance medical and scientific knowledge, consequently, animal-based research has contributed significantly in improving medicine that helps to save human life, Cancer and AIDS are just some of good examples of the benefits that human being can get of biomedical research.
on other hand for those who are opposed this type of research would stand on ethical issues .The conditions that animal kept in is one of the main consideration as cats, rats, mice and other animals are locked in cages in improper condition and it can be seen that those animals are suffering and that reflecting to their behaviour as it turn to neurotic and they apt to spin in circus or rocking back and forth. Another consideration is that human does not have any moral right to do experiments on animals and their lives should be respected.

To sum up , both advantages and disadvantages should be taken into account when judge such a controversial issue ,personally, according to the reasons above it seems that the benefits that both human and animal can reap from biomedical research outweigh the drawbacks that it has.

Hi, I have a little question about this topic.

As the question mentions that someone believe it is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer.

When we write about this side, should we only focus on ethical issues or can we talk about something else like "animal testing could end up being a negative science"?

Hi Simon and everyone. This is my essay. I don't know why i posted my essay 2 times before but it is not appeared on your website yet.
After all, every comment is a great advice for me. Thank you !
Many people endorse the view to conduct animal experiments because of considerable benefits to create medicines and examine other products, however, others have an argument due to moral problem. It is still a controversial issue in society and in my point of view, those experiments should be only carried out for the most important medical research.
On the one hand, there are several positive results from doing animal experiments. Firstly, many important medical discoveries have involved experimentation on animals. Thanks to the researches on albinic mice or experimental birds, scientists have known how to treat diseases and invented some vaccines to protect infants from childhood illnesses. Secondly, it is necessary and safe to test new drugs before providing for patients. For example, every new medicine need to be examined so that researchers can be able to know about the subsequent effects of those drugs whether they are harmful for people’s health or not. Finally, animal testing helps to advance medical and scientific knowledge, leading to potential treatment for untreated diseases like AIDS in the future.
By contrast, many people argue that doing these tests is moral violence. One main argument is that humans have no right to do experiments on animals. In fact, there are thousands deaths of animals due to medical studies or cosmetic tests. The benefits of research using animals do not justify the suffering caused and the lives of these species should be respected. Furthermore, instead of undertaking those animal tests, there are alternative methods of research such as using technology to analyze impacts of new medicines on organs.
In conclusion, I personally think that only the most important medical studies and researchers have no other way to test, will be allowed to carry on animal.
(289 words)

There has long been argument against animal testing, although there are people to advocate those animal-based experiments. I am of the opinion that such experiments are essential to human beings as will now be examined.

The main reason to justify animal-based experiments is that they bear a close resemblance to humans, either in behavior or in cell structure. This allows scientist to conduct most of their experiments on animals instead of humans to ensure that there will be low, if any, risks to humans. Needless to say, the most of what people know about themselves, including pain, stress and nutrition, is based on findings of animal-based experiments.

However, there are arguments against animal testing saying that creatures are not ours to experiment on. They feel pain and fear just as we do, and their overwhelming natural inclinations, like ours, are to be free and to protect their lives, not to be locked in a small cage inside a laboratory, where they are subjected to abuse and suffering. They also believe that there are cutting-edge technologies, such as computer modeling, that can be applied to accurately predict what happens in human beings.

To sum up, it is highly true that we rely on animals’ research to help us to develop medicines and safety testing. Although other types of research are available, some questions can only be answered through on a living animal.

Hi Simon, following below is my essay. I have stolen your and other students ideas. But I should think that was a good way to learn IELTS writing.

Thank you,

People have different views about using animals to develop new medicines and to test the safety of other products. Although there are good arguments in favour of such experiments should be banned, I personally believe that it was more benefits to humanity. This essay examnines both sides of views

On the one hand, it can argued the experiments should be stopped for saving animal life. First of all, there are alternative methods of research. Nowadays scientists can apply more advanced technology on their researchs to strictly limit the animals use in the scientific experiments. For instance, the can use partly animal cells to test new drugs responses instead of kill them or take all their lives. The they can use microscope to see how drugs affect animal's cell and collect the result. This resulted experiment do not make any harm on animals. In addition, the benefits of research using animals do not justify caused. In fact, the scientist cannot ensure medicine's effects will be same when it is applied to humans. Because the living body is an extraordinarily complex system.

On the other hand,some people believe that because of benefits to humanity, the experiments should not be banned. I share this opinion for several reasons. Firstly, it is neccessary to do medical test on new drugs. When a new drug is developed, it has to be tested before it can be applied to human. Scientists need to know all the effects even injuried affectations. The animal experiments help to determine which deseases can be solved by this medicine. Furthermore, animal testings help to advance medical and scientific knowledge. They are used as parts of a range scientific techniques. These might include human trials, computer science, cell culture, and other. Animals are only used for parts of research where no other techniques can deliver the answer. Animal testing helps us achieve medical progress that will save lives, perhaps million of lives. Without animals we can onlu make very limited progress against diseases like cancer, heart attach, stroke,diabetes and HIV.

TO conclude, there are severals cons and bros of using animal experiments to develop medicines or test the safely of other products. But I believe the advantages outwiegh the disadvantages of doing these experiments, but it should be in right way.

Please have a look on my essay. Any your comment is always welcome.

Thank you


People have different views about animal experiments. Various experiments are done on animals to get benefits for humanity. However, some people are against this trend and they demand to ban those experiments on animals, although, others have strong arguments about research on animals is very fruitful for humans.

Some people provide evidences about the positive outcome of animal experiments in various fields of science such as astronomy and medicine. In 1960s, researchers put a lot of efforts to reach at moon. At that time, they had a big hurdle in the form of space. Although, rockets were invented for this purpose, but, there was the factor of fear of unknown effect of space behaviour on human body. At last, they sent a bitch in space to judge the impact on her body. So, this particular experiment on animal opened many horizons for human and now our scientists are overseeing the behaviour of several planets such as Mars. In addition, medical researchers are also researching on snake’s poison to develop useful medicines to cure dangerous diseases such as Cancers and AIDS. So, these types of researches have many advantages for humanity.

One the other hand, there is a contradiction. Some people say it is utterly atrocity on animals. For instance, in matriculation level, medical students are demonstrated the toad dissection, which is really painful. Such sorts of experiments are unnecessary at this particular stage of education. Those people oppose this crucial behaviour and treat this kind of experiment as a murder. Furthermore, they complain about the useless research on animal behaviour, in which researchers catch different species and sometimes label them with extremely hot iron stamp in order to keep identity. They say, it's is totally rubbish and can harm their lives.

In my opinion, everything has pros and cons. The experiments on animals should only be used for the most important medical research. I agree, it can harm them sometimes, but, it also leads to cure dangerous diseases aforementioned.

Mubashir Ali

Hi Simon
could you please explain how we should organize the assay related to this topic:

People in all modern societies use drugs, but today's youth are expertimenting with both legal and illegal drugs, and at an increasingly early age. Some sociologists claim that parents and other members of society often set a bad example.
Discuss the causes and some effects of widespread drug use by young people in modern day society. Make any recommendations you feel are necessary to help fight youth drug abuse.

Every year there are many animals used for new medicines testing. Scientist research and medicine companies use the testing report for an analysis on their new medicine and products.
First of all, scientist use animal for testing on the new medicine, the purpose is needed to ensure that the medicines are safely to consume by patients. For example, a new medicine to cure lung cancer, thorough the animal testing scientist research will know that how strong effect and dosage to be use for a patient’s. As a result, this can minimise the risk and pain would happens on the patient.
However, many medicines companies use animal for testing on non-essential product like cosmetic products, soap, detergents and many more. In the testing, the animal will be in unconscious condition and may not have painful feeling. But animal have life and need to be treated equally rights as human. As such, animal testing should only be used for the most important medical research.
In conclusion, animal testing is an Important to us and the governments need to stricter the law to protect the animal being harm and torture by the irresponsible people and companies.

with the help of Simon's eBook there is my essay...

It is true that animal testing is a necessary tool for medical researches on new drugs and cosmetic products. Although reasons can be given to justify it regarding to morality, personally I believe that experimentation on animals should allow only for important medical researches.

There are several arguments why some people do not favour animal testing. First of all, they believe that it is unethical and human do not have the moral rights to do experiment on animals. Moreover most of the tests cause animals to suffer and the benefits of these researches do not justify the sufferings. Furthermore, testing of cosmetic products is done on animals which is very shame for mankind to kill or harm animals only for our beauty purposes. Lastly, as there are some alternative research methods are available so we should use them instead of doing tests on animals.

On the other hand, I would argue that it is essential to continue experiment on animals only for important medical tests. As for example, prior to introduce a new drug to human if we do not test properly, it could do a big disaster. Also from past we get the knowledge that many vital life-saving medicines have been discovered from doing tests on animals. Although the sufferings of animals during researches are a big concern and scientists are trying to minimise it with great consideration. As a consequence, many harmful experiments mostly for beauty products are already banned in many countries.

In conclusion, no doubt experiment on animals is a controversial issue in recent time. However, my opinion is that we should only consider it for some vital medical prospects but not for other unnecessary product tests.

With thanks

Hi everyone! this is my first time posting my very own essay composition. I would welcome any comments and suggestion that would improve my essay.

People have different views about the issue of animals being used as guinea pigs for scientific research. There are those who argued that it is acceptable to utilize animals for scientific research because it benefits humanity. Others believe that it is wrong to hurt animals just to satisfy human gains. As I see it, there are other alternative ways which does not include the use of animals for scientific experiments.

Using animals for scientific purposes that benefits us humans is deemed acceptable for some people. They believe that animals are useful in testing unapproved drugs whether it is safe for consumers to use. Drugs that treat cancers for instance have benefited from animal- based research. These medicines had been tested using animals as experiment which yields results that can cause various side effects that might arise when consumed by a human being. In addition, animals had been utilized ever since humans started experimenting. As a result, it had enabled us to create drugs that cure a number of deadly diseases such as Cancer and AIDS.

On the other side of the argument, there are those who are against in utilizing animals for any kind of scientific research. Their reasoning is based on the fact that animals also feel pain as humans do. There are researches for instance that have observed laboratory animals using hidden cameras. Their captured video was able to show that animals were restless and are clearly stressed out from their cages. Apart from this, there are also other alternative that does not require animals to be used as experiments. For instance, a test method called In vitro which makes use of human cells to model a human being. It is more accurate and reliable as compared to animals which obviously do not have the same genetic make-up with a human being.

To conclude, although animals have long been used as an integral part of biomedical research, it is time for it to be stopped. As there are other alternative way to do experiments that does not make use of animals.



Thanks for your sharing

Thanks for creating these blogs. I am sure it has been helpful to my fellow IELTS aspirants.

I have a quick question on the Opinion vs discussion essays. Although you have made your stand very clear a number of times, saying that:

For 'agree or disagree' questions you don't need to give the other side. Just make your opinion clear, and support it.

I still hear otherwise on different blogs. Some of them mention that personal opinion should "never" be mentioned anywhere other than conclusion.

Just wanted to ask if there is a rule (one way or the other) that all teachers have to follow while marking, or is does it depend on individual teacher's personal liking?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi NewUser,

I have to say that the other blogs are wrong if they are saying that 'personal opinions should "never" be mentioned anywhere other than conclusion'.

The examiner's mark scheme says that 'the candidate's position should be clear throughout the essay. If your position/view/opinion only appears at the end, you'll get a lower score!

Hi simon,
I just joined this community and I hope participate fully. thank you for this platform. This is my own version of the essay, I hope I can get a review and comment from anyone.

Animals have been used in experiments to develop new drugs for years, whether this is right or morally wrong is a personal opinion. But I am of the opinion that it is morally upright to genuinely use animals in the development of new drugs for the advancement of mankind.
Those that oppose this view especially the animal right campaigners believe that we do not have the right to put animals through traumas in the name of developing drugs. They suggest that alternative means should be explore; some are even of the opinion that all creatures should be respected and not debased. Though I agree that these animals go through a lot, most have a particular disease injected into them so that the effectiveness of a particular drug can be tested. Some even die during the process.
But I believe the eventual benefits actually outweigh the harm done on these animals. If we can’t test drugs on animals definitely we shouldn’t test them on fellow human beings, since there are no alternatives at the moment then we are left with little or no choice. For people whose family member have benefited from a new drug, I am sure the last thing they will want to bother about is on which animal it was tested. If we continue to criticize the use of animals to save mankind then we should do more to those who kill animals for their furs and for leathers to make shoes.
In conclusion, I will strongly throw my weight behind the use of animals for genuine medical researches while I equally oppose their use for non-medical purposes with a call for development of an alternative means of drug testing.

Hi, I have just discovered this page, it's so useful! Thanks a lot for the help!!
I have a question. I have read everywhere that in this type of essay I should not mention my opinion in the body paragraphs, but at the end instead. This seems weird to me to write; I don't understand what is the point of writing most of the essay about "some people maybe think that". It does not seem a strong argumentation to me, given the fact that we don't have extra documents about the different views to write something consistent (like in TOEFL). I would prefer discussing both views from my point of view, saying how much I agree with each view. This is how I would interpret the task, am I wrong? I am afraid of losing marks if I do it my way and I am getting confused!!
Thank you very much!

hi simon!

hi simon i just need to know different formats for writing different types of questions in writing task 2. and also some advances vocabulary and linking words.

Hi Simon!
Thank you for your valuable website,
you told that in Opinion Questions we can agree both views, can it be true for Discussion + Opinion Questions too?
and for introduction in these questions should we clearly mention both views or it is enough to say for example "this subject has some supporters and opponents " and then mention our view? this is my introduction :
These days scientists and experts use animals as testers in their experiments to produce new drugs because they should be certain about the health of the products for human, this subject has some supporters and opponents, i agree that use of animals in these situations has helped a lot the human life however, i also think that we should not be cruel to animals and their lives should be protected.

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