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July 06, 2013


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I agree to that its really important.

anyways this was the test of 6th july that i gave in newzealand.
part 1

questions about your name your family and your liesure time.

Part 2

cue card
talk about a person who you met and became close friend.

part 3

about the ways you can keep contact with your friends .....through technology

what advancement will technologuy have in near future and question about the technical stuff

writing task 1

bar graph describing a household waste recycling figures from 2000 to 2007

writing task 2
space tourism is developing and in the near future people will be able to visit space.

do you think it is a positive or negative development.

Dear Simon:

I have been studying with the help of your ebook and website and have achieved 7 in my writing for the last two exams (but failed in my speaking part, unfortunately).Today is my sixth trial. I would like to say thank you very much for your effort.

Here, I have two questions that I cannot find answers in your website. I wonder if you can help me.

1. I forgot to write'yours sincerely' to end my letter, how serious do you reckon the problem would be?

2. After the formal speaking test, the examiner turned off the recorder and talked with me for another 15 minutes, do you think that it is possible a good sign for me to achieve a high score, say 7, in my speaking, or he just tried to be polite?

Thank you very much for your help and hope that you stay well.

Yours sincerely,

I agree with Simon 100%. It happened to me.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your ebook. It helped me both in writing part 2 and speaking part 3.

I have managed to get 7.5 each module and 8 overall.

Thanks again. I will highly recommend any one taking the test to read that book.

Hi Simon,

With the help from your website i have managed to get L: 7.5 R: 6.5 W: 7.5 S: 7.5 for my second ielts test. I was so devastated as i only missed out by 0.5 from reading. i need minimum 7 in each band. the 1 st attemp i only got L: 6.5 R: 7.5 W: 5.5 S: 6.0. as you can see for the second attempt i only focused on the other 3 and skipped reading so my score have actually dropped. How is this possible? i thought my reading ability was okay.I am taking the third attempt next week and im a little nervous as im not sure whether any band would drop by 0.5 :(

Thanks for your tremendous help on this website btw. I wouldnt have made such progress without your website.

Hi Rajesh,

Your scores are amazing.I got almost same results except for Writing.I got 6.5 however i wrote a very well essay in my last exam.Would you please share your strategy that enabled you to get a 7 in writing ??

Thanks ahead,

Dear Simon,

I took my exam July 22nd in Las Palmas (Spain) and I've just received my results:

L: 7
R: 7
W: 7
S: 8.5

I'm quite proud of them taking into account that it is my first attempt. Thank you for your help, your support and your hard work. Good luck to all those taking the test and remember, keep calm, cool and collected.

Hi Jing,

Don't worry about either of those things - they won't affect your score.


Congratulations Rajesh and Mikel. Great scores!


Hi Katty,

You probably missed getting band 7 in reading by one or two marks. You're so close, so don't give up! I'm sure you'll get the scores you need next time.

what u says is true but regarding listening and reading

cause i can rate my self and know that i got which band by the mistakes i made

but what abt the writing and speaking how i can predict my band score

Dear simon,
I made a mistake in the lastest ielts test... In task1, I wrote "the number of unrecycled waste :(((... What score will i possibly have:((

Please tell me... I am so confused

Hi Phuongtran,

I don't think anybody can tell you what score you will possibly get without reading your essays.

It's only one mistake that I think even a native speaker could make while writing quickly/carelessly.
If your Task1 and Task2 essays look good overall, I don't think that mistake is going to affect your final score.

Don't waste your time worrying about that. Keep working hard to improve your English as a whole and learn from your mistakes!


Hi Simon,

I have just finished my Ielts exam this morning and im having my speaking test tomorrow morning. I did quite ok in listening and reading but not too sure about writing even though i did apply all of your tips. Anyway i managed to finished both tasks with enough words count and applied the strutures as your lessons showed. I found task 1 is quite confusing as it shows a table with perfentage of student who rated a university survey on different criteria as very good on 3 subjects. i had a little bit of trouble paraphrasing the question as i was confused whether its the percentage of student or the percentage of the aspects themselves. And i didnt have much comparison as they were totally unrelated.

Task 2 was about essay on the tendency of human beings copy each others in terms of fashion and consumer goods. Agree or disagree.

I wrote a totally agree essay with 4 paragraph structure as you said.
Hopefully it worked out and i can achieve each band 7.

Thanks so much for all the advices.

I've just done the test and I totally agree with you.

This is very true, the stress is so ever overwhelming in the exam, that every two tests I sat, I got 6.5 in reading, which I find the hardest.. And at home it varies from 6,5 to 7 and rarely 7.5.


I am appearing for IELTS on 12th October 2013 which means I have a whole period of two months for my preparation. I need 8 bands in all four components for migration.

I have been practicing for last two weeks the Cambridge Past Papers and my score looks something like this:
L - 7.5
R - 8 to 8.5
W - 7 to 7.5
S - 7.5

Of course my Writing and Speaking are self evaluated. I want to know am I able to get 8 bands in all four components if I practice for two months?

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