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July 21, 2013


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Hi Simon,

I found General Training Reading Test B-section 3 of Cambridge IELTS 3 a bit confusing to answer some questions and also could not find the answer of some of them. I was wondering if you have a look at this section. Thank you for all your efforts in this case.

Hi Simon,
I know it is irrelevant but i wonder that why i always make a mistake at Reading section which i didnt chose the most suitable heading for each paragraph from the list of headings...What do you advice me?What can i do?

Thanks For Everything


Hi Simon,

I will take Ielts for AC..
Is there any difference between taking Ielts at General Ielts time and just for AC..

Because there is a urban legend that some people say that if we take the test at the same day with General Ielts, it leads to having more opportunity since most student consider that examiners do not know which student is for AC or General.. Therefore, they may give a higher grade for AC candidates than they ecpected..

hello simon ,my speaking test is on 24 july..

no doubt your blog is outstanding i am following your site from the previous week ..my question is

in speaking if we do not understand a qeustion can we say words like pardon me ,,etc to repeat the question?and will it effect our score ,, what you suggest please..

Thanks for the lesson Simon.

This is also one of the problems that my students have. They spend so much time memorizing or taking notes of new words but they end up not knowing how to use them properly.

Using a good dictionary AND making their own sentences can definitely help!

Hi Martin,

It's been ages we've never seen you here. if you don't mind try to send more posts here as we all know you always come up with good tips and preparing good samples. Thanks you very much.

Rahman mohamed

Hello Simon,

I want to ask you something about the speaking evaluation. I didn't do well at the section 2 in the speaking module. I just was very good at section 1 and 3. I want to ask do the examiners tolerate in speaking if I did good at reading or listening?i think that I might not get a 6 in Speaking.


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