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July 27, 2013


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dear simon i got a score of 8.5 overall with 7 in each module. i have written ielts with an intention to get registered as a pharmacist in the uk. ( i am an overseas pharmacist). but now i came to know that the job opportunities are less. i want to switch to another career. could you please suggest some nice career in the uk.

please can anyone help me in choosing a wise career

Hi Simon,

I've just taken the IELTS testin today. In today's reading section, one question in filling the form informtion is about the nationality. In the recording it said "British", but I thought "Britain" should be the answer, so I took "Britain" as my final answer.

Would you please give me some guidance on that? Thank you in advance.

Hi simon, i just gave ielts xm today. In writing section task 2 after finishing page 4 i took extra page and started the rest of the part of task 2 to in page number 1... Is there any problem wid that bcoz my frnd told me tht page 1 nd 2 is for task 1.

Hi All

Steve - sorry but your answer is wrong. The recording said 'British' because that is the name of the nationality. 'Britain' is the name of the island of Great Britain.

Mehedi - don't worry, that's no problem at all.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your prompt response. It seems like I was misguided by my passport, on which the nationality is China rather than Chinese.

Hi Simon

I got my result today overall 8 :)
Thank you for your helpful site. You are the best :)

What was on writing test today? On general training?
Does anyone know?
Thank you

No problem for the advice - but I'm not Simon!

Hi everyone
ı ve just taken the exam today. ı expect to get around 6 but I need min. 6.5.

anyone who wants to practice and study(HARD)add me on facebook or SKYPE? Let's do it togettter..

SKYPE: zaoktay
facebook: zeynelaoktay@gmail.com

To Steve,
As far I know, in reading part, the answers are always in the passage. We don't have to think any new word to answer the question. What you can do just find the right word in the passage.
I always do this type question for the passage which ask for fill words because it quit difficult to guess the answer.
I got 8.5 in reading section from my previous examination. Hope this help.

Hi Simon! This website is great and helpfull, Thank you,God bless you. i don't have chance to practice speaking
just speaking to myself

could you recommend any groups or website for practice?or with ielts Students?

If a person score differently in two IELTS Test. Why best of the two is not counted for immigration purpose. Both the score are original. There may be chances that if a person score high in one may score less in the new test.

If a person score differently in two IELTS Test. Why best of the two is not counted for immigration purpose. Both the score are original.

Hi Simon,

that is a good reason for my old question that why many IELTS-takers act in a different ways in different exams. However, I guess the essence of IELTS to some extent is SUBJECTIVE in speaking and writing. And varies from an examiner to another. However, that tip is an interesting way that all have to stick to it.

I would like to thank you for this wonderful website
I have Achieved my desired score
My advice to everyone "Please practise and dont give up hope"
Thanks once again Simon

Recently I find that I nomatter how much reading and listening practise I've done,no progess I've made.It means that the number of my right answer is stable.Is that so-called bottleneck?What can I do to improve in this stage?

It was the same case with me before I had cases where I got 6.5 constantly in reading , I changed the way of practicing !!!
Tip 1 : don't think too much about the question , it leads to mistake
Tip 2: practice different type of questions and see the question carefully about whether they are one word or two words so on
Any questions don't hesitate to mail me

Dear luc,
What is your way to practice the writing part?

dear simon i got 5 bands as i was attempted 2 times (british & IDP) suggest me to score above 6.5 i have exam on 27 & 28 of this month.....plz help me from this situation my email jeevandrockz@gmail.com

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