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July 07, 2013


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Hi Simon,

I would like to thank you for this website,I got my results today Speaking:8 ,Reading and Listening 7.5 but Writing is 6.5 .That was extremely frustrating because i did excellent job in my writing in the last exam and i am really wondering what was wrong that is why i will go for re-mark. My question is will it be a good step.I know it might be tricky to go for it but i will try. Without your e-book and website i would not be able to get such high scores .

Thanks a million,

[email protected]<<

sry guys, i dont do GT essays.

Hi Mr.Simon,

your website help me a lot. i got my result today and it is good for me. my overall band score is 7.5.

thank you so much for your great and generouse effort.

Hi Simon
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank for GT lesson, I wish you will keep doing this good work for the future too.

Ajay Sharma

What a great letter is this, simple and up to the point....I wish one day i will be able to write such letter in 20 minutes!!!

Thank you Simon

July 6 2013 General Writing in Australia Task 1 Question You have seen an advertisement for a position to look after a house when the owner is away, write a letter to the own-
-Introduce your self
-Tell them why you are interested in this job
-Ask some questions about the job
Task 2- Youngsters claim that mobile phones are very useful for them.
Use of mobile phone is good or bad. Discuss and give examples from you own experience.

I am writing here for the first time. I am a doctor, a kidney specialist. I had written my IELTS last month. My score is
S-6.5 Overall 7.5

But I need a score of 7 in each to get fellowship in UK. I am happy with my result except in speaking where I was expecting atleast 8, but I dont know why I got 6.5.
Kindly guide me for speaking and writing.

Also help me for how to get Simon e-book.


Dear Simon

For writing task 1 GT, if the task is a non formal type of letter, what kind of uncommon words that i must use, to get a 7 band?

I find it quite difficult to find those words, since in non formal letter, we usually used basic or daily conversation words.


Hi Simon, if GT writing task 1 is about writing a complain letter to an airline company about the trip you took. should I make up a ticket reference at the beginning of the letter, as I do that in real life, but I saw many ielts sample answers don't. Thanks Simon!

Dear Friend,
I am writing this letter in regards to the business idea that you have come up with. I like the idea of starting a Italian Restaurent in Melbourne.

I am happy to say that I am willing to accept your request for me to join as a partner. I have always wanted to start a business on my own because I am not sure how long will I be able to work in my current job.

Also I like the financial projections that you have told me the other day. It's good that we will be buying a property rather than rent it because, as time goes on the value of the property will rise. So even though our business is not as successfull as we expect to, we can balance that with the financial gain that we get from the value of the property.

I am really glad that you asked me to be your partner. Looking forward to start our new business.


Could someone help me writing a letter
on this recent exam question. I would really appreciate it
Task 1

You have missed something on plane that you travelled recently. Write a letter to the Plane Manager?

What happened during the trip
Where did you missed that
What do you want to say to Manager ?

Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot for your most helpful website.

With ragard to this 'business letter', I thought it's of semi-formal category until I saw your model letter, because writing to a friend means it's informal whereas talking about 'business' would be formal.

But your letter is far better. I just worry about my judgement about the tone a letter should have.

Could you please tell me based on what you wrote this letter in an informal way?

Hope you will see my question and look forward to your generous response.

Best regards!


Overall my 'tone' is friendly because I'm writing to a friend.

However, you can also use 'business' phrases with a friend, so I wrote things like "initial investment costs" and "commit to the project".

Perhaps it was this 'mix' of friendly tone and business vocabulary that impressed you!

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