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July 02, 2013


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Siomon I'd like to ask u question about listening. whenever I do listening test sometimes I write some answers with little letters but in the answer sheet they are written with capital answers, so can I consider my answers correct? plz help

Hi Nodar,
I think we should

Hello Simon,

Has no one commented this great video yet?
I wonder why? I found this one really interesting, not only because of its language content to learn from, and listening skills to develop more, but also because of its great value theme.

So, thank you very much for providing us with that.

The term empathy,I think is still understood by the majority of us in the first, basic meaning of the word, called by psychologists as affective empathy, we perform it quite often in real life situations as individuals towards other individuals but rather with the down & cuts, we mirror other people's feelings, sharing their emotional responses. Though, here is an encouragement to expand the meaning of empathy and make it as a collective force, also to empatise with those in power to make some good social changes, economic transformation, climate change or to solve other valid problems.
Cognitive empathy seems to be more suitable in the XXIst century than the first approach. The way to live a wise & a good life is to know thyself, as described by Socrates. However, only the introspective looking at ourselves is not enough today, to discover who we are & how we should live, much more successful way to solve our problems is when we can take an introspective approach. It does mean that we have to be curious and adventurous while looking at other people to take perspective from outside, stepping into other people's world, their points of view, their values, fears, ambitions and needs. Only by this we can understand them and ourselves better. We can give up our prejudices and labels given to them which block us to see their uniqueness, the whole array of values so as to be enriched by that. Overall, it can help us to create a better and more harmonious world.It can lead to a revolution in human relationships what we desperately need.

Hello Peace!

Thanks for commenting Aleksandra. I found the video really interesting, so I'm glad someone else does too!

My pleasure Simon,
Thank you.

An extremely interesting and useful listening vedio.I liked so much

i liked it.. it grabs eyes n ears too :)

Hi Simon , my name is Tuan from VietNam .Can you give me the tabcripe of this video ? Thank you

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