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July 08, 2013


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Hi Simon,thanks a lot for this website and for your ebook !I just would like to ask you after my speaking exam finished the examiner stopped me at the corridor and start asking me why im taking the ielts test and which course im going to study. Is that okey?thanks !

Hello Simon,
Thanks for all the information you have provided. Could I ask a question about the speaking part? Do I have to describe appearance of a person if I get the topic relating to "Describe a person", such as Describe a person who is good at her job.
Thanks a lot.

hi simon&friends

this is the my first comment for your lectures. I will sit an exam on 27 of July. And I need someone to make speaking practise. I am much better at deal with speaking test than I used to be so I need to someone whom ilets score approximately 6.5-7. My skype id is : qrshot2



Don't worry Diana. The examiner was just being friendly!


Hi July,

No, you don't need to describe appearance, but you can add that if you want.

Dear Simon! I remember once I read somewhere in your blog about the necessity of reading real reading samples; not just the ones in English practice books. I just found the following website useful in this regard:

It is full of short and easy-to-follow articles with popular IELTS topics.

can any one help me please because I have a problem to understand this kind of questions which contain years and centuries.
By the mid-1980s = the period 1960-1985

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