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July 05, 2013


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Thanks sincerely Simon,I have followed your website for a while and am going to sit for my exam tomorrow.No matter what score I will achieve,it's a define thing that I will come back here either to thank you or to keep it it up if I could not make it.


Hi Miranda
Please , can I know where are you from and where your exam ?

I have exam tomorrow in the UK

Good luck

icecream2401@gmail.com <<<=== send me your essays for correction...glad to help

Hello Simon i am tutor in Azerbaijan for about 7 years i have a quesion in first part question i am practicing with my students do they need to say only reason no explanation how can we detect type questions pls other parts i am good at but i dont understand could u clarify?? Thnx sincereley aynura

Hello Simon,
Today, we had a Speaking exam in Antalya.I have been studying for this exam from your website and I used your very useful advice. Thank you for this. In my oral exam, Part 1 was great. My part 2 topic was "maths".I think, I could not talk about it very well.Because I explained that I always hate maths and I don't have any idea about it.As you guess, Part 3 section was about Maths, too. It was better than part 2. Consequently, I guess,I was not good. There were just a standard answers, but examiner seemed happy with my answers. Could you make any predictions? Do they bring a low score? Thank you.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for all the help you're offering and this wonderful website. I just got my test results back. Listening and reading 9, writing 7.5 (mainly due to lack of time) and speaking 8. Overall I got an 8.5. I'm incredibly happy with the results! This website was really useful, especially the reading and listening sections. Thanks again and good luck to everyone else!


geez aynura...with that grammar, i dont know how u manage to teach

Hi Simon,my name is Diana ,I was using your website for while and its really help me ! Also you e-book its just brilliant !Thanks you !!!

I have one question, after my speaking exam finished my examiner stopped me at the corridor and start asking me why do i taking the IELTS exam and where Im going to study.Is that okey?

Dear All,

Here are my sample answers:

1) Yes, definitely. I played with all kinds of toys and I think they were a very important part of my childhood.

2) Lego was my favorite, but I also spent plenty of time playing with toy cars, robots, and action figures like Superman, Batman, and the ThunderCats!

3) Mmm... no, I don't think so. In general, I would say that boys play with the kinds of toys I've just mentioned, and girls would prefer to play with dolls or stuffed animals.

4) Yes, absolutely! Toys are basically tools for children to develop their imagination and creativity. Children also make new friends and develop their social skills by playing and sharing toys.

Best of luck to those who will be taking the exam this weekend!!!


Hi Simon
I just receivd my result n plz tell me what is the difference between 6.5 and 7... Y do they giv 6.5 when it means it's 7 ..y can't they just give 7.. I got 6.5 in R,W n S but in listening I got 7.5 .. N this is my 3 d attempt ..r these ppl just behind money ..wats it all about ..it's so stressful this exam ..It can make a normal person go into depression coz of these 0.5 marks .. If so ten they should even describe what 0.5 shows at the description band ..
I'm so frustrated myself ... Plz advice
Thank u ..

Hello Simon sir,
I am writing here for the first time. I am a doctor, a kidney specialist. I had written my IELTS last month. My score is
S-6.5 Overall 7.5

But I need a score of 7 in each to get fellowship in UK. I am happy with my result except in speaking where I was expecting atleast 8, but I dont know why I got 6.5.
Kindly guide me for speaking and writing.

Also help me for how to get Simon e-book.


HI simon
Not sure where to write,pls tell me what should I talk about if asked about recent previous experience.
Many thanks

Hi Simon,

My name is Keya. Thanks a million for this wonderful website and your valuable online coaching for IELTS. It gave a right track to me to prepare for my IELTS.
Also, thank you for your smart tips and tricks for all the sections of IELTS which is a must to know :)
I finished my IELTS-General training test on 6th July(Malaysia) and now i am anxiously awaiting results:)...
I don't remember the listening and reading questions but for writing and speaking please see the questions below:

1. Writing task-1:
You have seen an advertisement for a position to look after a house(in Scotland) when the owner is away, write a letter to the owner-
-Introduce your self
-Tell them why you are interested in this job
-Ask some questions about the job

2. Writing task-2:
" There seems to be a growing popularity of mobile phones among young people. "
Is it a good or a bad thing. Give relevant examples from your own experience.

For Speaking-->
1. Introduction and the details of graduation/postgraduation.
2. Questions on toys:
a. Did you play with toys when you were a child?
b. What kinds of toys did you like? Why?
c. In your country, do boys and girls play with the same types of toys?
d. Do you still have your toys? why?

Describe a party you would like to arrange for your friends or family.
You would say
Who you would invite to the party
When and where you would hold the party
What you (or your guests) would do at the party
And explain why you would hold this party or what preparations you would do for this party.
What kind of parties people like to give in your country?
Has there any change in this trend at present?

What is the relevance of international festivals or celebrations to the world’s community?(eg: world women's day)
Will there be any change in the future reagarding the same?(more or less celebrations at an international level)
What reasons do you think can bring the changes?

P.S: Last but not the least i would also like to thank everybody for their valuable inputs ..:)...Best wishes to all for your exams!!!

Hi there,
I took the ielts exam last weekend but it was not good enough to get 7.0. Reading time was not enough for me. That is why, i will take exam again.

I plan to study speaking to higher my overall grade.

Someone who want to practice speaking regularly until august can add my on skype. aly.saracoglu is me.

Good luck.

thanks a lot Simon,but I need to answer these questions
-Do you keep any of your old toys now?
- Why do you keep it?

Hi Jone,

Here are some ideas you can use to build your own answers:

1a) No, I don't keep any of my old toys. In fact, I've given them away to my 3 nephews and they all seem quite happy about them!
1b) Yes, I only keep 8 of my toy cars. They are all Ferrari's and they've been my favorite toy collection since I was a kid.

2a) I don't keep any of my old toys because I don't think that's important. Also, since I've been living in several places for the past years, it's just not very convenient to have them with me.
2b) I keep my collection of Ferrari toy cars because I've always been fascinated with them. They also bring good memories of my childhood whenever I see them!


thanks a lot Martin :)

A simple question: is chess a kind of toy in English?

1) Did you play with toys when you were a child?
Of course, I did. I guess that there are few kids who do not play with toys, unless their parents are strait-laced. I can vaguely remember that I'd played with building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, bamboo dragonflies, diabolos, I could go on.

2) What kinds of toys did you like?
Ans1: I liked toy trains. I could play with them nearly 24/7, just looking at them getting through the bridges and tunnels. I also loved playing Jenga, which is a game involving removing a block from a tower and placing it on the top. I always tore my hear out when playing Jenga 'cause the one who lost had to do sth silly like saying "I love you" to another classmate.
Ans2: I loved toy trains when I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I could play with them nearly 24/7, just looking at them getting through the bridges and tunnels. There were several colours of the trains: the white ones were from Shinkansen in Japan, the orange ones were imitation of trains here in Taiwan, and the red and black ones were classic steam trains. (If there's more time to answer) The railway expanded about a quarter of my room, on which there were several level crossings with alarms making the sound like 'ding-ding-ding-ding', making me always excited.

3) In your country, do boys and girls play with the same types of toys?
Not really, in my impression. Boys usually play toy soldiers and girls Barbie dolls, just to mention two. Once I my father saw me playing with Barbies, and he blamed me nearly to death. Interestingly enough, I've never seen any girls discouraged from playing with boys' toys.

4) Do you think that toys help children to learn?
Yes, I do. Well-designed toys can help enhance the creativity and imagination of kids. Once I saw one of my classmates' sister solving a jigsaw puzzle featuring van Gogh's painting, The Starry Night. But she ended up made it into a Cubist painting. Maybe she could become a Picasso further down the road.

Thank u Erik
Your answer was excellent

Hi dear
My speaking exam was about how children get on togethe.
Would you please give me some idea about it ?

Thank you

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