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July 26, 2013


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Thank you so much Simon. I got 7 in all the modules with 8.5 in L&R , S- 9, W-7. Overall score 8.5. I am very happy. May god bless you and your family.
Thank you Martin for your valuable comments.

Dear Simon,

I received my IELTS result today and I got 8.0 overall (L = 8.5, R & W & S = 8.0). I would like to thank you so much for your valuable advice, without which I could not improve my skills and achieve such score.


Congratulations Anu. Great scores!

Congrats anu....

Dear All,

I would say that VERB TENSES are the basics of grammar in any language, but unfortunately, many students aiming for band 6.5 or higher still get confused and make such mistakes on a regular basis. Having said that, it would be a good idea to spend some time to review your grammar books, especially when you are in doubt while practising.

Anyway, here are my sample answers for today's questions:

1) In the small town where I live, I would say that public transport is non-existent as there are only a few buses and shuttles running around. We can find some taxis once in a while, but residents in this town mostly rely on their own cars. Some people say that if you don't have a car, you basically don't have any legs.

2) Well, I think there were fewer options and the technology was not as good as today. Cars were only affordable to people in the upper class so most people relied on trains and buses. But nowadays, most people in the middle class can afford owning a car and public transport has improved so much that we can travel to different destinations faster, safer, and at reasonable prices.

3) Well, it's hard to imagine how things will be in the future, but I guess we will continue to have the same means of transport as today. It's likely that we will see improvements in terms of fuel-efficiency, safety, and technology overall, but I think we will keep driving our own cars, taking airplanes when traveling abroad, and using the metro and bus systems while in the city.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Hi Simon,

Finally I got my IELTS Results!
I took ;
Listening :6
Reading :6.5
Speaking :6.5
Writing :7
Overall :6.5

Thanks to you I got 7 from writing component.
You are the best. Actually i only studied for reading and writing for 15 days in total.
If i had 1.5~2 months for studying, i am sure i could get 7.5 in overall but this is also enough for me.
Thanks again.


So what shall I do if I just spoke the wrong tenses and later realize them?

I've thought one way to get around it: if I say "he is ..." mistakenly when I should say "he was ...", perhaps I can immediately correct myself by saying "Oh, I mean, he WAS ...".

Is it a good idea? Or any other suggestions?

Hi Simon,
Can we use a Highlighter in reading exam?

Hi everyone
ı ve just taken the exam today. ı expect to get around 6 but I need min. 6.5.

anyone who wants to practice and study(HARD)add me on facebook or SKYPE? Let's do it togettter..

SKYPE: zaoktay
facebook: zeynelaoktay@gmail.com

Hello Simon,
I would like to express my thankful regard to you and your useful website that help me for IELTS.
I took exam for 2 time. First time I do study not so hard ,but I still read some material from your website only 1 week before exam. I got overall 6.5 with (L 7.5 , R6.5, W 6.5 . S 6)
That result is not meet the requirement of the university (It require overall 7.0 with every part more than 6.5 )and I have time around 1 months left.
Before I took 2nd exam, I did read all of the word and sentences in this website and follow your suggestion along with practice in Cambridge book. The result is that I got overall 7 (L 7.5 , R 7, W 7 . S 6.5).
I'm really happy for that especially got Writing 7.00. I never took private class or English class before. I also read your book Idea for IELTS as well. My writing topic is about people behavior in follow the trends. I write about advertisement and give some my own idea as well. I can't believe that I got 7 for writing.

Thank you so much again and hope everyone will get the result that you want!

Hi everyone.
I'll take an Ielts exam soon. It's very important for me and I need 5.5 score. I have just complated intermediate level of English.Can I get this score? or I have to wait?

Congratulations eRdeM and blair! I'm glad my lessons helped.


Hi Martin,

I agree with your advice. Thanks again for sharing your answers.


Hi Erik,

Yes, the examiner will be impressed if you can correct yourself like that.

Hi Simon , this is Harminder. I want overall 7.0 including 7.5 in listening. I took ielts test twice and I got first attempt 4.5 READING
After 4 months second attempt I received
6.0 reading
6.0 listening
5.5 writing
7.0 speaking OVERALL 6.0 both times.
I despereatly need help from u to achieve 7.0 overall I m taking test in the end of

Hello everybody,

I want to to ask you something: is it IELTS the same in every country or it differs.
Do someone remember the 2nd topic of general writing in 27 July 2013.

Thank you in advance

Hello everybody and Simon,
I have a question in this lesson.
Why we always use the sentence "I'm sure we spend more time stuck in traffic" rather than "I'm sure we spend more time sticking in traffic"?

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your sharing.

I just have a little concern about the phrase " spend time stuck in the traffic"

Why don't we use "spending time sticking in the traffic" as normally we usually use " I spend time reading books all day" for example?

Thank you


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