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July 11, 2013


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Hi Simon,
you only speak to searching the Internet in 2008.What about other mobile phone functions in 2008?. It is perhaps one of the imperfect, isn't it?
Thank you so much

Hi simon,
I wrote 5 times IELTS EXAM but still i got 4 bands in writing and speaking.Recently i wrote exam from india,in june-2013 but i got 4 bands in writing and speaking.I m desparate to get atleast 6.5 band.Pls suggest me.I m based in chennai-india

hello, who knows how to argnize the task 2, Human have made a great technological process in the last hundred years. However, this progress has negative effects on people's lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
what should argue for and against? Thanks!

Hi moinuddin,
It's really painful and I understand it.
You need to speak a lot and in this website a lot of suggestions about all modules. Please read them carefully.
About writing, you could Simon's ebook.
There very important topics sentences and ideas about how to write band more than band 6 essays.
Best of luck

Hi, Simon
Could you do this bar chart question? I found it very difficult to compare.

It is from Test 3 Cambridge Book 4.

Thanks in advance.

(You are not expected to write a masterpiece in only 20 minutes.0

The best sentences I've ever heard about IELTS. Some examiners and teachers think that IELTS-takers should be Shakespeare to achieve band 9. This leads to some misguidence to students,putting them in a wrong way to prepare for IELTS.

Hi Dung Tu,

Yes, that is an example of something that could be better if I had more time. However, the question always asks you to "select the main features" - it will always be necessary to miss some of the information.


Hi Moinuddin,

Suman is right (see comment above) - you just need to keep working to improve your level of English. Hard work and practice are the only solutions.


Hi Ku Yeh,

I agree - it's a tricky question. I'll try to do a lesson about it soon.


Hi Donald,

Unfortunately, what you say is true. Some teachers are just as confused as their students about what a band 7 or band 9 essay should look like.

Hello simon
Should we write conclusion or its not important for task 1

hi everyone,

I'm planning to take my IELTS exam this September and i need help in writing and reading... here is my sample essay, comments and suggestions are welcome to improve in my writing skills.

The table shows the different proportion usage of cellphone features used by mobile phone subscribers in 2006 to 2010.

In 2006, no data was gathered in phone features like internet searching and video recording. Although, making calls has the highest figure of 100% followed by text messaging with a percentage of 73. on the other hand, phone features like playing music and games was the least used mobile feature with a rating of 12 and 17 percent respectively.

By 2008 and 2010, a proportion of some features slightly increased, where as, the call feature and playing games decreased by one percent over the years.

To sum up, the percentage usage usage of some mobile phone features: taking photos, text messaging, searching the internet, music playing and video recording slightly increased with in four years where as other phone functions like making calls and playing games decreased minimally in two years time in 2008 up to 2010.

Simon i should thanks you first and this is very usefull for student like us who do not have enough knowledge about the subject. But i should mention you that most of writting task 1 is about to compare 2 charts or 2 things. So it will be more usefull if you do such a things.

dear simon,
this is my first time i am trying to write by myself in writing task.. please see through it and advice me what is wrong and what changes should i do..please consider my request..

The table compares the percentage of people using different features in a mobile phone between the years 2006 and 2010.
Throughout the period, the main reason why people use mobile phones is to make calls, but there is also an up rise of other features that show a great interest in the users, particularly internet search features.
In 2006, 100% of the mobile phone owners used to make calls which ranked the highest,whereas next popular functions were text messaging(73%) and taking photos(66%). On the contrast, less than 20% of the owners used to play games and music and there were no figures of interest in video recording and internet search.
Over the 4years, there were less significant changes in the top 3 popular features. However, the percentage of people using mobile phones to access the internet has jumped from 41%in 2008 to 73%in the year 2010. Similarly, results also show a significant rise in the interest of the owners to play games and record video with figures 41% and 35% respectively.

please simon i hope u would respond to this pls....its really urgent...please tell me how much score would i get for this
waiting for your reply..


Hi Simon,
My former English teacher (he's an IELTS examiner) said that this type of table only gave information about 3 different years : 2006, 2008, 2010 and we don't know what happened,for example,in 2009. so we shouldn't say like "from 2006 to 2010, it increased by 20%), we'd better write "it was 20% higher in 2010 than that in 2006".
Is that right? Because I'm quite confused how to describe details if they didn't happen continuously (like in a line chart). Thank you.

Do we have to mention every category in our essay? I find it hard to do so because sometimes there is to much information.

Hi Simon,
I was wondering if it is advisable to use which of the following phrases:
Over the four following years, mobile phones witnessed a slight increase ....
Over the four following years, mobile phones witnessed a minimal incline from... To ....

Thank you in advance!


Dear Simon! Your task 1 essays are flawless. Even though I'm aware of the fact that you are a native speaker who is also an ex-examiner and a current IELTS teacher, I envy your task 1 essays:-S I went through all your task 1 lessons. Yet, I don't feel confident in this task. My exam is tomorrow. I really hope that I can use your tips in that scary 20 minutes.

Hi Simon,

I have a question about the structure of your task 1 writing. I fond that all good examples from IELTS cambridge are putting summary paragraph at last, while you put it just below the introduction. So, I wonder whether these two ways both correct.

Your answer is highly appreciated.

Both ways are fine Iris.

The reason I put the summary near the beginning is to encourage students to give it more importance. If you do the summary last, and you rush it, your score might be affected.

Hi Simon
Your work on this website is really functional.
Here I have a different idea about your example…
Position: last paragraph, line 2, ”feature”
I think it could be better if it change to “function” or “top three using of mobiles ”.
Does it matter? Could you tell me something about the KEYWORDS in writing?

And I think we can use this structure when it comes “TIME1 to TIME2” or” period of … ” and the table is complicated to describe. Am I right?

Thx :)

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