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July 18, 2013


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Bar and column charts are one of the most frequently used chart types. They are simple to understand, simple to make, and their visual structure matches the structure of a lot of data. They also have two variations that can be really useful for slightly more complex data structures. Grouped and stacked column charts are great ways to indicate other relationships in the structure of data, but there are subtle differences between what each one communicates, and using the right chart can make a big difference.

Both grouped and stacked column charts show a grouped structure in the data they represent, and they both can show a hierarchy one level deep. The differences are what makes them powerful, though.

Grouped bar charts are good for comparing between each element in the categories, and comparing elements across categories.

we can see in this bar chart what is the number of olımpıc madels ın twelve dıferent countrıes
we can understand from thıs bar chart usa is the most successfull coıntry ın thıs olımpıc games , he has got two tımes madels of hıs closest rival whic is soviet unıons , usa won over 2300 madels untıl now , sovıet unıons got 1000 madesl and other countrıes of madels numaber are not so close even sovıet unıosn
chıne ıs the unsucccesfull coıntıres when we check among these countrıes hıs madels number are over 400 , when we compare chınes madles wıth usa we can understand how succesfull usa ıs , and ther eıs no so sıgnıfıcantt dıferent in these madels siver gold and bronze rates

dont care my letter mıstakes , i just wonder what score i would have

The bar graph given represents how many gold, silver and bronze medals were secured by different countries across the globe.

USA, by far, earned the greatest number of all types of medals i.e. 5000. It was followed by Soviet Union, UK and France at 2200, 1650 and 1400 medals respectively. Germany,Italy, Sweden and Hungary were able to win almost equal number of medals, ranging from 1250 to 1050. Japan won only 700 medals which was the lost among all the countries.

USA, among the total of 5,000 medals that it managed to secure, 1000 were of gold, about 1700 were silver and 23,00 were bronze and hence it won the most medals in all three categories with the bronze being highest and the gold being the lowest in number. Same was true for all other countries as they were also able to grab most of the medals in bronze and least in gold category.

In conclusion, USA was the highest achiever and Japan was able to achieve the lowest number. All nations won more bronze medals than silver and gold.

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Hello Simon teacher, my exam is next week and till now I am unable to write down a task 1 report properly. I understand that it is not possible for you to check our work here as it would be more than tiresome, I still hope that you'll give me a rough idea about how I did on this task. I need a band 7, do you think there is some hope for me? Your kind help will be highly appreciated. I'll wait for your response, Sir.


The stacked bar chart shows the total number of Olympic medals such as gold, silver and bronze won by twelve different countries.

America has the higher number of Olympic medals than any other country mentioned in the chart. At same time, America represents the top when come to each Olympic medal such as gold, silver as well as bronze. When come to gold, Soviet Union maintains the second position, whereas UK and Italy share the third position. Japan and Australia are the lowest. Coming back to silver, Soviet Union and UK stand at second and third position respectively. However, Japan was at minimum position. Here is a bronze, where Soviet Union stands second position and China stands last position. Other countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, Hungary and France share the equal number in some medals.

In conclusion, America has shown more than two times bigger than the number of Soviet Union and most of countries won more in bronze medal compared to other medals.

Looking forward to hear some advice from you. My exam will be held on first week of August. Please do not miss out opportunity! :D Your help will be gratefully appreciated.

OMG. I forgot to write "OLYMPIC medals"....


Is it ok to write a report without including a single figure in it?

A correction:

Japan won only 700 medals which was the LOWEST among all the countries.

Hi Kitty,

I am not sure whether I am the right person to answer your question.

From my point of views, I am unable to retrieve the value/number of medals won by countries, hence i feel that it is not right for me to give wrong value.

But you can use in such ways such as "About or at least or around".

Let us hear from Simon, if he make it. :)

All the best, Kitty! I am sure you will do it well. :)

Q: Why do you think a stacked bar chart has been chosen to illustrate this information?

A: I guess the information is shown as a stacked bar because it is the most efficient way to compare the categories-gold,silver, and bronze- among the countries given on the chart. From top to bottom it definately shows the ranking such as 1st place, 2nd place and so on. The color can help us recognise what kind of medals are acquired most and compare the sports power between the competitors as well.

Am I right?

Hi all. Task 1 MUST contain data (numbers if it's a graph or table) otherwise your TA score drops considerably. Aim for at least 6 numbers.

Hi Simon, I have some questions on grammar from your site. Would you please explain to me?

the posting on 7th June, 2012, you used following sentences.

1: The chart below shows numbers of incidents and injuries per 100 million passenger miles travelled (PMT) "by" transportation type in 2002.

2: The bar chart compares the number of incidents and injuries for every 100 million passenger miles travelled "on" five different types of public transport in 2002.

3: It is clear that the most incidents and injuries took place "on" demand-response vehicles.

I cannot understand.. why you used "on" for the second and last sentences. I understand "by" is appropriate for the first, but why didn't you use "by" for the others? it seems to me that "by" is right.

acording to what I have learned in Geology, stacked bar charts are used to show the correration to compare these elements in one subject

The statistics portray information in respect of three types of medals – gold, silver and bronze, attained in the Olympics by top twelve nations throughout the world. It is noticeable that among the twelve countries, only three of those located in the Asia Pacific regions.

To begin with, it is immediately apparent that USA has by far the most significant number of medals, follow by Soviet Union and UK, at around 2300, 1000 and 750 respectively. Moreover, the number of gold medals obtained by the US is double the number of Russia’s, at slightly over 900.

In sharp contrast, Japan has the least considerable amount of medals which is dropped by nearly seven times in comparison to the US, at roughly 350. However, the three categories of medals are evenly distributed.

The data represented on the stacked chart that Australia is the highest achiever among the Asia Pacific nations, secured 450 medals altogether. In contrast, the number of gold medals it has is not as much as that of the Chinese’s and is only slightly over the number of the Japanese has, at 150.

Please feel free to comment.

Hi Simon,
This is sukrutha.I Am writing my IELTS on 3rd August, 2013 in UK. I want 7 score in all the four bands which is very difficult for me, but at any cost i need it in my professional life.please help me simon. Your Ebook is really superb and the contribution of work your are doing in this site is amazing thank you so much simon.

I want clear my query in speaking introduction part-1.
If examiner asks the question like Describe yourself?

Can I answer in this way & can I use these type of idioms in any part of IELTS exam to show my vocabulary.

My answer will be like:

My name is sukrutha kaukuntla, completed by BSC nursing back in my home country and pursued MBA Healthcare management in coventry university.
From the get go I Am a simple gal who is desperate to learn new things and believes in hope for the best & be prepared for the best in a practical life.
Since from my childhood I Am always pre occupied in service of the people who are in need which became my passion in later stages of my life & professionally as well. I want to sit prettily in my life . I Am a kind of person who likes to go home put my feet up and have a ball with my family members because I will be out for the count and dead on my feet after working all the day from a job
To put in a nutshell I don’t count chicks before they hatch. I dont like to cool ones heel that’s why I plan my schedule perfectly instead of hitting home.

Please tell me whether my grammar is good or not? let me know any mistakes & suggestions from your side.thank you SIMON.


Hey Simon,

Just wanted to thank you for this great website.Got my IELTS result today and got an 8 overall band.


yay!! got my IELTS

speaking 8.5
listening 8.5
writing 7 happiest person ever

Congrats Prabh!

I didn't know what a "stacked bar chat" was, that's why my description was totally wrong.
If you too don't know what it is, visit the following link:


It's very easy to follow, I must say.

Thanks kitty. That is a good link. I have copied and pasted the definition of stacked bar chart here:
Stacked bar graph is a graph that is used to compare the parts to the whole. The bars in a stacked bar graph are divided into categories. Each bar represents a total.

The bar chart given represents the number of gold, silver and bronze medals secured by twelve countries from across the globe in the Olympic games.
The United States, by far, was able to win the largest number of medals in all three categories. It was followed by Soviet Union with a great difference, who secured 1000 medals, which were less than half of US medals. Countries to follow the Soviet Union were UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, East Germany, Australia and China, who won medals in the range of 350 to 750. The lowest achiever was Japan, who was able to grab only 300 medals.
The United States won the most medals in gold category and least in bronze. Out of around 2300 Olympic medals for US, 950 were of gold, 750 were of silver and the rest were bronze medals. Same was true about Soviet Union in gold category with around 400 medals, however, it won equal number of medals in silver and bronze category. China, East Germany, and Italy also won the most medals in gold. UK, Japan and Sweden were able to get almost equal number of medals in all three categories.
Overall, US managed to secure greatest number of medals and Japan the smallest and most of the countries won most medals in gold category.


Simon Sir, I need your advice. Help me.....please...


Kitty has visited this page a thousand times today to see Simon Teacher's comment on her report.....

Hi Kitty,

I'm afraid I don't comment on people's writing. If I did this for one person, it wouldn't be fair on all the other people who would also like my help. I hope you understand - if I checked everyone's work, I would receive hundreds of essays every day. Sorry.


Congratulations JD and Prabh - great scores!

This bar chart shows the distribution of olympic medals among twelve different countries .
As it is clear from graph that the america grab first place by winning highest number of medals .In contrast, japan is in lowest position .Third leading country in winning medals is UK .USA alose hold first position to having highest number of individual medals .SOVIET UNION and UK are respectively in second and third position in gold medals .Country like japan,china,hungary, east germany ,arustralia and swedan are still behind the to win total 500 medals .
In conclusion, USA was the highest achiever and Japan was able to achieve the lowest number. All nations won more bronze medals than silver and gold.

Thankyou simon an kitty

The bar chart depicts number of gold, silver and bronze medals won by twelve different countries. It is evident that USA won highest number of gold, silver and bronze medals whereas lowest total number of medals won by Japan among all given countries.
In detail, USA won more than 2000 medals among which about 800 were gold, more than any countries total winning medals except Soviet Union who managaed to achieve 1000 models in total. It is also second highest in total medal winning race followed by UK and France whose total numbers of medals stood at around 750 and 700,respectively. Germany and Italy won about half of the total number of medals won by Soviet Union whereas rest of the countries namely Sweden, Australia, Hungary, East Germany, Japan and China’s numbers were below 500. Japan earned lowest number of gold and bronze medals whereas China was the lowest in bronze.


Your answer here is way too long for Part 1 and to be honest, while idioms are generally a good thing, if they are not used naturally, they sound planned and don't actually help your score.

My advice is to keep the answer in Part 1 short (one or two sentences is enough) and natural. If an idiom comes into your head instinctively, use it, but don't plan to use them.

That stacked bar below explains the Different Medals won by Different countries.

USA is in the first place with almost 1000 Gold, 1500 Silver and 2000 Bronze medals while the following was Soviet union with 1000 Gold, 1500 Silver and 2000 Bronze medals.

By contrast to USA china is in the least place with 1000 Gold, 1500 Silver and 2000 medals.
The other countries have made an equal effort except a little change in the no’s
We could see the no of Gold medals won by Hungary and East Germany

hi symon sir i havent understood writing task two plz teach how to write?

Hi Simon,
I have a question about pie charts. should I mention all the information that a pie chart shows in my essay? or just like graphs I should mention some important data?

Thank you


The diagram presents the number of gold, silver and bronze medals won by twelve countries during the Olympics. Generally, the US had the greatest number of accumulated medals.

US won approximately 2300 medals: 900 of which were gold, 750 were silver and 700 were bronze, making US the country with the highest number of medals won overall and in the three medal categories.

On second place in the overall ranking was Soviet Union, winning 1000 medals, which was roughly half the number of medals won by US. Coming in at third and fourth places were UK and France with about 750 and 700 medals respectively. Germany and Italy were in the fifth and sixth place, with about 500 medals each. On the seventh and eighth places were Sweden and Hungary with approximately 470 medals. Australia and East Germany won about 440 and 420 medals respectively, which landed them the ninth and tenth spot. On the eleventh and twelfth places are the countries with the least number of medals, namely China and Japan, accumulating only 400 medals.

Out of the twelve countries, 1/3 of them garnered the most medals in the Gold Division. These countries were US, East Germany and China. Soviet Union also belonged to this group; however, it won the same number of medals for both silver and bronze unlike US and two the other countries. There were two other countries which won equal number of silver and bronze medals, at the same time, had the greatest number of medals won in these divisions, namely: UK and Sweden. There were also countries which won more bronze medals as compared to other divisions; this included France and Australia. While previously mentioned countries won more medals in a specific division, there were 4 countries which had an equal number of medals won in the three divisions. These countries were Germany, Italy, Hungary and Japan.

Dear Simon, could you explain this paragraphs for me, what it's mean?
It is also noticeable that the figure for gold, silver and bronze won by any particular country tend to be similar.

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