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July 04, 2013


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Thank you, Sir, for answering my previous questions concerning the topic-specific vocabulary and less common expressions that are mentioned in the marking system. I am sure that all readers of this blog have appreciated your effort as much as I have.

So I was just wondering if you are so kind to answer a few more questions that I think are no less important.

Firstly, the question rubic in task 1 of the IELTS writing test is always the same for both types of diagrams: diagrams with data and diagrams without data, that is, candidates are asked to report main features and make comparisons whatever the diagram is.

So my first question is this. Will it affect someone's score if he or she fails to make any comparison while decribing "a process"? (Most people find it nearly impossible to compare anything.) Are the words "where relevant" in the rubric written in order to preclude the case of "describing a process" ?

Secondly, while the public version of the marking system is available on the Internet, which I am sure you have seen, is there any 'inside version' of the marking system that is only exposed to IELTS examiners? If yes, do you have one? Do you suppose it is helpful to know more details concerning the marking system from this version? I am utterly curious about what an examiner will do if he or she finds a candidate's essay matches 2 specific descriptions of, say, band 7 in Grammatical Range and Accuracy, but the essay does not seem to match 2 other decriptions in the same band? Is it still a 7 or will it then be a 6 in GRA?

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes,

Samuel (Wuhan, China)

Dear Simon,

I want to ask you about remark. (Sorry, this is not related to today's topic)

Is there a possibility that scores decrease after the remark?

If you cannot answer this question, I would be happy if you would only said "I do not know" or "I cannot tell you".

Thank you in advance.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for this wonderful site.It is the only source from which I had studied for IELTS.

And I got my result as: L:8, R:7, S:6.5, W:6.5

Would you suggest me to go for re-marking as I needed 7 in all four modules.

Please advise.


Hi Simon,

Could you give me any comment regarding my below paper? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Percentates of mobile phone owners using various moblie fertures.

As the table displays, in 2006, 100% of mobile phone owners used their phones to make calls, while the popular uses of mobiles were text message(73%) and taking photos (60%). By contrast, less than a fifth of owners played games or music on their phones, and there were no figures for users doing internet seaches or recording video.

However in 2008, there is no changing on making calls, still 100%. And for the popular uses of text message and taking photos, a slowly grownth. While as comparision, a fast grownth is on playing games, serching the internet and recording video.

Two years letter, making calls is 99%, only 1% down grownth, but it implay that the mobile phone owners' habit began to change. For taking photos, test message and play music, there are only a little grownth. But searching internet and recording video grown fast. However, phones owner played games less than they do in 2008.

After all the comparison, we may get the following conclusion:

1. Make calls using mobile phone is in a dropping trends.
2. Take photos, text message, play music will continue slowly up.
3. Searching internet and recording video grow very fast. And it iwll keep the speed in following 2 years.
4.For play games, it begins to up and down. It may not have much changing in future.

Hi Samuel,

You were right to suppose that the examiner does not expect you to make comparisons when describing a process; "where relevant" is the key phrase.

The examiner's version is a bit more detailed, but examiners are not allowed to copy it or take it out of the test centre (so I don't have a copy). However, the public version is easily good enough. Regarding your question about points within each band, the examiner has to make his/her own judgment about whether you have 'mainly' fulfilled the requirements of the band or not.

Hope this helps!


Hi Daim,

Yes, I'm afraid it's possible.


Hi Jessie,

I'm afraid I don't give feedback on essays (I would receive too many if I did). Just one thing: don't write lists with numbers or bullet point - you'll lose marks!

Hi Si mon,
I'm feel a bit disappointed with the main feature of this task.I posted my comment but I could not see them.Can you check again, please?
Thank you

Hi Simon,thanks a lot for this website and for your ebook !I just would like to ask you after my speaking exam finished the examiner stopped me at the corridor and start asking me why im taking the ielts test and which course im going to study. Is that okey?thanks !

If the graph described about rates....how can we describe it in task 1? Using percentage is correct way to describe or not?

Dear Simon, The figures for using mobile phones to make calls remained just 100% in 2008, whereas in 2010 it dropped by 1%. In contrast, the use of phones for searching Internet was being nearly doubled in 2010(73%) than in 2008(41)%. Other activities such as taking photos,texting and playing games had shown very close figures between the years. Although, there were marked increase in playing music and recording video by the year 2010 and at 26% & 35% respectively. My 2nd paragraph, I tried to follow the plan,,is that ok?

Dear simon,

I made a mistake in the lastest ielts test... In task1, I wrote "the number of unrecycled waste :(((... What score will i possibly have:((

Please tell me... I am so confused

Dear Simon and All,

Could someone give me advide about that text?

Thanks a lot.

The given table shows how people used mobile phone to demand some activities between 2006 and 2010.

As can be from the table, consumer using mobile phone serve mostly making calls. Moreover, They had a up trend to take photos anr send and receive tex messages by mobile phones. To be more clear about this, take make calls as an example, there was 100% owners did this activities in both 2006 and 2008.The figure was less 1% in 2010, standing at 99%. The number of people use mobile phone to play game and search the internet increased significantly over 4 years. Particularly, in 2010, playing games by mobile phone went up over two and a half times compared in 2006, rising from 17% to 41%. And searching the internet doubled in 1 year, starting at 41% in 2008 to 73% in 2010. People playing music by mobile phone rose over 6% per 2 years. The most impressing thing is recording video with no data in 2006 but it jump up four-folder in 2010 than in 2008, rising from 9% to 35%.

In conclusion, there was a considerable increase in the number of people using mobile phone for various mobile phone features, except makeing calls which remained quite stable over period.

Hi Simon,
I always get confused about whether I should use "the percentage/number" or "the percentages/numbers".
For example should the introduction for this table be: "The table shows information about the percentages of mobile phone owners using various mobile phone features." or "The table shows information about the percentage of mobile phone owners using various mobile phone features."
I feel like using "the percentages" because I can see many percentages on the table.
I need clear instructions about how to use a singular or a plural when talking about groups.

sir i hav my exam on augest 23 ..i have a problom in reading ..also i need to hav my score in all band 7 ..give me tips ..where i could get my score needed in all section

Could i use 'On the contrary' instead of 'By contrast'in beginning of sentence?

Dear simon

Please reply


I'm afraid I no longer have time to answer everyone's questions individually. However, I do still read them all, and I try to address them in my lessons.

dear simon,
this is my first time i am trying to write by myself in writing task.. please see through it and advice me what is wrong and what changes should i do..please consider my request..

The table compares the percentage of people using different features in a mobile phone between the years 2006 and 2010.
Throughout the period, the main reason why people use mobile phones is to make calls, but there is also an up rise of other features that show a great interest in the users, particularly internet search features.
In 2006, 100% of the mobile phone owners used to make calls which ranked the highest,whereas next popular functions were text messaging(73%) and taking photos(66%). On the contrast, less than 20% of the owners used to play games and music and there were no figures of interest in video recording and internet search.
Over the 4years, there were less significant changes in the top 3 popular features. However, the percentage of people using mobile phones to access the internet has jumped from 41%in 2008 to 73%in the year 2010. Similarly, results also show a significant rise in the interest of the owners to play games and record video with figures 41% and 35% respectively.

please simon i hope u would respond to this pls....its really urgent...please tell me how much score would i get for this
waiting for your reply..


the table demonstrates which one of fonction of mobile phone were utilized more by users for 4 years
as it can be clearly seen that the top reason always was make calls in each years and there was nothing to compete else with it. take photo feature was using by 66 per cent of users and following years this rate showed a few rise and message fonction was another that depicted an increase in next years , number of both using were roughly similar. although there was no idea for number of usıng for 2 optıons one of both was search ınternet that took a great significant place in users with 23 in 2010 and also record video was not attractive fonction early of period however its number of usıng dramaticaly went up nearly more than 4 tımes
just only one feature dıd not exist in thıs table that dıdnt have rise percentage of usıng was play games, despite of not quite fall
in conclusion , the reasons to use mobıle phone increased

Do you think that my introduction below is good?

"The table compares the percentages of cell phone owners in terms of usage different functions of their cell phones between 2006 and 2010."

If you answer me, I'll be happy.

Thank you again Simon

hi simon, can you tell me if this is gramatically correct or it addresses the given graph?

this is my intro for this essay:

the table compares the proportion of people who use mobile phones in terms of its functionality/different functions.


Dear sir,thank you so much for this guidance

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