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August 25, 2013


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Totally agree. Practice, practice, and more practice then. With a little bit of help :). So could you please help me how to take the 'leap of faith' from a 7 to an 8 or better in the Writing band? I believe I know why I got only a 7 last time. And the Task 2 topic was 'artist funding' in your earlier posts.

Dear sir , I m giving ielts exam on 7th sept 2013 .i m worrying about reading section I am in general section . I have to get 6 band in reading means 30 out of 30 so plz me how to get it? I need 6 band individual in all 4 section plz help me.plz give your suggestion

Sorry I wrote something wrong that I need 30 out of 40 in reading section. So how to get it please advise me

Dear Simon,
I am facing the exam on 29th Aug.
Pls. let me know that writing the letters "T", "F" or "NG" in answer script, instead of TRUE, FALSE and NOT GIVEN is accepted in the reading module.

Dear Mr. Simon,
Would you mind helping me some structure or academic vocab on the topic "What is more important: education and life experience?"?
Thank you very much!

Totally agree! There is neither "secret" nor "shortcut" when it comes to improving language skills!

it has simple answer.People often want to know the easy way to learn english.Generally we want to learn something without work.
'Ah dear secret please come in my mind and provide me at the least 7(overall band in IELTS)

although Simon posted a article to tell most of people , that is no secret to learn language. why there is still so many person ask question like "secret"?

Dear Simon,

i did ielts once & got only overall 5.5, actually i need 7 on each band, i hope to take exam again on 5th april .so plse advice me simon iam so cofused...

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