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August 13, 2013


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Thanks Simon

It really helped.can you give some sample for writing and speaking too.

hi simon how r u? I want to get free ielts practice test please tell me the best website

in listening or reading is i write as Central Station ( C and S in capital ) instead of central station will it goes as wrong, because i have a habit of starting every word in capital.

pls advise.

The speakers are speaking extremely clear with proper British accent. I heard that IN ielts there are noises in background and speakers with different accents. How is it in real exam?

And, is it ok to write 'km', while there are 'kilometres' in the answer key? As well as I wrote '3 Faces of China'- it's much quicker than 'Three...'. Would I lose points for that kind of 'mistakes'?

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