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August 26, 2013


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Hi simon
i am new in ielts before 2 and 3 days i just started to understand about the ielts but the difficulty is that ielts goes to up my head but i promise to myself that i will hit it i tried to buy your book but i could not buy it and my target is to get 7 band i don't have any card except my ATM card how can i buy through this and how can i achieve my score where i can understand all modules from bottom to hight
thanks to simon or all my frd who will send comment to help me

Hi Simon,

I just finished a listening test. When I answered one of the questions, I put down 'priority' when the correct answer should be 'priorities'. Will I get mark for it? Thanks.

Hi Anita,

Your answer would be wrong i am afraid, in listening they are very restrict.Take care next time with the sigular and plural. Good luck

Hi Simon, I got 4.5 for reading last time, I want to prove it to 5.5 or 6, would you please give me some suggestions how to prepare my reading? it's the most difficult one for me to Improve.

Hi simon,

I took ielts test first times and my score is overall 5.5 : L:5,W:5.5,R:5.5,S:5.5

I need to get 7. What can I do?? Please help me??

hi simon
i am happy n glad to visit this site.definitely it will help me in future exam but may i know the basic steps or ideas which could emphasize my mind n help me to score not only a good score but also to improve my language.i would like to boost my knowledge than only i can easily settle in a country where english language is the main language.expecting from u

hi Simon i find difficulty in all sections. could you help me in improving my skills. Am following your blogs.

Hi Simon,
I need to band 6 on L,R,W and S. How can I prepare for ielts?

Hi friends
If some like to join with meal for improving speaking ,that would be appreciated.my skype

Hi Simon,Im sitting for the exam in November ,therfore need to impove my writing skill. I got L-6.5, R-5.5, W-5.5 S-6 on my first attempt in year 2011, however my aimed band 7 in each this time.Kindly advice ...

Mr. Simon is really pouring his best ever effort to help everyone just not to teach IELTS but2 excel their English, I believe.

hi i malak from India ,i am worry about my academic reading please help me because i obtain 6.5 band.

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