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August 30, 2013


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Can you please suggest which book to choose from British library to practice all four modules in order to get 7 in each module.


Hi, Simon

I got my IELTS results(L:8.5 R:8.5 W:7 S:7) today, and I finally got all 7 in every module. It is surely a great news to me, and your excellent posts and work help me a lot.

I just want to say "thank you" to you, and i hope people who study everything in this website would get their ideal scores one day.

Hi Simon:

I took several times exam,scoring in speaking mostly between 6.5 to 7.Unfortunately two times an examiner gave me 5.5.
I did not have any problem,replying the questions exactly the same session I received 7.Good fluency,grammar and related vocabulary were my the major positive points.It happened to my friend who had history of score 6.5 to 7,scored 5 with this examiner.
How could be possible such a huge gap in scoring of speaking?Might she consider gender or race?
Unfortunately my writing was scored four times with the score of 6.5,being really frustrated,and I am going to change the center.
I will be appreciate if you help me in this matter.


Hi Simon :) I want to thank you for all your advice and lessons. I took my IELTS test recently and just received the results yesterday and I got band 8.0 overall
L: 9.0
R: 8.5
W: 8.0
S: 7.0
Thank you so much for this website. Keep it up :D

Thanks Simon

please,tell me do we need to give reason for every answers including part 1 and 3.
and is it compulsory to speak for 2 minutes in part 2


Hi Naresh,

Just use the official Cambridge IELTS test books for practice, and my website for advice.


Congratulations John and Pan!


Hi Rambod,

It's difficult for me to say what the reason might be. I think you just need to keep working hard and try again. Trying another test centre might be a good idea.


Hi Namita,

You don't HAVE TO give reasons for every answer, and it's not compulsory to speak for 2 minutes. However, I'd advise you to TRY to do both.


Hi San,

I disagree with your teacher. When they ask you your name at the start of the test, it's NOT part of the test. Just say your name to confirm your identity!

Hi every one
congratulation pan and Jon I took ielts 4times and I couldnot get more
than 6 please if you can tell me what you did to got this high score in both
because in my last exam I did all Cambridge books and I practice on exam
condition and my score always was more than 7but in real exam I only get 6 so please can give any advice from your experiences .thanyou

I am talking about reading and listening .

Here is speaking part 2 question. I have tried. Describe a person you know who made a good decision.
Who is this person?
What was their decision and why do you feel it was positive?
What resulted from their decision?
Todat, I am going to talk about a person who made a good verdict.The person who inspired me and changed my life is my mother. My mother encouraged me to study medicine. First it seems to me a tough task to become a doctor, because it needs lots of reading and experimentation skills. At the moment I am a qualified neuro physician. Her decision was fairly constuctive because I saved my grand father’s life. TO SHOW YOU WHAT I MEAN, One day, when I get back home, my grand pa had a severe myo cardiac attack. I immediately stared doing CPR and gave him proper treatment for his speedy recovery. She has proved that a woman can do any thing if she want to chnge the world.
The result of her decisin is that I am a successful doctor and have the innate abilities to save the millions of life. Also, I am here taking the ielts and hoping to get good grades in order to be acceplted on Australian post doctorate fellowship.
All I give my mother, what she did was quite valuable for all of us.

Hi Simon,
With your advice and useful tips for IELTS preparation, I achieved a Band Score of 8 (L: 8.5, R: 9, W: 7, S: 8) on the August 17th test. Thank you for all the effective preparation resources on your site.

Thanks Simon

Hi every body
congratulation wanting can you please tell me
what you did and how you prepared to get this
high score especially inR and L because I stuck with
score 6 in my 4 exams .

Hi everyone, is there anyone who wants to practice speaking on skype ? as i am preparing for 7.

Hi param,
Your suggestion about speaking practice via skype is great. I am willing to join.
Any others who want to join, please add my skype ID: hoanganh.ey
I'm from Vietnam and my target is 7 as well.

1. Do you like parks?
Yes! I think parks are great places for children to play and for adults to relax.

2. Do you think different colours can change our moods?
Yes. Certainly they do. For example, colors like white or light blue can make you feel more relaxed and peaceful, while dark colors like dark brown or black may put you in a depressed mood.

3. When do people give flowers in your country?
Well, in my country, people give flower to each other on different occasions, like on birthdays, anniversaries, or when they want to visit someone who has just got a new baby.

Hi Simon,
I hv given my ielts 3 times and every time I stuck in reading and listening so can you give some technics . So that I get higher score.

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