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August 09, 2013


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Dear Simon,
My result has came today. I got 9 in Listening, 9 in Reading, 9 in speaking but 8 in writing. Unfortunately, I am one step behind to be a IELTS Examiner. I hope next time I'll get it by your valuable advice.

Yours Faithfully,

Hi Jimmy,

Congratulation for your great achievement. I hope it will helpful for all of us if you can share your ideas, experiences and the way you took to reach this great result.

hlw simon...
I achieved band score 7 overall (S-7.5, L-7.5, R-6.5, W-7.0).but im in need of 7 individually.Hence im going to appear again by the end of this month.However, if i get sufficient time in reading module, then i can answer all questions by understanding passages well. On the other hand, if i would like to answer all qustions within the given time, it become little bit tough and some answers may be wrong due to lack of good understanding the passage. I came to realize that i am also slow in reading passage as it takes more time to understand. so, would you please provide me with some valuable advice that will be helpful for getting 7.0 at least in reading module.
I will be eagerly waiting for your advice.
with thanks in advance...
Dr. Arif

Welcome back Simon!
Great tips for speaking as usual!

Dear Simon and everyone, this is my description on the first topic. It is a real example.

I'd like to talk about my birthday party held just 2 weeks ago in a form of a picnic in my own English garden. I have a privilege to be born in the middle of summer on the Saint Ann's day on the 26th of July. It's a good point that I can always organise outdoors party if the weather allows, but the weakest point is that many of my close friends or family members, including me take just their holidays these times, and simply may be not available to celebrate my anniversary together.

So, this summer the weather in England by far was brilliant, and on my day was like Italian from the southern part.
At first, I had invited my close friends being on the place, then arranged a garden equipment, summer furniture-tables, chairs and sunbeds, for children of my friends a small paddling pool. In total, I had my 3 best friends with children, not counting the members of my own family. I decided to prepare everything according to weather-delicious, light refreshment, drinks and desserts. In the beginning, I served some summer fruits like mature, tasty cherries picked by myself, then water melon and grapes. I also prepared a a fruit salad from canned fruits in a natural juice. Alternatively, we had some other salty snacks like crisps, nuts or biscuits.

The next serving was a great option of ice cream-3 colours, raspberry or vanilla with freshly picked bilberries or raspberries. In addition, we had a good quality rose and red wine and an excellent fruity cider.
When the time for coffee came we have hidden to the living room being afraid that my spongy and creamy birthday cake will melt. But it was an occasion to sing 'happy birthday and my guests did it for me in 2 languages- Polish and English. And, only my husband made a trick and put two numbers on it, but I changed their order leaving the lower figure first. At this point I'm not revealing my real ones (smiling).

The same time children were playing together with water, balls and other toys allowing adults to talk. It was great to get together with my best friends, having some interesting conversations.I think even it was the best point of my party much more important than delicious food or bathing in the sun. Later ,in the evening I proposed something concrete to eat as a supper but the whole group refused explaining to be too full to swallow even a little bit more.
Generally speaking, I hope that everyone was fulfilled not only with food but with a great atmosphere I tried to create and positively built emotions. I can proudly say that everyone complemented me for such a well prepared event.

But what is good comes to the end quickly, and my guests had to leave me but only with good memories which I took with me on my holidays starting just the following day.

it must be-At the same time, children were playing together (unwilling mistake)

sir,my speaking test will be on 14 aug,can you tell me about what kind of speaking topic now come in test by idp

Hello Simon,
I took Ielts first time in June and I got a "late" topic. In fact, I did not prepare anything for this topic before. So, I felt nervous a little and I just got 6 for Speaking.I'm going to take it again in the and of this month. I now worry Reading and Speaking so much. If I don't get 6,5 this time, maybe I'll lose the scholarship to come to Manchester for MBA course:((. I'm trying so much every day. I wish someone helps me this time to get a better result.
Could you give me some advice.
Thank you, Simon.
My skype: sasavo.116

hi Jimmy
Can you please tel me that have you given only AC or GT/AC exam
Do guide me that whats the procedure for becoming Examiner as m too interested and where are you from?
waiting for you reply

Hi Simon and Everybody
I had been asked a question in a previous IELTS test in part 2 speaking, I couldn't recognise the meaning, but I spoke.
could you tell me the exact meaning.
The question is:
Speak about a news story that makes you happy.
Sir Simon and Everybody, could you tell me the meaning of this question, specially the phrase (news story).

Kindest regards
My test is on Saturday 17 Aug.

News Story- An article reporting news
hope it will help you

Sorry namita
It doen't halp, can you elaborate more?

In the media, like political or sport news?

or some one give you a news?

Thanks namita

here your topic talks about some one gave you good news not media one.

I’ve chosen to talk about an unpleasant memory that happened when I was an undergraduate. It took place in a morning in an exam season. My classmates and I were studying in dormitory for a difficult course which its exam was going to hold in the evening, suddenly my phone rang and my professor said me “where are you” “why are not you present and exam is holding in faculty” please hurry and take your exam. While we were confused and nervous, we collected books, pens and sort of thing and eventually we took exam although it was not satisfying. After examination, we noticed that other classmates had changed the time of exam and not told us. Since then we had no good relationship with them and didn’t forgive them. We couldn’t get good mark and also it had a negative effect on the other exams.

thank you for your speaking tips, dear Simon! it's been really helpful.

Surely Nuwan, I'd love to describe this. Ask me anything at any time and I'd try to give you answers satisfactory. This invitations to all of Simon's Friend.
I hope that I could benefit you.



Hi simon, i m deepak m going to take my first exam of ielts on 29th aug...but i m very week in writing task...and in reading also.Could you give me any suggestion to improve in me

hi Jimmy
u didn't answer me.Can you please tel me that have you given only AC or GT/AC exam
Do guide me that whats the procedure for becoming Examiner as m too interested and where are you from?
waiting for you reply

Hi Simon,

If I am asked to talk about a future movie, I respond by discussing a social movie with a message which would help young/future generation to think different about some main aspects of life. This didn't include science fiction or robots or life after 100 years at all during this monologue. How would it be rated, if all parts of speech are good, can it be band 7, is it must to give answer in exact context, because at times one can't get thoughts to speak in long run.

Hi Simon,
Getting of the day! I have started using your site today only and also sometime back posted a query, elaborating same post further I was asked to speak on part 2 about A book or Films which I have read or seen about future, no such movie clicked although i could imaging future with robots, computers, science and other planets, since i had no book or movie name which i had actually read or watched, i justified a social issue bringing sort of revolution in young generation as future movie. Do you think I can get band 7 for this answer ,rest all parts went fine.

I had this topic two times,scoring 6.5 and 5.5.
I spoke better in the second time,but the examiner gave me lower score!
I suppose there is 1 score fluctuation,scoring by different examiners.
If we response their favorite answer,they will give a good score.

•Describe a picnic or a meal that you ate outdoors.

I would like to talk about a meal I had recently with my family.

I visited my brother recently. He is staying in XXX. Since I had not seen him for a while, he decided that we should go for a picnic at the beach.

That morning, he and his family had drove his MPV to bring us to the beach. We had prepared some food and a mat too. After reaching the beach, the adults prepared the mat and food while the children rushed to play at the beach. We brought along food like fried noodles and sandwich. We also had drinks. After swimming, we had a simple meal with the food which we brought.

We stayed for about 3 hours. It was good to walk along the beach, on the sand. I had not been to the beach for some years now, and it was really refreshing to be able to walk on the sand again. When we were done, we packed out stuff and cleaned up our mess.

It was fun to eat outdoors once in a while. I am not an outdoor person, but I do enjoy occassional outdoor meal. It's good to have some changes once in a while though I don't prefer it to be very frequent.

•Describe a situation when you were late.

I would like talk about the time when I was late for work.

That time, I was terribly late for work, almost 2 hours! I woke up late that morning because I watched tv till late at night the night before. So, I was already late when I rushed out from house. Unfortunately, the traffic that day was bad causing me to be extremely late. I wanted to call the office to inform that I would be late for work, but I realized that I had left my phone in the bag in the car boot. Throughout the journey, I had no way to contact the office.

After seemed like very long, I finally reached to the office. I checked my phone and there were so many missed calls and text messages. Apparently, my boss had called me countless times asking me why I was late. There was a very important meeting which I had to attend on that day, and I missed that.

After explaining to my boss the situation, he was understanding enough not to scold me. But I reminded myself that I should never leave my phone in the car boot when I was driving. But then, it is not good to drive and make phone calls. Well, I guess at times, we just have no choice but to drive and call at the same time, but we have to make sure that we would be careful when doing that. By the way, the bad traffic that day was due to a car accident which involved few cars.

hi simon

could you please give us a complete sample answer for this question (being late)
appreciate it.

sir i had a mistake with my writing section 2 i ddint get the topic correctly. how is it gonna bn is it reduce marks les than 5.5 ????

Describe a situation when you were late. You should say:
• - When was it?
• - Why were you late?
• - How did you feel about it?

As far as remember it was two years ago when I arrived late for a job orientation. It was very first official job orientation from a well-known construction company in the heart of city. I was supposed to be there around 3 pm while I arrived one hour later .the reason was pretty lame. I was late because I got my schedule mixed up with the other one. I already had fixed a very important appointment with one of my clients for the same time and the bad thing was I couldn’t cancel that appointment as well. So I had to find a way to get to both the appointment and job orientation. Anyway I was able to meet the plotted schedule, but late for the job orientation. To be honest , I felt like a superwoman for not cancelling both and I was able to attend both but you know…I felt irresponsible, because I was not caution enough about my schedule.

any comment would be appreciated :)

All the ingormstion is very useful , I want some tips on cue card cafe you visit recently

what about trying to describe a situation that you were late because of the traffic jam?that way,we can answer two topic-late&traffic jam

hi,i wanted to ask u about SPOUSE VISA FOR UK,as my husband is a citizen of UK,so which type of test or exam i have to write ,,and in that particular test how much bands i had to get ?,what were the subjects?plz do reply soon.

Hi Gawher,

You don't need to take an English test for that kind of Visa. You would only need to take a test if you decide to study at university here. Then, the score you need depends on the university department, so you would need to contact them.

Hi simon

I just finished my speaking test in ielts but the part 2 it seems i spoke opposite what was asked . The topic was "Describe a advice you gave " but I spoke advice which i received . Part 1 and Part 3 were execllent but now i am worried about the part 2 .Will complete marks will be deducted for this ?. Really worried now as i don't have any more time to repeat.

hi everybody my exam is scheduled on 25 april.

nd speaking on 27 april ...i need ur help

Hello i need your help as my exam is conducted on june 13 so can you mail me the latest cuecards asked in exams.

hello simon
plss i need your help as my exam is on this 14th may so cn you pls mail me the latest cuecards or the questions are going to be asked in exam plsss

Hi simon, I am weak in all four section,,,,,,I need 6.5 and more band in General ielts.I have not to much time,,,,,so please tell me what can I do instantly.
With regards

Hello Simon and everybody. My exam is on next saturday but my score is going down for all section i need 6-6.5 what should i do in order to get high score? Please help me .
Your faithfully,

Hi, Simon i really want to improve my writing section. I had an ielts exam a month ago and i get overall 6 but 5.5 from writing. And i want to register for the second time. Can u help me to improve it please. Thanks in advance!

Hi Simon,
I am Steny George going to face the speaking exam on 8th January please help me with recent topics asked.
My email is sicaan@gmail.com

hlw simon
I am Manoj and i want to improve my reading

Hi i m sumera.i took 8 in speaking after using ur websit..thank yu so much but i got 6.5 in reading..cant meet my requirement.let me know if i apply for rechecking.i hv only .5 difference

I find problm in reading can you suggest some tips pls or in speking my exam will on 30april

here i would talk about when i am late for my exam .first of all i get up late in the morning that day bco in the night i slept at around 2 of clock i m busy in my exam preparation .so i reached at school 30 minutes late. then,my class teacher told to me why u r late for exam .then i told all the story for late .after completed one hour then i m sit in class for exam. .but,that time i felt very shameful bcoz my clas teacher very angry in front of me.further when i written the exam i forget al things those i am learn in very enthusiasm way .so i m very emotional that time .bcoz i gave poor perfomance to my teacher in exam .atlast i made descision in life every time reach at proper time .i always give advice to others give more importance to time .if time ran away then never come back.

My part two speaking question yesterday (March 25, 2017) is about a cafe in my hometown and I was tasked to tell about where is this located, why this cafe is different from than the other cafe, what does it look like, and lastly, what are my like and dislikes about this cafe. I'm quite nervous because talked too much and my examiner asked me to stop. it was my first time to take IELTS. Is it possible for me to obtain a band score of seven even though I was not able to finish answering all the questions in part two of speaking?

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