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August 10, 2013


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Thats absoutely true

Dear Simon,

I have heard that the IELTS exam is far difficult nowadays compared to the exams dated before 2013.
How far this issue is true?

Hi Simon,

I need your advise please. I needed 7 each but fell short of 0.5 in speaking only in my last test on 27th july. My speaking is not bad as I got 7 band in speaking before that. What would you suggest, may I go for re-mark in speaking??. waiting for your response. Also any body else have similar experiece, plz share.

Hi Simon,
can you please help me how to write this essay.
some companies hire equal number of male and female candidates.Is this a positive development or a negative development.

hi Simon, do you mean that we should add more alternative sources , for example ; bank, citizens..?

Dear Simon
please help me regarding this writing task2.
Some companies are hiring equal number of males and females.Is this a positive development or negative development.

Hy everyone! My name is Delia and I am from Romania. It is my first time when I post a comment here although I have been watching all of you for 7-8 months! I am a psychologist and I want to emigrate in Australia.I took IELTS exam twice, managing to improve my English abilities from level 4-5 to almost 7 in only three months with the help of a private teacher. My first scores were L-6 R-7,5 W-7 S-6,5. Because I need 7 in all parts, I began to prepare again only by my self and following Simon's advices completely. After another three moths, on 27 July, I scored L-8,5 R-7,5 W-7 S-6.5. So, with hard work everything is possible!
My question for Simon is whether it is worth to ask for a re-mark at speaking..I need extra 0.5, from 6,5 to 7...I really appreciate you..you do not know how much you helped me during this time of stress and pressure...waiting your response. Thank you!

Hi all.
1. Sanjay. No the tests are not harder. Individual tests are more difficult than others but listening and reading scores are adjusted for this.
2. Raja. In general if you are 0.5 under your target I advise not to remark.
3. Dung. Yes. Sponsorships, corporate events etc
4. Firri. Positives: this helps reflect society where there are roughly equal numbers of men and women. Also this offers more opportunities to women who are often handicapped in societies due to traditional prejudices and taking time off for childbirth.
Negatives: this might mean 'the best person does not get the job' which may cause a reduction in productivity and friction among staff. Also some women may be less respected because they may be seen as not getting a job on their merits.
This article may help you: http://www.newstatesman.com/business/2012/09/quotas-women-boards-all-pros-and-cons-one-place

Dear simon,
i just want to verify something. I found a website where they are grading task2, one of my essays got 6.5 because of sentence sentence coherence and sentence paragraph coherence. Now, in my essay's 1st body my topic sentence refers to all d possible positve Dear simon,
i just want to verify something. I found a website where they are grading task2, one of my essays got 6.5 because of sentence sentence coherence and sentence paragraph coherence. Now, in my essay's 1st body my topic sentence refers to all d possible positve effects, then I divided goof effects by starting with firstly, secondly and finally. This sequence goes the same with my 2nd body.
Im just worried because according to what i read, in order to get higher band you have to divide each negative topics to parapgraphs. Im a bit confuse since, on my topic sentences i did not mention any specific negative or positive effects i regarded them in general.

Than you! :)

i usually get 6 or 6.5 in listening and 5.5 in writing. I want to increase my score because I must get 6.5 in Ielts. so please send me some tips so that I could score good score. in writing i have grammer problem n making sentence problem. how could i improve my writing?????? please send me some tips to improve my writing. In reading i could not find the exact answer. so what method should
I follow to find out the answer in reading???

Here' s the essay i wrote, feel free to criticize it.. thanks!
And i'm hoping that you could clarify my query sir Simon :)
Essay topic:
Space tourism: Will it bring positive or negative effects on the world's development? Give your own opinion. Use example based on your experience.

It is undeniable that there are countries with technological advances which are working to be successful on space exploration. For them, this will be another form of recreation. Although I tend to believe that space tourism could have beneficial outcomes, I also think that it might affect people negatively.

There are obvious major positive impacts that outer-space recreation can produce. Firstly, in order to come up with space tourism, exploring and unraveling the hidden mysteries of the space is needed. This drastically broadens and enriches humans' technical awareness and constructive knowledge of the space. Secondly, exploration of the outside-earth will give every person a one of a kind experience. Travelers, for example, commonly go overseas by ship or airplane, however, if they would bravely try space exploration, they will be travelling by another means of transportation, called spaceship. Thus, they will encounter a rare and probably nerve-wracking experience. Finally, this type of tourism will surely increase employment, and thus, national revenues.

On the other hand, space tourism might cause undesirable outcomes. Since there are a lot to know and study to become successful with this kind of activity, therefore, a large amount of funds will be needed. Meanwhile, there are also some other significant needs that the government should support such as health care. In line with this, instead of funding for the space exploration, the state should focus on financing more important needs of a country. Furthermore, not everyone can take advantage on this sumptuous recreation. As a result, only wealthy people will be able to experience this expensive activity. Another harmful effect is, spaceships will automatically produce emissions that are pernicious to both humans and the environment.

To end, no doubt, space-tourism has advantages but there are also disadvantages which are needed to be reconsidered.


The restoration of old buildings in major cities in the world spends numorous government expenditures. This money should be used in new housing and road development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

If a question like this, do I have to answer why the money should not be spent on the restoration of old buildings.?After explaining the necessity of investing on building new house and road, if I use another paragraph to explain the reasons why not to do that?does it mean I am off topic?


I am confused what is the exact meaning of "off topic" in IELTS writing?

about the topic of " animal experiments" in your blog, If I use some other reasons(not "morally wrong",maybe the extinction of animal assuming it make sense) to support the idea "it is wrong to implement animal experiments", does it mean I am off topic???

need your reply.

thanks in advance

Hello, everyone! I am new here.

I have a question for Simon: it is worth to apply for a remark if my scores were L-6 R-7,5 W-7 S-6,5 and the second time I got : L-8,5 R-7,5 W-7 S-6,5. I am interested about speaking. Thank you and I wait your response.

Me, again! I have a very interesting experience regarding the IELTS exam and preparation. In three months I have managed to improve my scores a lot due to Simon and his advices. Previously, I had a private teacher. So, please look at my scores and give me feedback...

Hi Andreea,

Go for re-mark and at the same time reserve another exam if you are in a hurry.

Hi everyone,i have done my exam twice within three months,,I need individual 7 but only slipped on writing,6 on my first attemt and 6.5on my second time on 27th july.......should I recheck it or should go for a private teacher for essay correction?I need advice from you please.

Hi All,do you know that if I recheck my exam whether they will tell me in which part of my writing is weak such as vocabulary or grammer or anything?Atleast I will be able to know in which area i need to improve more.....I need help from you.....

Dear simon, my exam is on 10 December.please provide the cue cards for this date.thanks

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