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August 14, 2013


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Hi Simon,

I have taken speaking test today (14 Aug, 2013) in Bangalore, India.
I have done section 2 and section 3 good. But, in section 1, I could not understand one question, and I feel my answer was not relevant to her question. Will this one wrong answer may have negative impact? I need 7 band

Folks! I have posted the questions I faced in "Recent exam questions 7"

Naresh Kumar

Hi Naresh,

Don't worry about section one. According to my private IELTS teacher you will not get any marks for section 01. it is just to familiarize with the test and examiner. If you performed well in section 02 & 03 definitely you will get band score 7 or more.

Thanks Nuwan for your valuable comment.

Hi Simon, I wonder that how you establish coherence between the two main paragraph. For example, the second paragraph in one of your " both views and opinion type" essays, starts with the " on the other hand".
This makes it logical with the paragraph, however if someone is reading, probably it will be difficult to make the connection.

do you think that it is more meaningful, that if we finish the first paragraph again with the short paraphrase of the "topic" sentence, so that when we start the second paragraph with the word "on the other hand", it sounds more connected.

This could be individual opinion, however I thought to ask your opinion if it will make more sense.

hi Dear Simon
thanks for your website,,i have test in september,, and preparing for that,,
a question I have, i can write for IELTS task 2 most of the time 2 body paragraph ,,so do you think it has negative effect on my score,because some one told me at least we need to write 3 para for body?
could you please tell me if i write 2 great para , is enough?

On the other hand, it is justified for some people to hold the view that there are many other sources for artists to seek for financial support. Apart from the direct funding/grants from the governments, industries sponsorships can be one major way for them to support their arts creation. For example, arts related industries like the mobile giant Apple may provide some funding for those designers in an exchange for inspirations of future appearance designs for their electronic devices. The revenue from auctions of artists’ works can also be a way to think of. By selling their masterpieces to some arts collectors, it would be not that difficult for artists to maintain their daily expenses. Besides these two major ways, sometimes individual donations can also be an effective origin that artists can draw from.

on the other hand, the authorities that would budget to assist the artists must posses a sound construction on the infrastructural education and social security. With regard to the property of arts, which is a sort of relaxation, the development of the forms of art such as music, horticulture and painting are thrived on the ground of the social wellbeing. It is unbelievable that the government of countries in South America, Africa and some directions of Asia which people are suffering from the torment of war, the threaten of famine and the horrify of paucity are still fiscally supporting artists. Under such circumstances identified above, though cynical, there are at least one third of the countries throughout the world should not even think about the appropriation to the art spectrum.

On the other hand, those who are against government funding for art are right at their place. There are several reasons to prove it true. Firstly, a government body has its prime responsibility towards healthcare of its people. For example, in Canada healthcare system’s cost is rising with every turn of a second. So its government should first think about that rather than the other less important issues. Secondly, education comes next in priorities. As we all know without having a good education system, a good future of a nation is not possible. Thirdly, there are billions of artists emerging from every corner of the world, so it is not a cup of tea of the government officials to fund them all. Instead depending on state funds artists should earn their needed money by their own. For example, they can work as a professional and can sell their paintings. Along with that, they can do a part-time job if they still need more. Finally, they can teach the art students how to paint and can guide them for their further income. Therefore, there are many other resources available from which artists can help themselves out without disturbing the higher authorities when they know that they are busy in solving more demanded issues.

Hi Naresh,

I more or less agree with Nuwan's advice - don't worry too much about part 1.



In normal English writing (e.g. newspapers etc.) we don't need 'concluding sentences' at the end of each paragraph in order to link to the next paragraph. I think the coherence in IELTS essays is perfectly fine without them.

Also, adding concluding sentences is an extra worry that won't help your score. I've found that students who worry about that kind of thing tend to neglect the more important task of filling the middle of the paragraph with good content (they are too focused on the beginning and the end).


Hi fere,

I always tell my students to write 2 main body paragraphs, and some of them have scored band 9 using this approach. 2 good paragraphs is definitely enough.


Thanks for sharing your paragraphs!

Hi, Samon.
First of all, I want to thank you for your useful advices and exercises. :) I want asking you about master studies. If I want to enroll in master 's degree, is required the high score on the IELTS, or is it enough bands 6? I apologize if my English language is not good enough, but I am styding yet. :)

I wrote your name wrong. Sorry.

thanks Dear simon ,, i follow ur advice ,

Dear Simon,

I just checked my IELTS result, and was surprised to see my speaking was 6! I need 7 for four components, and I achieved 7 and 7.5 in speaking just a few weeks ago. I was so frustrated, I got 8 in listening, 7 in reading. I studied with a tutor for nearly 2 months, but the score eventually decreased. I paid a lot of effort, IELTS despaired me!

Dear Simon
i always feel confused when asking your own opinion or to what extent you agree/disagree. i know they are similar but different when express main body. could you please explain the difference and how to answer such questions?

Thanks Simon

Dear Simon

please have a look at my work ,thanks a lot
i need your comment desperately as i want 7 in writing.

On the other hand, there might be reasons why creative artists should be supported by other resources such as private companies because this will boost economy. By investing in artists such as popular singers or painters, these firms are not only able to promote arts, but also to improve the profiles of their products and make profits. For instance, sculptures with a company’s logo can be a great advertisement for the products, as people are usually attracted by the arts on street rather than billboards. As a result, these creative artists will bring more business opportunities.

On the other hand, there are certainly plenty of options by which artists can earn there own money. They can sell their works to artwork collectors. Actually many masters of art are selling their masterpieces at extraordinarily high prices. Another way to fund themselves is to providing artistic consulting to advertisement companies for their advert designs. Moreover, they can make profits by teaching artistic students.

If our essay is too long, would it cost us some points?

Hi Simon,

I'm new to you website and found it interesting. I have a difficulty to write a full essay for below topic, even with your ideas from ebook. Could you please help to provide us the full essay? Thanks in advance.

Happiness is considered very important in life.
Why is it difficult to define?
What factors are important in achieving happiness?

Hi Simon,

For the question,"Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?"do I need to discuss both sides or just write paragraphies for the side I agree with.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Hi Simon,
I need an academic IELTS score of not less than 7.5 in each domain. For me writing is the problem. Last time I used your website a lot which was very very helpful. I managed to get a 7.0 for my writing. Do you think your ebook could still be beneficial for me? It says 'band 6.5 to 9' which is a rather large gap between the lowest and the highest scores.
I also would like to ask you for an advice on where to get an academic word list vocabulary in order to achieve 7.5 for my essay, or perhaps any particular books? Amazon offers so many - its confusing!
Thanks a lot,

the economist, tedtalks and debatabase<<>> next time use MS word when u guys send your essay...i wont check them regularly though. icecream2401@gmail.com

Hi Simon,

Im so streesed right now.

I just had my IELTS test last Saturday, the question asking about the advantages and disadvantages. However, I wrote the argument type essay. Although I did mention about the advantages outweigh the disavantages. Do you I will lose alot marks for that ?

COuld you please advise

TOPİC: In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.

Whether or not young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies are a hot topic one that generates many ideas among researcher people in Turkey because some of the researcher people say advantages outweigh disadvantages but other ones say opposite. Taking everythink into consideration i can say, young people which finished a highschool are should do some jobs or travels.
Based on my pesonal experiences working or traveling is really important for university life. I am a university student in Istanbul Tecnical University and i can see every student bored everythink as they came from long and tiring way, they need to travelling or working in some coffee, pub, club because students who go to direct university are need to fool. Nevertheless, i went to direct university too, yet if i have a second chance i will never start the university when i graduate from high school.
On the other hand, i am agree some of the disadvantages. For example when we finish the school our knowledge about mathematics or other lessons are fresh and we should not forget some tactics for lessons. Another significant drowback is parents’ problems. This mains that parents sometimes can be senitive about children’s education so students upseting their own parents without thinking that what parents are thinking on this subject are really inconsiderate humans.
In conclusion, there are clearly valid arguments. However, i feel that on balance, there are pros as well as cons. Certainly i would prefer, students should working and travelling because these ages will never come again. Yet, other people in different circumstances may have a different view.


on the other hand, subsidy from private sectors and other sources are also necessary. The main reason is that theaters and workshops tend to provide their corporation sponsorship immediately. Their grants enables those artists to continue their pursuit of art without worrying about livelihood. Thus their creativity could be brought into play in the well-equipped rooms. Another reason is that private giving is not only a donation, but also a sign of respect. A rich variety of genius require this emotional inspiration to create miracles.

Hi Simon,

I have been studying for my IELTS and I got this idea that I'd like to share with everyone on your website. It is working for me so I hope it works for others too.

My idea is to focus more on studying for Writing and Speaking. If you do it the right way you will be able to score high in all the four modules.

For Writing: Research on the Simon's eBook and website topics. READ on those topics and practice writing. This way you are preparing for Writing as well as Reading.

For Speaking: Watch talk shows on TV / youtube which discuss general interest topics. LISTEN closely how native speakers communicate in a discussion. Watch shows from various English speaking countries. This way you can prepare for both Speaking and Listening modules.

Good luck to all of us!

That's good advice AZ. Thanks.

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